The Most Dangerous Toys for Kids that Could Adversely Harm Your Child

Kids love toys. Their lessons about the environment are developed by playing. Luckily, manufacturers are well aware of this and produce a lot of them. Their genuine goal is to give your child something to play with, but if your child gets hold of the wrong toy, fun and games easily turns into fun and well, death. Children have been hurt by badly manufactured toys, or those made out of plain incompetence. That is why parental guidance is recommended!


The common assumption is that children’s products are only brought to the market after detailed testing. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. We are unable to tell whether people are just ignorant or ill-intentioned, but some dangerous toys for kids found on the shelves make you cast a doubt on the manufacturer’s professional qualifications.

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Bird of Paradise Slingshot

This is one of the earliest toys that the regulator proposed to be banned in 1969. The slingshot used to fire razor-sharp missiles, but somehow kids were allowed to play with it. That’s because only toys containing toxic materials were deemed dangerous for kids.

Dangerous Toys 1

Despite this danger, the slingshot was a popular item that most 1960’s kids yearned to own. It would shoot little plastic darts, but the cheeky kids made attempts of loading theirs with needles. Expectedly, emergency rooms all over the country soon started to admit children with the induced accidents. Slingshots are a weapon. The debate on whether we should or should not allow our kids play with them has always bogged the minds of most parents. Some believe that they can monitor their kids as they play, but you never know that moment when an accident happens. To be on the safer side, try limiting your child’s access to this toy.

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Sky Dancers

How Sky Dancers grew so popular can be understood. Their making was tailored towards inducing addiction in kids. First, they had faeries containing soft foam wings. These would be attached to a base held by the hand. Kids then pulled a ripcord so that the faeries shot into the air, before whirling back to the ground. They were so loved that they stayed on the shelves for up to six years. Now, that is the worrying part. How could such a dangerous device stay that long before recalling?

Dangerous Toys 2

The whirling wasn’t a problem. The danger lay in how they landed. Rather than just floating gently, the faeries would drop. It was more of a game to dodge the Sky Dancer. At the time of recall, about 170 cases of kids hit by the dolls had been reported. 150 adults had also been struck! Injuries ranged from broken teeth to broken ribs and temporary blindness.

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Creepy Crawlers

People judged the Easy-Bake Oven with such severity because it could heat up to 350 degrees. That meant that a kid who wasn’t paying attention could easily get burned. But, that Easy-Bake Oven was nothing close to the Creepy Crawlers Oven. To begin with, the electric oven could heat much higher than the Easy-Bake. Secondly, its product wasn’t hot food. Instead, it produced hot liquid plastic that was found to be toxic. Try to imagine the pain and agony that kids underwent whenever they got burned! What about the siblings who were more likely to be burned?

Dangerous Toys 3

From the modern point of view, you may conclude that the adults were quick to turn down this playing tool. But that’s not it. Many looked at these toys as a “learning experience” for the children, rather than the Creepy Crawlers being dangerous.

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Aqua Dots

The concept of Aqua Dots was quite a cool one, consisting of little beads that your kids could arrange into any shape and then permanently stick them using water. These toys were only for older children, and shouldn’t be used by those under 18-months old. They even had warnings on the package indicating such. But as of 2007, some parents began permitting their 18-months and younger kids to have these. The innocent youngster ate them, and that is where the real issues emerged.

Dangerous Toys 4

The glue was made of a substance that converted into GHB 9, or you might know it as the “date rape drug,” after eating. This made the victim enter into a coma. By the time they woke, they had shown signs of brain damage. Despite the fact that parents must supervise their kids, this is a toy that can’t be allowed anywhere near them.

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Empire Little Lady Stove

Just like the problematic Easy-Bake Oven, this one had burning issues, too. It was recalled in 2007 after a girl’s hand was amputated, courtesy of injuries incurred while playing with the oven’s bulb. The electric stove’s temperatures could go up as high as 600 degrees F! Your typical oven will automatically shut off when it heats up to 550 degrees. What could a child possibly want to cook with a temperature of 600 degrees?!

Dangerous Toys 5

Parents have over the years given their kids toy stoves so that they can learn how to cook. This electric stove was marketed under a trade name such as “Little Lady” and the consumer was led to believe that it is just right for little girls. It was about six inches square and featured wire coil burners. Don’t let your child use the cook toys unmonitored. Guide them through every step of the way, including how to use the chef’s knife!

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Derringer Belt Gun

This was a popular weapon that every cowboy of the 1950’s desired to own. It made one more of a James Bond character. Kids used to hide this gun in the belt buckle. When a kid’s tummy was exposed, the unsuspecting outlaw would be fired at. Now, kids used to be supplied with small plastic items. That wasn’t a problem. The issue was, this gun also had the ability to deliver real gun-firing experience. It was a cap gun. You don’t need an explanation on the risks associated with firing caps closer to your crotch.

Dangerous Toys 6

Even the firing kids weren’t safe. Friction was all it took to set off the caps. Thus, just carrying it at your belt’s buckle was an accident waiting to happen.

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Zulu Blow Gun

Giving your kids small toys endangers their lives. They can easily and willingly eat them. By envisioning this danger, the makers of the Zulu Blow Gun toy made it more of a long tube. However, even this had its own set of risks for the kids. The children used to stick the tube’s choke-inducing darts inside their mouths. The result was a rise in cases of chocked children.

Dangerous Toys 7

There were cases of children attempting to load the Zulus with needles. Unsurprisingly, hospitals soon started to record cases of accidental plastic darts ingestion. This is because using the gun involved inhaling deeply before blowing out. As an alternative to the Zulu Blow Gun, parents may find it viable to make their toy guns.

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There are so many products on the shelves that have a warning stating they aren’t meant for young children, especially babies. Magnetix was made in a series of small, easy to swallow pieces, which ultimately led to the brand’s collapse. Cases of children swallowing the pieces increased in health centers across the country, attracting attention from the regulator. As a response to the growing public concern over children safety, the toy was recalled.

Dangerous Toys 8

We still have numerous toys of this kind in the market. It is unjust that they continue to circulate when only one was pulled.

Austin Magic Pistol

Common sense dictates that every time you give a child a pistol, even as a toy, you are creating room for disaster. The Austin Magic Pistol might have been allowed to sell by the fact that it appeared harmless during shooting of the ping pong balls. But just like other gun toys on this list, the toy’s dangers emerged when kids gave into the pressure to shoot something else other than the intended ammo.

Dangerous Toys 9

Different investigations found that adults had found ways to engineer the toy to shoot faster in order to impress their children. This shows that the regulation shouldn’t just be on the toys and children, but also on the adults.

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Those of you who recall playing these may have memories of good and fun times, or running to save your life. The toys were designed to surpass just someone’s imagination of darts larger version. The game on its own was safe, no doubt about that. However, problems arose from the misguided integration of about 7,000 hapless individuals, which cost Jarts position in the market.

Dangerous Toys 10

Some stores were so against it that they used darts-impaled mannequins to express the game’s dangerous nature. Jarts was, in general, an easy game full of fun, provided the user wasn’t aiming at a much softer target.

Snap Bracelets

We still have these simple bracelets in circulation today, but that’s because knock-off brands picked up the original Snap Bracelets that were taken off the shelves. The original versions were recalled because they were made of cheap fabric that would tear and pave way for the metal band to make deep cuts on the wearer’s wrist and hands. Even though their use continues up to date, strict regulations have made it mandatory for the bracelets to have a stronger fabric.

Dangerous Toys 11

Despite health concerns, people still use wristbands, especially when there’s an event. They’re helpful in managing guests at events, in which case the guests are offered different custom wristbands. Each attendee is given specific colors depending on the level of access assigned to them.

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Snacktime Cabbage Patch Kids

The Cabbage Patch Kids doll rights have been given to many toy companies over the years. The Snacktime CPK was released by Mattel in 1996. This was a special doll meant to “eat” the snacks placed in its mouth using a motorized metal roller. But questions were raised almost immediately. First, people raised concerns over the doll’s soft and fleshy lips, but the focal point of all these concerns were on what the Snacktime CPK ate. The few who purchased it complained that the doll couldn’t strike a difference between the plastic snacks it was supposed to eat and the fingers of its kid owners.

Dangerous Toys 12

Due to this error, many cases of children with broken fingers were reported from time to time. Mattel voluntarily decided to recall the dolls in 1997, a move that saw the company receive much praise. Most people sent back their dolls and money was refunded. However, as expected, not all people were ready to let go of this innovative version of an ‘eating’ doll. Don’t be surprised when you come across it in one house or another.

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“Ah… are these really dangerous? After all, my kids love them a lot.” You can be forgiven if you have such thoughts running through your head, but yes, Trampolines are dangerous. In fact, they are so risky that you must inform your insurer when applying for home insurance. Similarly, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents not to buy their kids this play stuff, even if there is a net around them.

Dangerous Toys 13

Trampolines continue to become a popular feature in most yards as parents seek ways to get their children out of the house for fresh air. This increasing popularity triggered the AAP to issue an advisory against them in 2012. There are numerous risks such as neck, head, and spine injuries, all of which make trampolines an option only under structured training sessions. Even though injuries resulting from this equipment are not officially recorded, different studies indicate that the accidents are not uncommon. Most of these studies show children aged 8 years or older are the most common victims.

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Atomic Energy Lab

At this juncture, we won’t be wrong asserting that the 50’s toy makers were quite less innovative when it came to introducing kid’s toys. This is a time when nuclear energy was quickly becoming the new way to power the country. As a result, they imagined that children would love to hop in. as a result, they built the Atomic Energy Lab.

Dangerous Toys 14

This kit was made in such a way that it harbored some amounts of uranium, which kids could actually use! The substance wasn’t toxic when kids got exposed to it. However, the manufacturers must have ignored the fact that smaller kids swallow almost anything they meet along the way. Doing so would result into various types of cancer.

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Water Wings

When kids begin their swimming lessons, most parents find it viable to get them some water wings. That’s a good move. However, it becomes problematic when you misguidedly conclude your kid is safe. Water wings are not an ultimate guarantee of safety for your children in water. Besides the obvious likelihood of drowning when they’re not under a close watch, some of these products have been found to contain toxic hexanone, isophorone, and phenol. These substances are carcinogenic and can also cause long-term skin irritations.

Dangerous Toys 15

There are so many reasons why you should refrain from using water wings. First, this equipment hinders maneuverability. When the water wings have been well filled with air and both arms placed on top of them, their role is to keep your child afloat. However, their design is in such a manner that your kid experiences difficulties in swimming in the water. If your child accidentally ends face down, they could have a hard time rolling. Their risk of easily slipping off makes them unapproved as a buoyancy device.

These balls were fun to knock together, but they released shrapnel that could cut you. Click ‘Next’ to reveal them.


This easily struck one as quite innocuous toys; hence, banning it may have seemed a ridiculous move. However, just like most toy misuses, the clackers became problematic when they found use other than what it was intended for. Some babies started using the toy to bang or hit something repeatedly, including their siblings. Even an adult can feel the pain when hit with the two hard balls. Additionally, hitting too hard would result into the balls exploding, releasing shrapnel everywhere.

Dangerous Toys 16

There was only one way these balls could be used; knock them together as hard and fast as possible. The continued knocking together yielded shattered toys that posed danger not only to those around you, but also to the person knocking them.

Ever gone to the moon? Here’s something the 1970s kids thought they could use. Click ‘Next’ to find out more.

Moon Shoes

Most people considered this to be like mini-trampolines for their feet. The fact that they rested on one’s legs made the person wearing believe that nothing could go wrong. However, as it turns out, they were all wrong! Making an errant jump in the Moon Shoes could cause one’s ankle to break. To make matters worse, the 1970s Moon Shoes contained many sharp metal pieces, which implied kids had worn mini-trampolines crafted out of bear traps.

Dangerous Toys 17

The moment these were strapped on uncoordinated kids, many problems were bound to occur. Nickelodeon picked them up in the ‘80s after making several improvements. Contrary to the ‘70s version, the new Moon Shoes were made using plastic and had a lot of spongy material. You can still get different versions of these online.

This is ridiculous. Was NASA aware that kids played with dangerous rockets? Click ‘Next’ to find out.

Splash Blaster Hydro Rocket

At first glance, this was an all fun toy that your kid would enjoy. There was no way something would have gone wrong with this one. But had the manufacturers asked NASA, they would have been told to be ready for any eventuality pre to mid-launch.

Dangerous Toys 18

This rocket had only one problem; it required a lot of pressure to be applied on it before it could rise up high in the air. The pressure was too high to the extent it exploded mid-launch. Shrapnel were sent flying all over at speeds high enough to penetrate the skin.

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The Most Dangerous Toys for Kids that Could Adversely Harm Your Child

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