10 Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

Do you consider yourself fairly intelligent? Your mind is like a steel trap and nothing gets by you. It can be quite satisfying to take a challenge head-on and beat it. Optical illusions, though, can fool those with the highest IQs. Mostly because it doesn’t matter how smart you are, some illusions are created specifically to trick the brain.




Consider the Lord of the Rings films. Director Peter Jackson used forced perception in filming to make Elijah Wood, who took on the role of hobbit Frodo, appear much shorter than his co-star Ian McKellen, who played the towering wizard Gandalf. As Gandalf rode a cart into town, Frodo hopped up and sat next to him, except Wood was positioned several feet behind McKellen, so he appeared much shorter than McKellen.

In the real world, your brain can easily figure out the size, shape, color, and distance of objects. The camera, however, can play tricks on your brain that can be maddening. What we see as 3D objects out of 2D images can be tricky.

Think you can figure out the trick to optical illusions? Set your eyes on these brain-teasing images and gifs, and try to decipher each one before we tell you what’s up.

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