Best Long Weekend Trip Ideas for Any Kind of Vacation

Whenever we have a long weekend coming up, like Martin Luther King Day, or President’s Day, it’s tempting to get out of town. While not a bad idea any weekend of year, it’s nice to take advantage of that one extra day so you can just a little bit longer. It seems to matter! Here are some great ideas for your upcoming long weekend.

trip-ideasWater Destinations

You can never get bored by the water. Lake, river, or ocean, there’s something for everyone. Beach bums can lay on the sand reading books, or surf, swim, or boogie board. Volleyball is a fun activity for the athletic, as is a difficult run along the surf. On a lake or river you can kayak, sail, water ski, or paddle board. With a bunch of people, tubing down a rapid river is a ton of fun. In lakes, swimming tends to be easier for novices, so this might be a good option if you have small kids.

Mountain Travel

The mountains are America’s playground in many regions. Like the water, it’s pretty difficult to get bored when you’re on a mountain get away. Winter activities include skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and, the favorite activity for many, the après ski. In warm weather it’s all about hiking up the steep, wooded trails, or going for a trail run if you prefer to get the heart rate up. Mountains are great locations for camping trips. You can take day hikes, or hang out by the campfire and read. Rivers snake their way through the mountains, which makes for excellent fishing and swimming, too. A couple days is really all most people need to get a solid nature fix – everyone begins to miss bathrooms after a while.

Land Activities

Maybe you don’t want to be so… involved. Those looking for something a little lazier, or less planned, can find a weekend get away by train or short car ride. Simply not being home is often enough.  Maybe just being in a sweet town is enough. Rent a cottage and spend your days antiquing or strolling down the streets that haven’t changed like the adjacent urban centers. Country vacations don’t have to be totally lazy. Many like to set up near a golf course to hit up the links for a couple days. Need a little chill out time but still want to get the blood flowing? Consider a local yoga retreat to achieve a little Zen and leave the world behind. Many retreats are outside metropolitan areas. It can be a healing way to recover from chaotic work weeks, and it’s a great way to meet people. Or, maybe it’s the other way around – hop a train and get into the big city and get some culture before you throw in few nights out on the town.

long-weekendWhat’s Near You

Once you know what kind of vacation you’re looking for, check out what’s nearby with easy access. The less you need to travel, the easier the commute since everyone else is getting out of town, too. Most weekend trips are affordable, fun, and leave you energized. What’s your favorite weekend trip?

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Best Long Weekend Trip Ideas for Any Kind of Vacation

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