These are the Best Times of Year to Travel

It doesn’t matter who you are who how little stress you carry around in your day-to day life. Everybody needs to get away once in a while. Travel is necessary, but sometimes it’s not always easy. Airports are crowded, hotel rates are through the roof, and our favorite destinations are flooded with tourists from all over. Today, we’ll take a look at the best times of year to travel so that you can make the most out of your vacation time.

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Vacation Between Holidays

Stay home for the holidays! Between the major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day, plan a vacation. Travel and airfare rates are extremely expensive during the holidays, but if you book in between or right after, you’ll save some money to spend elsewhere. I recently booked airfare right after New Year’s Day and saved over $400 more than if I had booked it during Christmas.

Your destinations and hotels also won’t be incredibly packed either. People want to be at these places for the holidays so if you can suck it up and go a little later, you’ll miss some of the crowds and save some cash.

San Francisco and Las Vegas are especially affordable during these colder winter months.

Hurricane Season Cruises

In October and November, right at the end of Hurricane Season, you can get yourself a cabin on a cruise ship for an incredibly low price. The stormy season hurts cruise lines. People aren’t buying tickets because nobody wants to be hit with a storm at sea. Luckily though, cruise ships can move, so they won’t stay in the path of danger if a storm is coming. If you want to spend some of your vacation days up in the late fall, it’s best to do so now because cruises are totally safe year-round, but only this affordable right now.

If you’re interested in taking a cruise during the rainy season, avoid the Caribbean, but do look at other exciting places like Europe, Hawaii, or Alaska.

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Brave the Heat

Nobody wants sunstroke, but if a little heat doesn’t scare you, then the hottest months of the year are the cheapest ones if you want to go down south or out to the West Coast. Airfare isn’t necessarily cheap during this time, but you’ll definitely find that hotel rooms are inexpensive and cities that are often full of tourists will be quieter.

For most people, it’s impossible to brave temperatures over 100 degrees, but if you’re traveling to visit family or friends or you don’t expect to be outdoors much, then the summer may be just the right time for you!

You should definitely consider seeing Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, or San Antonio when the weather gets warmer!

Bundle Up

Not only is it cheaper to take a vacation in between the holidays, but it’s also cheaper to take a vacation to those chilly winter destinations that nobody wants to go to when it’s cold out. Until mid-March the weather is still cold enough in some of our favorite northern destinations to warrant an inexpensive trip there. Nobody wants to be chilly, but if you’re willing to bundle up or take a snow-themed vacation, then you may be in luck.

New York, Alaska, Colorado, and Canada are all among the favorites for a winter vacation. During the coldest month, namely January, you can book a flight and hotel for next to nothing at these awesome vacation destinations.

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If you have a bunch of vacation days, but a small budget, it’s best to maximize your holiday by searching for great deals on flights and hotels. We can’t keep watch over airline prices 24/7, though, so if you’re looking for the best times of year to travel, then you might want to consider these awesome months and these breathtaking destinations!

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These are the Best Times of Year to Travel

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