10 Pictures You Have To Look At Twice

Have you ever had to take a double look? You know, you might take a quick glance at an object or person, look away, and then immediately look back because you aren’t sure what you have seen. We do this with people, animals, and especially with pictures.


We often become confused when we see these pictures, and the fun part about them is trying to figure out the optical illusion that we see. We can’t always rely on what we see at first; instead, we sometimes have to really examine what we are looking at when we see these captivating photos.

We have collected photos that will definitely cause you to have to look twice. Click on the ‘Start Slideshow’ button to begin.

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1. The Floating Speaker

When you first take a look at the below photo, you will certainly look twice. What you are seeing is a woman standing on a platform with the ocean in the background. This doesn’t sound strange, but when you look at the photo, it seems as if the platform is floating!

Is this a type of hoverboard? Is it a platform that is somehow suspended from above? Is this a time traveler who has shared the secrets of future technology? It’s actually none of the above, and the platform is situated firmly in the sand.

You see, the illusion comes in because of the shadow of the flag pole in the photo. If you place your hand over that shadow, the platform looks normal, and there should be no doubt in your mid that it is actually sitting in the sand.

Look Twice 1

The sun, sand, and shadows combined are the perfect formula for optical illusions. Keep reading!

Look Twice 2

As you can see, the woman on the platform is not the only example of optical illusions on the beach. The seagull above also appears to be quite strange. As you can see, this seagull is standing on the sand, but the shadow that appears to belong to the bird is actually in flight.

There is a simple answer to this illusion, and it is simply a perfectly timed photo. The seagull and the shadow are not one in the same. Instead, in this case, the shadow belongs to a totally different bird! The other bird is flying above the standing bird, yet we can see its shadow. The next time you are at the beach, see if you can do the same!

These photos are not the only beach pics you have to take a second look at. Click ‘Next’ for more.

2. The Man Wearing the Bikini

There are definitely some questionable fashion choices when people head out to the beach, and you have probably seen many of these choices with your own eyes. However, when you take a look at the next photo, you will definitely take a second look.

What you see here is a crowded beach, and a mother helping a young child with some type of beach toy. At first glance, this photo seems like a happy family outing, but then you should take a look at the background. What you see behind the mother and child is a man, and this man seems to have made a very interesting choice when it came to his beachwear. As you can see, it looks like this man is wearing a bikini. However, when you take a second look, you will see that the bikini is worn by a woman who is bending at the waist right behind the man.

Look Twice 3

As you might imagine, illusions like this happen more often than you might think. Read on!

Look Twice 4

Seeing men in bikinis at the beach probably isn’t something that most people want to see, but it can be pretty funny when it turns out to be an optical illusion. We have found another example of a hilarious optical illusion of a man and a bikini as seen above.

In this case, there is a man and a woman in the photo, and they are separated by the door of a car. The woman, who is standing in the foreground, is wearing a bikini, and the reflection of her suit is visible in the window of the car. However, you can also see the head and shoulders of the man behind the door, and they are lined up perfectly with the woman’s reflection. This, of course, gives the illusion that the man in the photo is wearing the bikini.

This next photo will definitely have you taking a second look at these wedding pictures. Click ‘Next.

3. The Little Person Wedding

There are plenty of little people out there that get married, so it isn’t actually a shock when you see little people in wedding photos. However, when you see several of them in one photo, you might take a second glance. In this case, when you first look at the photo below, odds are you will see an average sized bride and groom, and then notice that there are three little people serving as bridesmaids. The groomsmen are kneeling down in order to accommodate the short stature of the bridesmaids.

Some people will look at this photo quickly and never notice that something isn’t quite right. Others will note that something looks off, and of course, they will take a second glance. What they really see when they look closely might surprise you.

Look Twice 5

Wedding photos often turn into optical illusions. Keep reading to learn the truth!

Look Twice 6

As you can see, these bridesmaids are not the only ones who have been the victims of wedding photo optical illusions. In the other photo, it looks as if the bride is touching the man’s bottom. Hopefully, she didn’t have to pay her photographer for that photo!

Back to the original with the bridesmaids that look like little people. When you look closely, you will notice that the bridesmaids are actually of average stature, and they are sitting on the knees of the groomsmen. The way their flowing dresses are draping over their knees gives the illusion that they are much shorter than they actually are.

This next photo will certainly make you take a couple looks before you realize what’s happening. Click ‘Next.’

4. The Levitating Lady

When you take a look at this next photo, you might gasp, and you will certainly be surprised. When you see this picture, you will see a woman who is in a hallway, and not only does it look like her legs are missing, it also looks like she is levitating! She is wearing a black shirt and a denim skirt, but she doesn’t have legs! Or…does she?

If you look closely behind the paper bag that she’s carrying, and you look closely, you will see that she actually has tights on her legs. The interesting thing is that the tights she is wearing are almost the same exact pattern as the floor of the hallway! So, it looks like her legs are missing!

Look Twice 7

There are several other instances of people ‘disappearing’ because of their fashion choices. Keep reading for more!

Look Twice 8

As you can see, people find that they blend in with their surroundings more often than you might think. In this next photo, when you take your first look you might not even realize what you are seeing. You see a strange object in the center of a wall, which is painted blue. There is a paved parking lot and white sidewalk, too.

If you look close, however, you will see that there is actually a woman standing there, and the strange object is her head and flowing hair. The woman has a blue shirt on that is exactly the same color as the wall, and her skirt is the same color as the sidewalk. Furthermore, her shoes and stocking perfectly match the pavement.

Nature sometimes creates its own illusions, and sometimes animals find themselves in these situations, too! Click ‘Next.’

5. The Two-Headed Giraffe

It is quite possible, though extremely rare, for animals to be born with multiple limbs. There are even cases of humans being born with an extra arm, leg, or other body part. Most people know this, which is why this next photo is even more fascinating!

When you take your first look at this picture, you will likely see one of two things. First, you might think you are looking at two giraffes, but then wait…there is only one body! Even when you look very closely at this photo, it is very difficult to see where one giraffe ends and the other begins. They are so close, in fact, that it truly looks like one giraffe with two heads.

Look Twice 9

Thanks to the shape of a giraffe, this optical illusion occurs more often than you might think. Keep reading.

Look Twice 10

There are a number of other instances of giraffes that look like they have two heads. For example, in the photo above, you can see two other giraffes that are so perfectly aligned that they look like they are one in the same. One of these giraffes has its head down, and the other is looking off into the distance.

In this photo, the two giraffes are a bit easier to see than the first one. Part of the reason is because they are two slightly different colors. The front legs are also slightly misaligned, making it look like a single giraffe has a few front legs. In both cases, the photographers were able to get the perfect angle for the photos, and the results are amazing.

Sometimes you really must think about a photo before your brain works out what it’s seeing. Click ‘Next.’

6. Who is Carrying Who in this Photo?

If you would glance at this photo quickly, you might see three people, two of which are holding the other.  If you look at the photo again, you will likely be confused about what you are seeing. Why? Because it is very awkward and it is very befuddling.

When you look at the photo, you likely see a man and a blonde woman holding another woman, one with a black dress, in their arms. She looks quite stiff, though, almost like she is a mannequin.However, looks are deceiving. If you look closely, you will see that the guy and the brunette woman are the two doing the holding, and the blonde woman is being carried. The illusion is that the brunette woman is wearing a black shirt, the blonde is wearing a black skirt, and when they come together, they create the look of a black dress.

Look Twice 11

People standing together can often create illusions…and this next photo is an oldie but goodie. Keep reading.

Look Twice 12

No, this is not a naked woman leaning over her friend…even though that’s exactly what it looks like! Yes, you will certainly need to take a second look when checking this photo out. Though this photo looks totally obscene, it is far from it. Instead, it is just a photo of two friends that was taken at a very strange angle.

If you look closely at this photo, you will see that one woman has a black and white dress on, and she has curly hair. She is standing in a way so that her arms are folded behind her. Meanwhile, her friend, who as straight hair, is holding onto the shoulders of the curly-haired woman and leaning forward…right behind the arm of her friend. This is where the illusion of nudity comes into play.

They say it takes a village to raise children, but did these parents take things too far? Click ‘Next.’

7. The Morphed Parents

Take a look at this photo and what do you see? You probably see a man with a very feminine body, right? Or, perhaps you see a feminine woman with a very masculine face. You also might simply see what many people see: parents who have morphed themselves together.

When you first look at this photo, it’s likely that the man’s face is the first thing you see. The second thing that you will see is his weirdly shaped body! However, if you look more closely, you will actually see that the family is standing on a slope, and both are squatting down. The father is actually wearing a white shirt and black shorts, while the mother is wearing a pink colored shirt and denim shorts. The illusion, of course, is that they looked morphed.

Look Twice 13

This same illusion is apparent in this next photo, but instead, a boy and an adult man get morphed together. Keep reading.

Look Twice 14

As with the parents above, this next photo shows two people who look like they are morphed together. In this case, a man and a boy are swimming in the ocean, and it either looks like the man is very small or that the boy has a very large nose and mouth!

This photo has a very simple explanation, but you have to look very close in order to see it. A man is really holding a boy, and their faces are almost lined up perfectly. The larger nose and the mouth that you see prominently in the photo belong to the man, and the boys smaller nose and mouth are barely visible. The boy is the one who is wearing the hat, and we cannot see the man’s head…only the prominent features of his face.

Animals and humans can morph together too, and the results are quite funny! Click ‘Next’ for more.

8. The Dog on the Train

Imagine taking the train on your daily commute or being on a train travelling into the city. You look over at the aisle next to you and see a dog…with the body of a woman! This is exactly what someone DID see, and they luckily had the chance to snap a photo.

If you look closely, this illusion is easy to figure out, but you will certainly want to take a few glances. It looks like there is a woman who is sitting in the aisle seat of this train, and sitting next to her is her dog. The woman is leaning back a bit, so you can’t see her head, and the dog is leaning slightly forward. Thus, it looks like there is a dog sitting there with a pink shirt.

Look Twice 15

This is not the only dog and woman who have morphed! Keep reading to see more.

Look Twice 16

As you can see from this photo, another woman has morphed with her dog, too! For the photographer to pull this picture off, they needed perfect lighting, the perfect colored dog, and the pure luck of taking the photo at exactly the right time. It’s possible that this is even a perfectly timed selfie!

As you can see, a woman is looking at the camera, and a dog is sitting in front of her. The dog lifts its head up, the nose of the dog aligns perfectly with the nose of the woman, and a viral photo was born.

This next photo looks like it might have been taken from a film. Click ‘Next’ to see more.

9. The Young Jedi

You have certainly heard of the Star Wars films, and you might even know that the warriors in the films are the Jedi knights. Each Jedi has a special sword called a light saber…but this is only in the movies, right? Well, take a look at the next picture.

What you see here is a boy sitting upon a horse and holding…a light saber? Not quite, though that’s exactly what the photo looks like. If you look closely, you will see that this is simply one of those photos that was snapped at the perfect time. As you can see, the boy is riding a horse and it looks like he is holding a light saber. What actually happened, however, is he was walking near a crack in the side of the barn, and it created the illusion that he is holding a Jedi sword.

Look Twice 17

This is not the only horse that was involved in a crazy photo! Read on!

Look Twice 18

Here is another strange photo of a horse that you will certainly have to look at twice. What you see here is a brown horse that looks like he is in the middle of a yawn, but how did that other horse’s snout get in his mouth?

Well, like all of these photos, this is an illusion. In this case, the other horse, a black one, is standing behind the brown horse. They are lined up perfectly for a photo!

Sometimes you see something, but it’s definitely not there! Click ‘Next’ to see what we mean.

10. The Invisible Hockey Player

You will definitely be surprised by this next photo…the invisible hockey player. When you look at this picture you will see hockey players from two opposing teams in a fight. Except, if you look closely, you will see that one of these players doesn’t have a head!

Once again, this is an example of a photo that was taken perfectly at the right time. In this case, the player in the red certainly has a head…it’s just that his helmet has been knocked off. Where is his head? It’s under the arms of the player in white and blue.

Look Twice 19

There are several photos out there of “invisible” people. Keep reading for another one.

Look Twice 20

Here’s another photo where a person looks like they might be invisible. However, in this case, it is a trick of mirrors and angles. In this case, a woman is standing in a grassy area, and all you can see is her skirt and legs, and it looks like she is holding some type of frame.

If you look closely, however, this is actually a mirror. The woman is just reflecting the surrounding foliage in the mirror, and it gives the illusion that she is invisible.

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10 Pictures You Have To Look At Twice

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