An Inside Look at What Woodstock Festival Was Really Like


Woodstock festival is still one of the most talked about historical events in the nation, and it happened almost 50 years ago. This music festival lasted for three days in August, 1969, and it was a peaceful event for all 400,000 attendees. Even though almost half a million people attended Woodstock, there was no rioting, looting, or disaster. People were so entrapped by the quality music, that the three days were peaceful.

Woodstock is generally known as a festival that welcomed a lot of hippies. Being held in New York during the late 60’s, hippies were all over the place. This festival was supposed to be a small event, but it turned into one of the largest once-in-a-lifetime opportunities ever. People still reminisce about Woodstock, and the official site where it was held is one of the most popular historical sites visited. Woodstock photos can be found on the internet, but the photos of popular artists performing often push down the most incredible photos available. While Woodstock is long gone, you can still live in the moment through amazing photos of this peaceful music festival.

Get an inside look at what attending Woodstock was really like.

A Peaceful Time

Even though Woodstock had almost 400,000 attendees throughout the three days, peace was the theme of the event. There were people from all over that came to experience Woodstock, but many of the individuals who were in attendance were known as hippies. They were dressed in bohemian-style clothes, and often had more than a few flowers in their hair or their hands.

Inside Woodstock 1

This rare photo of this young woman shows how beautiful and peaceful the attendees were. She is snuggled up close to her boyfriend, wrapped up in a tribal style blanket. As most hippies do, the woman is cradling a small daisy in her hand. The boyfriend behind her no doubt gave it to her, and her face looks like the epitome of happiness. It goes to show how truly wonderful this event was, and how happy the music festival made the people in attendance.

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Yoga to the Rescue

Is it even possible to have a music festival without people doing yoga? Similar festivals today, like Burning Man, always have yogis in attendance, and Woodstock was no different. This black and white photo shows attendees practicing yoga throughout the festival. Both men and women are practicing, and they are using towels or blankets as their yoga mats.

Inside Woodstock 2

Yogis always try to foster peace, and many of them are regarded as hippies. Woodstock had both of these in abundance, so it should come as no surprise that many people were teaching yoga classes throughout the three day music festival. Maybe the most interesting part of this photo is how short the men’s shorts were back in the 1960’s.

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Strange Sleeping Quarters

There wasn’t a lot of area to find sleep throughout the Woodstock festival. Most people needed sleep, but many of them didn’t know where to find it out in the farmland. This led to people sleeping in some pretty strange places. Unlike today where someone can grab out their phone and snap a photo, film was limited. Most people would have rather taken photos of things other than their friends sleeping in strange positions.

Inside Woodstock 3

One man was sleeping in such a weird place that this photographer couldn’t resist taking a photo. The cowboy is relaxed, and he is sleeping on top of two cars. If these cars weren’t his, hopefully the owners didn’t come back. While the cowboy doesn’t look too heavy, no car owner is going to be happy about the prospect of someone sleeping on the roof of their prized possession.

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The Power of Sound

One notable person in attendance at the Woodstock event was Sri Swami Satchidananda. He gave a speech at Woodstock that focused on how the power of sound can change the outcomes of wars and arguments. Sri talked about how sound and words have the ability to build someone up or tear someone down. These wise words are still talked about today, and his speech was the opening start to the peaceful music festival.

Inside Woodstock 4

In this rare photo of him at Woodstock, he can be seen talking to a group of people. His hand is outstretched, and his white beard shows the wisdom in his years. He was considered to be one of the most important people behind Woodstock.

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Traveling Lifestyle

This photo of the Woodstock festival shows a bunch of people camped out at the festival. While it may look like these individuals are vagabonds at first glance, these individuals are really just traditional festival attendees. Woodstock was held on a farm in New York, and it wasn’t close to a lot of surrounding stores or hotels. If you wanted to attend Woodstock, you had to rough it for a few days.

Inside Woodstock 5

These attendees are all just relaxing around with each other. They are sitting on cars, blankets, or even the ground. This photo is picture perfect, and it shows us what we would be doing if we were in attendance at Woodstock right now.

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Let Me Read Your Future

There’s nothing better than being around a bunch of spiritual people. Woodstock attracted many of these individuals, and there was a lot of psychics and palm readers that were in attendance. This rare photo shows two girls, one is reading the other’s palm. Her tarot cards are lying out on a tree stump, and the receiving girl is smiling from the news.

Inside Woodstock 6

Palm reading can always be a shot in the dark, but it looks like this girl is happy with whatever the palm reader said. This was a fun activity that many people participated in to pass the time, and psychics were able to stash away some money for a later date.

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Sharing is Caring

Woodstock was a festival of peace, and many had the mindset that you share with others. These peaceful people would have given the shirt off of their back if it meant that another person would have something to wear. One of the common practices of Woodstock was eating meals together.

Inside Woodstock 7

This photo shows a group of women preparing food and cooking for the other members of their community. They each brought an item to the table, and with those things they are going to make a meal to share. A lot of this food was made without animal products, and in this photo it looks like they are cutting up a lot of vegetables. Sharing was the best way to make friends at Woodstock!

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When Life Gives You Lemons

Woodstock was held on a farm, and it was actually a dairy farm. The animals were roaming around, and some attendees took advantage of this. This unique photo shows a festival attendee milking one of the cows on Max Yasgur’s dairy farm.

Inside Woodstock 8

Either he was doing a really great job, or he didn’t know what he was doing at all because it attracted quite the audience. Maybe everyone was waiting for his or her turn to get farm fresh milk. Whatever the reason, this man took the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” to the next level. When you’re attending a festival on a dairy farm, make yourself some farm fresh milk!

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Death Brings Life

As mentioned, Woodstock was a very peaceful festival. However, that didn’t mean they were exempt from injuries. There were many nurses at the festival to provide medical care, and there were a lot of reported injuries. This photo shows women giving medical attention and care to two men feeling sick.

Inside Woodstock 9

Woodstock eventually had two deaths recorded, but the festival did not cause them. One death was due to a drug overdose, and other was due to an accident with a tractor. While this was tragic, there was also two births recorded during Woodstock. These births brought the peacefulness of the festival full circle.

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A Resourceful Parent

Think you couldn’t go to Woodstock if you were already a parent? Think again! One picture perfect family showed that even kids could be in attendance at Woodstock. These two boys are relaxing with their dad, and they can be seen taking a small lunch break.

Inside Woodstock 10

The two boys are drinking soda, and decked out in tie-dye shirts. The vintage soda cans are crazy cool, but this father is even cooler. The crazy painted school bus behind them shows the awesome things that were on display at Woodstock. These boys had the tale of a lifetime to tell to their friends, and there’s no doubt they are probably some of the coolest grown up adults now. The parent was pretty resourceful, and he got to attend Woodstock without hiring a babysitter for his children.

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Make Your Own Music

It’s no secret that Woodstock had some of the most popular artists of the time perform on their stage. However, the music festival didn’t have back-to-back shows. During the times of break, some Woodstock participants would play their own music. In this rare photo, you can see Woodstock attendees rocking out to their own music they are playing.

Inside Woodstock 11

The girl and boy in front encompass what a majority of the Woodstock attendees looked like with their flower printed clothing, natural flowing long hair, and large glasses. Whether they were musical geniuses or not remains a mystery, but whatever they were playing looks to be enjoyable. If you look even closer, you can see a cute and cuddly four-legged creature in the background. It turns out even dogs were welcome at the Woodstock festival.

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All You Need is Love

Woodstock didn’t have the most amazing weather at the time, and New York was having a rainy couple of days during August 1969. While some festival goers may have been discouraged by the lack of sun, many remained throughout the rainy spells. They used everything they could to try and stay dry, and many out of the box methods were thought up.

Inside Woodstock 12

One amazing photo shows a couple who used a clear plastic tarp to cover themselves with. The rain is covering some of the details, but you can see a beautiful couple smiling at each other underneath the tarp. Even though it was raining, these two didn’t let that tear them apart. They kept warm with the love they shared for each other. There isn’t a story of who this couple is, but the picture sure is beautiful.

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Long Hours Ahead

Not everyone got to relax and hang out at Woodstock. Some individuals had to work the event, and that included journalists. The journalists that were in charge of covering Woodstock were insanely busy because the stories never stopped coming in. The event had some crazy stuff happen, and these journalists were writing front page news.

Inside Woodstock 13

This photo shows those journalists hard at work typing away. Paper litters the ground their makeshift desks are upon, and there are festival attendees in the background using pay phones. Back then there was no easy way to get news home, so they had to do it by pen and paper, or typewriter. One woman dressed in red is using the pay phone, probably phoning home to tell family that she is all right. Many journalists went on to write about their story, saying that they were at Woodstock, but they weren’t truly there.

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Free Spirited

Most people were surrounded with others during Woodstock. There was so many people in attendance that you wouldn’t often get any time alone. However, one woman named Jackie Barg became famous for her lonesome face in Woodstock.

Inside Woodstock 14

Jackie is shown here in this color photo blowing the perfect bubble. This is as candid as it gets, and everything about this photo screams free spirited. She didn’t mind being alone, and she was perfectly comfortable just enjoying her own company. She played with bubbles for a while before being reunited with some friends. It goes to show that Woodstock was the home for free spirited individuals.

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Try to Stay Dry

The rain at Woodstock got in the way of a lot of peoples’ plans. Many of these festival attendees were not expecting rain, so they didn’t have the right gear to be prepared when the summer rainstorm hit. While some people had tents, many people just had to go with the flow of the rain.

Inside Woodstock 15

This unique photo of a couple shows them trying to wring out the excess water in their blanket. They twisted it as tight as they could between their two arms, and hoped to get the blanket a little drier. The male is smoking a cigarette, and the girl is using the only hood the two individuals have. Despite their misfortune, they still have smiles on their faces. This diverse couple is a welcome addition to the Woodstock free spirited vibes.

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Unique Décor

While Woodstock wasn’t created with a ton of different decorations, their common grounds did have some décor. The common area seen in this photo shows tents and tapestries strung up to provide some shelter and shade.

Inside Woodstock 16

The tents are created from natural looking tree branches, and they have bright yellow tarps covering them for shade. Ornate coral and blue tapestries line the front parts of the tents, and everything about these decorations look exactly like how we envision Woodstock to be. The decorations are very bohemian, much like the people seen in the photo.

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Music For All

Woodstock was a place for all genders, ages, and races to come together. There was no discrimination among these peaceful people, and with almost half a million in attendance, every group was represented. It turns out even little kids were in attendance at Woodstock.

Inside Woodstock 17

This beautiful little girl can be seen feeling the music that is playing. She is dancing with the male behind her, her long hair flowing to her beat. The blonde girl is barefoot, and she looks happy as can be. The little girl must have some pretty cool parents if they brought her to this historical music festival. There aren’t any updated stories about who this little hippie girl is, but her photo remains one of the most popular of this festival.

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Wrapped in Love

The late 1960’s and 1970’s weren’t always known for their peaceful times. It was a time of turmoil, and many protests plagued the nation. However, everything was put aside for this festival of peace. With so many people there could have been horrible things that happened during the festival, but people remained focused on the love and peace surrounding them.

Inside Woodstock 18

Couples can be seen wrapped up and snuggling in warm blankets as the dawn of a new day happened at Woodstock. These individuals are huddled together to stay warm, and there isn’t a worry on their faces. Nowadays, most people would be scared to fall asleep with so many strangers, but Woodstock was a safe place for these peaceful dreamers. The main couple in this photo got married two years after Woodstock and are still together today.

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Bohemian Threads

The fashion at Woodstock continues to inspire many designers today. The freedom that surrounded this festival extended into the clothing they wore as well. Most attendees are natural faced, and the men often had long flowing hair and beards. The women wore loose fitting clothing, and the men were often shirtless. These Woodstock attendees wanted to be free, relaxed, and comfortable.

Inside Woodstock 19

In this photo, you can see the perfect example of Woodstock bohemian style on this very natural couple. They are wearing loose fitting clothing, and their hair is completely natural and flowing. They are dressed in long necklaces, and the style doesn’t look too far off from what many people wear today. Woodstock influenced the world, and it continues to do so in many ways.

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An Inside Look at What Woodstock Festival Was Really Like

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