Determined Cats Who Sit Wherever They Fit

Cats may just be the cutest household pet you can have. They are adorably spunky, and they can be found doing the funniest things. One thing that cats love to do is try and fit into tiny spaces. If you are a cat owner, you know how much cats love wiggling into these areas. No one knows exactly why cats do this, but it spurs cat owners everywhere to upload funny photos of their cats trying to sit in a tight space.

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“If I fit, I sit,” is what this funny phenomenon is known as throughout the internet, and cats can be seen doing this throughout all stages of life. Some of these determined cats are downright adorable, and others make you roll with laughter. We’ve compiled a list of the funniest cat photos on the internet, and you won’t be able to get through the list without wanting to adopt another cat immediately.

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Small, But Mighty

Clearly, cats love to feel secure in tight places. However, some cats don’t realize how truly big they are. This sweet kitty just wants a place to relax, but the box is a bit too small. He successfully gets his paws into the tiny box, but can’t fit anything else. Instead of giving up to find a new box, this stubborn cat is determined.

Determined Cats 1

He chooses to stay with his paws cradled, and he relaxes like that regularly. It may not be the typical box to lounge around in, but this cat doesn’t want to be told otherwise. You can see it on his face, and he is clearly saying, “Don’t mess with me.”

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An Artistic Cat

If you can find a tight place to relax, and become an art piece all at once, why wouldn’t you? That’s the philosophy this cute cat has. This hilarious tight space is a wicker container in the shape of a whale. The whale doesn’t have a head, so when the cat shimmies inside he becomes his alter ego, Whale Cat.

Determined Cats 2

This orange kitty is marking his territory, and no other cat is allowed to become Whale Cat under his watch. As he squints off into the distance, determining where the best fish are to eat, he marvels at how perfectly he fits in this wonderful hollowed-out whale.

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The Best Breakfast Around

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. At least, that’s what this cat is thinking. That small oatmeal box that is empty should be thrown in the trash, but if you have a cat it suddenly becomes a permanent bed.

Determined Cats 3

Owners go out of their way to buy cute cat beds for their pets, but do they use them? No! The cats want what most of us consider trash, like old oatmeal containers. This black cat is cute as a button, and we bet the owner just about died when they found him in there all snuggled up. Considering how small this oatmeal box looks, it’s a wonder how it fits inside the box at all.

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Send Him Priority

At first glance, this photo looks impossible. It’s a giant fluff ball of fur in a box; is that really a cat? Yes, it really is a cat. This cat was on a mission, and he wanted to be sent through priority mail to get there. Maybe he had his sights set on a trip to the Bahamas, or maybe he wanted to visit his friends at a house down the road.

Determined Cats 4

Regardless of where this cat wanted to go, the end result is hilarious. This big guy is almost indiscernible, but you can see his face in the bottom left corner. There’s no doubt that the owner searched for their cat for hours before finally finding him like this. Hopefully, the owner doesn’t throw away this box because it appears their cat has a new favorite hiding spot.

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I’m Watching You

What’s better than a tight fitting box? A tight fitting box that is clear and has a spot for the cat’s eyes to watch you! Cats are known predators, and sometimes humans forget about that. You may have seen your cat giving you the stink eye before, or maybe your cat likes to watch you like a hawk.

Determined Cats 5

Either way, this cat has found the perfect hiding spot. He fits in the clear box perfectly, and his eyes line up with the handle so he can see outside and view everything that is going on. If you weren’t sure of your cat’s spy skills before, you can be sure of them after seeing this. Cats continue to try to fit anywhere they can, especially if there are benefits to their new hiding spot.

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Every Parent Ever

If you’re a parent, this photo describes your life perfectly. There you are, trying to get a nice relaxing shower or nap by yourself when all of a sudden babies attack you. Parents are never alone, and this apparently happens with cat parents as well. This poor mom was trying to hide from her babies, but her babies were having none of that.

Determined Cats 6

Even though the one cat was already a tight space in the sink, the kittens were determined to fit inside with their mom. They huddle as close together as possible, and they all end up fitting in this one small sink. Sound familiar? Every mom and dad know this feeling, and the mom cat’s face says it all. While we all love our children, sometimes a parent just needs a break!

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The Perfect Sized Bed

Kittens are extremely small, so they need something small to cuddle in. Even though you may buy a kitten a nice bed, most kittens don’t want anything to do with that. If you’re lucky, you may have a small kitten that decides to snuggle in your shoe. The whole experience is adorable, but slightly unnerving.

Determined Cats 7

It’s easy to lose a small kitten, especially when they hunker down in something like your shoe. Thankfully, the owner found this kitten and took a quick picture of him. Shoes don’t seem like they would be the comfiest thing to sleep in, but this kitten looks pretty comfortable from here.

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A Fancy Cat

Even wealthy people have pets, and cats are the coolest pet to have. When you have a fancy owner, you have to have a fancy cat. Even though cats are determined to fit into tight spaces, fancy cats make sure their tight spaces are of the highest quality. This fancy cat decided to make its home in a large crystal serving bowl.

Determined Cats 8

He looks to be saying, “Feed me human.” This isn’t the smallest thing a cat could fit into, but it is pretty funny. The fancy serving bowl is perfect for a cat who only knows luxury, and a simple cardboard box won’t do for these kinds of cats.

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Becoming One With Nature

Hippies are often found in nature, and they love to be outside whenever possible. While many of the cats featured on this list are indoor pets, not all of them can be contained. Apparently, even cats can be hippies. This cat decided to become one with nature as he snuggled up into a tree. The round hole in the stump is the perfect size for a small cat, and it looks to be a popular snuggle spot. A black cat is patiently waiting his turn for the orange cat to get up and leave.

Determined Cats 9

While a tree stump seems like the furthest thing from being comfy, this cat seems to think otherwise. He is snoozing away like he has no worries in the world, but he’ll probably wake up with a kink in his neck. This cat was determined to get his nap, and even a tree stump couldn’t stop him from attempting to fit inside.

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DIY Cat Tower

There are plenty of tutorials online for a do it yourself cat tower. However, most of these tutorials probably involve high-quality materials instead of old boxes. These four cats couldn’t be more comfortable, and the whole tower is made from old cardboard boxes.

Determined Cats 10

Stacked four high, these cats love the warmth of the shoebox sized tight space. This owner doesn’t need to worry about buying fancy beds for his cats, all he needs is to keep this stacked tower of boxes! It is an easy way to please your cat, and it never hurts to recycle boxes into another use. We should all learn from this owner who didn’t have to spend money on those fancy beds for multiple cats. It seems that his cats couldn’t be any happier.

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I’ve Made a Giant Mistake

Have you ever wondered how those ships get into the glass bottles? They are really cool to look at, but it is hard to imagine how they got into the small glass bottle. This concept is a little like that interesting phenomenon. Immediately when you see this photo, your mind spins. How does a cat get into a small glass jar? The cat might be wondering the same thing we are, and his face looks pretty distressed. The answer of how this happened remains a mystery, but it is clear that the cat regrets it.

Determined Cats 11

Cats seem like they can fit in the smallest spaces, and it is insane to actually watch them get into these tight fitting things. They don’t have any superpowers, but when you see this photo you might think otherwise. Whether this cat turned into liquid to get inside the jar, or just squeezed in really tight, we’ll never know.

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World’s Cutest Cat

Is there anything better than a gray cat with gray eyes? This little cutie is determined to find a comfy space in kitchen mixing bowl. When your cat’s face looks this cute, you can’t even be mad at him! He is snuggled up so tightly in the bowl, and his face looks at you with the earnest pleasure.

Determined Cats 12

Perhaps the cutest part about this photo is the small paw that can be seen on the side of the mixing bowl. It is pressed up tightly onto the side of the mixing bowl, and you can see each part of the pad. This cat may just be the world’s cutest cat, and I wouldn’t care if he got hair in my mixing bowl. As long as he continues to make that face, this owner is left swooning.

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You Are What You Snuggle In

This cat has some high hopes for what he wants to be when he grows up. If you surround yourself with greatness, you become greatness. That is what this cat is hoping for by snuggling in a boot from the brand Bearpaw. He may be sleeping, but his dreams are filled with himself morphing into a bear. His big dreams can’t be stifled, and the peace on his face shows how ready he is to become something bigger.

Determined Cats 13

This cuddly tight space is perfect for the wintertime because those boots are lined with soft fur. The cat may be tiny, but he has the right idea to stay warm. If they made a fur-lined boot that could fit a human, there’s no doubt many of us would snuggle inside them as well. The cat probably gave his owner a fright when they could not find him. Little did they know, the cat was waiting for them in their boots, hoping to come along to whatever adventure they were going on next.

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Cats From The Hood

This cat is straight from the hood. He is bound to start rapping a top charted song at any moment, and it looks like he has his break dancing down, too. All jokes aside, the girl owner was in for the surprise of her lifetime when her cat jumped into her jacket hood.

Determined Cats 14

Nothing is better than relaxing in a hammock, and this cat just wanted to experience that for himself. You can’t blame this orange cat for dreaming big. He may not experience the Hawaiian breeze and sunset, but this is the closest to relaxing in a hammock he is going to get. This cat is clearly an opportunist.

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A Priceless Sculpture

More people would go to art museums if the sculptures featured cats snuggled up in them. This modern vase never knew what was coming when this cutie jumped into the bowl. The cat’s paws may be seriously close to his face, but he doesn’t care at all.

Determined Cats 15

The cat utilized every part of the vase he could, and he made himself fit wonderfully. The holes made the perfect spot for his paws to fit through, and the dip in the vase is the best area to lay his head down. His face shows how content he is, and he easily made the sculpture worth ten times more than it was before he slept in it.

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Please Don’t Touch the Box

Friends who come over to your house think they are doing you a favor by taking out some old boxes, but little did they know they just threw away your cat’s bed. Having a designated box for your cat may seem strange to people who don’t own a feline friend, but that’s completely normal for those of us who have cats.

Determined Cats 16

This owner was sick and tired of people trying to remove the box. He posted a note on the outside of the box asking people to not touch it. The box is clearly for the cat, and that’s easy to see once the cat is snuggled in it. The small box may seem impossible for the cat to snuggle and sleep in, but we’ve seen cats snuggle in smaller places.

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Take Me With You

If you’re a frequent traveler, your cat is going to pick up on that pretty quickly. If you have a smart kitty, you may just find that your cat is snuggled up in the console ready to go on an adventure! This cat is the perfect companion for those who take long road trips. He is perfectly content staying in the cup holders, and he fits perfectly.

Determined Cats 17

While he may not continue to fit as he gets bigger, the white ball of fur is perfectly happy sitting there currently. He doesn’t want you going on vacation without him, so he’ll snuggle in the tightest spot there is to come along. How can you argue with that cute face?

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An Invaluable Pet

This cat is pretty cocky about its worth, and it wants the owner to realize that he should be treated amazing. He has no problem snuggling up in the owner’s safe, which sends a clear message to the household. While he may look comfortable, he is really telling everyone how much he is worth.

Determined Cats 18

You better keep that cat in the safe, because if you don’t treat him right he’s going to find someone who does! This confident cat is ready to defend what he is worth, and the safe is just a convenient place to show that. This small safe is barely more than the length of two pens, but the cat does not take no for an answer. If he fits in the safe, he is going to sit there happily.

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You’re Squishing Me

This photo says about as much as there is to be said about two siblings. Cats and human siblings alike argue all the time. These two cats clearly had an argument about whom this vase belonged to. Instead of giving up, the cats both jump into the vase to try and prove that it is theirs.

Determined Cats 19

Unfortunately, the one who got into the vase first is squished more than you thought was possible. His face is one of sheer panic, but the other sibling’s face is smug and triumphant. No matter what the species is, all siblings fight. With the cats’ ability to squeeze into tight spaces, they both made their way into this vase. The real question is, can they get out?


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Determined Cats Who Sit Wherever They Fit

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