It’s Cocktail O’Clock!: 8 Signature Cocktails We Love

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Cocktails are making a huge comeback. For awhile signature beers and local breweries were in vogue and still are, but now the younger generation is looking for a healthier, less indulgent lifestyle and are embracing a signature cocktail. Just as it was in generations gone by, combining an alcoholic beverage with fruit juice, a splash of lime or fizzy soda and serving it in the appropriate glass is all the rage again. Today’s cocktail has evolved to include anything from the freshest farm to glass ingredients to remaining true to the classics like a dirty martini or the ever popular old fashioned. One thing is for sure, it’s 5 O’Clock somewhere and just like a little black dress, a classic cocktail recipe never goes out of style. Here are 8 signature cocktails we love.

1.  Martini: Throughout history, a martini has become one of the most famous alcoholic drinks. This classic mixed beverage was created all the way back in the 1870’s. Easy to make,  a martini be made with gin or vodka.  Just a splash of vermouth is added and served in a ice cold martini glass with an olive on top. This one is meant to sip as it is a very potent drink.

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2.  Bloody Mary: This famous red beauty is created with vodka, tomato juice, Worchestershire sauce, a splash of hot sauce, a squeeze of lemon and a sprig of celery for color. Many times Bloody Mary’s are used to calm a hangover the morning after a late night out (drinking too many martinis perhaps.) Other times socialites will enjoy this colorful drink to compliment their breakfast or brunch.

3.  Margarita: This refreshing cocktail is made of three ingredients and is either enjoyed straight, on the rocks or frozen. It is made from a good quality tequila, triple sec and lime. The biggest decision for Margarita drinkers to made is whether to rim the class with salt, sugar or nothing at all. This sweet party beverage is perfect for parties because it can easily be made in batches. A specially shaped glass was designed just for a Margarita but casual Mason jars are becoming more and more common for this sweet adult beverage.

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4.  Manhattan: Named after the NYC favorite location, the Manhattan features rye whiskey or bourbon, vermouth, bitters and sometimes a candied cherry or two on top. Similar to a Martini, it must be served in an ice cold tumbler.

5.  Old Fashioned: This is a sweet and sophisticated drink that is known for its fabulous color, taste and smooth taste. Its history dates all the way back to Abraham Lincoln’s presidency so it has lasted the test of time. Simply combine sugar, bitters, water and whiskey into a chilled Old Fashioned glass. Garnish with an orange slice or cherry.

6.  Gin & Tonic:  This classic beverage has a unique flavor and fizz and is not for the faint of heart. Simply place ice cubes in a tall narrow glass, pour gin, tonic water and lime juice over the ice. Stir and garnish with a lime wedge and serve.

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7.  Screwdriver: Some history says that the screwdriver made of vodka and orange juice was created to disguise drinking vodka on the job, but today it is one of the most beloved signature cocktails. It is usually enjoyed in the morning during brunch or as a refreshing afternoon cocktail.

8.  Daiquiri:  This delicious sweet cocktail comes in many flavors but one thing it has in common is the rum. Combine it in a blender with strawberries, bananas and other flavors for a slushy, enjoyable treat. This drink is so popular, a packaged mix can be purchased so all that is needed to add is the rum. Serve is a chilled glass.

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It’s Cocktail O’Clock!: 8 Signature Cocktails We Love

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