These American Cities Are Heaven For Every Foodie

America is a Haven of Heaven for Foodies

Across the United States, there is an abundance of heavenly eating for every type of a Foodie. If you are a Foodie, you should never go abroad just for the food because the United States has enough excellent food places that can keep you busy for years to come and leave an impression on your mind.

It is not especially the chain restaurants that trigger your appetite, but the out of the way Mom and Pop Diners and restaurants that will keep your belly full from the tip of Maine to the outer reaches of Key West Florida and every state east and west and in between those mentioned.


Short or long vacations do not necessarily center around the foods you enjoy to eat, however, since you are going that way, why not stop at some of the following cites that are host to some of the tastiest foods on earth. Foodies will be in Heaven at some of these diners and restaurants.

Great American cities across the United States are serving anything and everything from high-class luxury sit-downs to “hole in the wall” homemade donut shops. Listed below are several must-visit cities and the restaurants they host.

Every state has their all-stars in food items, whether you go north, south, out east; west the food continues to be specific to the region you visit. Pack your bags and eat your way to America’s best foods.

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*Rhode Island*

You would think that being Rhode Island sits on the ocean it would be known for its seafoods, and in many ways it is. However, you will never guess what else Rhode Island is known for, that’s right, donut shops.

This city on the east coast is known for over 32 donut shops. If you have a hankering to try some delicious Portuguese sweet bread, and huge donut cakes, your energy will never wane as your sugar high keeps you going so you see the many sights Rhode Island has waiting for guests.


This city is about as far north as you can get aside from Copper Harbor, Michigan. Portland eateries boast homemade and homegrown as much as possible. Numerous Mom and Pop Cafes, each with their tasty homemade venues, bars with live music, hand-shucked oyster bars, fresh lobsters dipped in luscious hot butter, award-winning potato donuts for dessert fill you up at lunch or round off your busy day


Everything throughout this “Dairy” state speaks, no, not dairy, but bacon. Enjoy the elegance of bacon-wrapped meatloaf and where else can you get a delicious peanut or a butter bacon burger?

Some establishments advertise “Happy Hour,” no, not as in drinks just free bacon. This state is host to an annual Baconfest by the Harley Davidson Museum. If you feel like a good run why not sprint to the finish line in Cudahy’s Race for the Bacon.

American Cities Food 2


While Milwaukee is about bacon, Monroe is about dairy. Monroe hails as the “Swiss Cheese Capital of the World.” This city has more cows and cheese than it houses people. Visit the many cheese stores and take home “Real” cheese for the family. Monroe is host to Cheese Days, annually and you cannot miss tasting some of the freshest and the best cheese in America.  Schedule your vacation so that you can participate in Cheese Days in Monroe.

Q. What is the smelliest cheese born?
A. Limburger. Some people may call this cheese “old sock cheese.”

Get your taste buds ready for a taste of the best Limburger cheese anywhere.

(New Haven)

New Haven, London, and Groton are all home to the Navy, and these military men appreciate a good homemade meal when the ship comes into dock. Yes, some states like New York boast how good their pizzas taste. However, New Haven says “they” have the best pizza in America. The debate ends at with what is called “apizza.” This pizza is what pizza is all about, and “apizza” stands out. Fresh fish is a popular food in Connecticut. There are numerous lobster docks one can visit. Pick out your live lobster for dinner. Nothing tastes better then cooked bits of lobster dipped in a rich butter.

  • Baked in a coal-fired oven
  • No cheese, really!
  • A thin crust
  • And baked just right

If you are looking for fish, fresh lobster, oysters, clams or shrimp or just maybe the best pizza in America, stop and stay for a spell in New Haven.

American Cities Food 3

*New York*
(New York)

Few cities across the United States are host to so many different cultural food establishments. From the famous New York Hot Dog to all kinds and types of Pizza, to lavish dinners, you can find alleyway diners to rooftop eating in the vast City of New York.

New York offers the best of everything from fresh melt in your mouth bagels, the best hamburgers, bars with live music, secret and fun eateries. One such eatery is accessible through a 1930’s phone booth. NY City offers upscale luxury dining and everything in between. New York has all cultures of food venues. Many people do come to New York for the food places they offer.

PS. Never leave New York, without enjoying a slice of New York Cheesecake, just the way you like to eat cheesecake.

American Cities Food 4


While beer some would not consider beer a food item, there are plenty of Foodies who do. Portland is known for their great beer. There are plenty of brewing companies and tasting rooms around to stop in relax and try your favorite beer.  Take a bike and beer tour. Portland is known for house-cured meat venues, incredible salted caramels and the specialty coffees and espressos is a great adventure.

(New Orleans)

Most folks know that New Orleans has some excellent Cajun and Creole cooking such as the tasty gumbo. The French cuisine makes a distinctive mark on the city as does unforgettable memories of Creole, which is what put New Orleans on the Foodie map, along with French, Italian, and fresh seafood. From the Muffuletta Sandwich, a Sicilian wonder to the Po’boy, to oysters and shrimp, cities have to go a long way to beat the special treats that New Orleans holds for visitors far and wide.

(San Diego)

All through California, the Foodie can find unique, distinctive dining, from casual to the luxury, California has it all. San Diego is known to have invented the burrito with the inside packed with fries and visitors say it is “Darn Good.” Whether you are looking for carne asada fries, nachos with plenty of cheese and sour cream, marinated meats or fish tacos there is no place better experience food than San Diego.

In Conclusion

There is simply not enough room here or time available to list all the special states who offer unique eats to the Foodies on the move. From Maine to Michigan, Washington State, to Alaska, Texas, to Florida, Hawaii, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, each state has their food inventions and specialties.

Where does the Foodie start? They certainly have their work cut out for them if they want to taste what the foods that makes their mark in each state. It is a certainty that there are thousands of wonderful cooks scattered across these great United States eager to serve up to Foodie guests their specialties.

Q.  Does one state show more food excellence than another? 
A.  No, it is fairly obvious each state is equally delicious and unique.

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These American Cities Are Heaven For Every Foodie

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