Crucial Tips to Keep in Mind When Visiting Morocco

Morocco has been said to be the most beautiful country in the world, and why shouldn’t it be? Not only is it lush with vibrant colors, but the history, landscape, and culture are unlike any other. As North Africa’s most celebrated treasure, Morocco is uniquely beautiful and full of everything from world-renowned Mosques to endless markets.

moroccoLike most places, there are things you should keep in mind when visiting.

Language and Dialect

Throughout Morocco, you are going to hear a handful of different languages. Don’t worry, if you only speak English, you can get by; though it helps to know some French. The most common tongue is Darija or Moroccan Arabic, though there is a rather sizeable Berber population. Official settings use more standard Arabic and French, while Spanish remains prevalent in the north and English is used all over.

Moroccan Dirham

Most of the businesses in Morocco operate by cash only, so make sure you have enough on you to pay for your purchase. Morocco’s currency is the Moroccan dirham, and one USD gets you approximately 10 dirhams. While prices vary depending on what you’re doing and your traveling style, the majority of tourists spend under $50 each day.

Street Awareness

For the most part, local Moroccans are exceptionally friendly and make tourists feel welcome. With different cultures, however, it isn’t going to be like home. For years, street harassment has been a known and public issue for travelers and local women in Morocco. The best tip is to ignore it.

If you are a female and want to avoid the attention entirely, you can consider covering your head while moving through any aggressive areas. However, keep in mind that you do not need to be accepting of rude behavior. You can use a firm no and walk away.

What to Wear

Morocco gets hot, so it’s smart to choose loose-fitting, breathable, and lightweight clothing. Its rich culture influences the Moroccan dress code, and traditional attire can get you more respect.

For men, traditional clothing is long robes, trousers, headscarves, and slippers. Females typically keep their shoulders and knees covered with a Djellaba or a Gandoura. As a traveler, consider scarves and maxi skirts if you don’t want to invest in Moroccan attire.

Stay Connected

There are plenty of cafes, hotels, and restaurants in Morocco that have Wi-Fi, but there could come a time where you need an affordable connection when you’re away from the city. Maroc Telecom SIM cards get sold for 40 dirhams, and you can get 10GB of data for 100 dirhams (about $10USD).

It’s important to remember that it can be hard to find a Maroc SIM card, so make sure that you check in Tobacco shops.

Traveling Around

If you’re going to bounce from city-to-city while in Morocco, investing in first-class train tickets are best. When comparing the cost, there isn’t much difference between first and second, and it is worth it. You get offered snacks, but you should pack your favorites in advance because the variety might not be great.

There are also first class sleeper trains for when you want to travel at night. Additionally, if you are moving in a group of females or as a solo female, you get booked into a female-only cabin car which adds to comfort and security. Keep in mind that it is going to be hot, but you do get a pillow, blanket, and bottle of water.

For quick ways to get through the city without walking, taxis are the best way. It’s recommended not to go by yourself, and you can negotiate a price before leaving; especially if you’re going far. It’s public knowledge that driving in Morocco is dangerous, so be firm with your driver if need be.

Beautiful Sight-Seeing

Now you have the essentials covered when traveling through Morocco. Take note of some of the most popular, spectacular, and historical places to see while in the most beautiful country on Earth.

  • Sahara Desert: You can find the largest dunes in Merzouga.
  • Hassan II Mosque: Known as the most stunning mosque in Morocco, it’s also the landmark of Casablanca and an impressively constructed building.
  • Majorelle Garden: Found in the middle of Marrakech, it was once the home of designer Yves Saint-Laurent, and created by Jacques Majorelle, a French painter.
  • The Riads: Traditional Moroccan homes that have turned into hotels.
  • Oasis: Orange and green colors make up the Oasis that still exists in Morocco. You can find it by taking a trip past the Atlas Mountains.

beautiful-countryTake your time getting to know Morocco and everything that it has to offer. There are street markets, beautiful landscaping, rich cultural history, diverse food, and more. There’s a reason that it’s said to be the most beautiful place on Earth, and it’s something you should experience for yourself. As an added tip, try staying in one of The Riads. You can get a traditional taste of Morocco while still being in the comfort of a hotel.

Have you ever visited Morocco? If so, what was your favorite part?

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Crucial Tips to Keep in Mind When Visiting Morocco

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