Book-Inspired Tours That Are Literally Amazing (Jane Austen, Harry Potter etc.)

Books are a portal to another world, an escape, and for many, a refuge where you can spend hours just enjoying yourself and letting go of the world. Books are also a fantastic inspiration for the world around us and often these books inspire things in the real world that we can actually touch and feel. For those that love books there is nothing better than seeing something of your favorite book in the world around you and tours that are inspired by books are a fantastic way to immerse yourself in your books and to see what the world has to offer. Here are 5 tours that are inspired by the books we love.

London Harry Potter Walking Tour

Everyone loves the Harry Potter series so much that even ten years after the books have been part of our culture, people are still including them in their wedding vows, baby nurseries, tattoos and so much more. That being said, the Harry Potter walking tour in London does so much more than show you the city. Many of the scenes from both the books and movies take place in London, England so what better way to bring the books to life than to see where these epic events took place?

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Muggle Tours is responsible for this stunning tour and shows you some of the film locations where the movies were made. Some highlights include: the entrance to the leaky cauldron, bridges where the members of the Order of the Phoenix fly when heading to Grimmauld Place, the visitors entrance to the Ministry of Magic, No. 12 Grimmauld Place, the inspiration for Diagon and Knockturn Alley, and so much more. The tour is 2 and a half hours long and fully immerses you in both the culture of London and in some of the most iconic places that were used for the films. The tour also has a tube component so you will be riding the London underground while touring. Any Harry Potter fan would absolutely love this opportunity.

Paris Da Vinci Code Tour

Everyone that loved the Dan Brown books can now rejoice knowing that there is a tour that is based on the best selling books. There are a ton of great stops on the tour that show you where the movie was filmed as well as where some of the scenes from the books were set. Some of the highlights of the tour include the Tuileries Gardens, the Inverted Pyramid of the Lourve, Pont des Arts bridge, important pieces within the Lourve, and the famous brass line that was a major part of the movie and the books.

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This tour is not only great for those that loved the books but also for those that want to see some real culture and history of the city of Paris. This type of tour is also going to be great for those that are not certain what parts of the city they should be visiting and what parts of the city are the most significant. The tour is going to take you a few hours but is well worth the walking and the time that it takes to see all the sights on the itinerary. The tour is led by Paris Tour Guides and is perfect for history and the Da Vinci Code fans as well.

Copenhagen Hans Christian Anderson Tours

We have all heard the fairy tales that Hans Christian Anderson wrote and we all love them dearly. His works have been translated into over 125 languages and have endured through the centuries as some of the most loved children’s classics to date. The tour starts by showing the humble beginnings of the writer as well as showing the Magasin department store, Thorvaldsen’s Museum, Slotsholmen Royal Island and more.

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The tour is about 2 hours long and is family friendly and is perfect for those that want to learn more about the author of one of the most loved children’s tales of all time, the Little Mermaid. The tour is also great for those that want to learn more about Copenhagen and want to see some of the most historical and beautiful sights that the city has to offer.

Salzburg Sound of Music Tour

Anyone that has read the book the Sound of Music or seen the Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison classic of the same name has a love for the work like none other. The Book and the movie were based on a real family, the von Trapp family is one that has gone down in history for their bravery and work against the Nazis during WWII. The tour shows a wide range of sights including those that were used in the filming of the classic movie.

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Some highlights include Mirabell Gardens where you will see the steps used during the “Do-Re-Mi” song, Leopoldskron Palace from which you can see where the boat scene was filmed and where you can see the back gardens that belonged to Captain von Trapp, you will also see the gazebo from “16 going on 17” as well as the Mondsee Wedding Chapel where the wedding between Maria and the Captain took place. The tour also walks past the convent where Maria was a nun though tours are not permitted as it is still a working convent. On top of all that, the tour also stops by some of the most famous sights in Salzburg so you can see the city in its glory while seeing some of your favorite sights from the film.

Rome Angels and Demons Tour

For those that loved the Da Vinci Code, there are as many that loved the sequel, Angels and Demons. This tour takes place in Rome and shows you the Path of Illumination as well as delving into the history of the Illuminati and the clues that they scattered through the city to help members to hidden meeting places. The tour includes stops at St. Maria del Popolo Church, St. Peter’s Square, Piazza Navona, Castel Sant’Angelo and more.

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The tour not only shows you the sights that played a huge part in the novel and movies, it also shows you some fantastic historical stops within the city of Rome that make it so special and historically significant. These sights are exceptional not only for the way they were built and made but also for the way that they have shaped the world that we know today. This is not a tour that is great for kids as some areas are not child friendly.

Books truly are magical and these tours are just some of hundreds across the globe that help bring the books that we love to life in ways that we might never have imagined. These tours are fantastic and are perfect for the book lover in all of us. They are wonderful if you are looking for a gift or a special get away for someone you love or if you just want to bring to life the books that helped shape your childhood or your adulthood as well. These tours are exceptional and meet all the needs of those that love history and those that want to bring their favorite books to life in more than just their minds.

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Book-Inspired Tours That Are Literally Amazing (Jane Austen, Harry Potter etc.)

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