Everything You Didn’t Know About Ree Drummond

Ree Drummond, or as most people know her, The Pioneer Woman, is a wildly successful home-grown girl with a successful Food Network TV show and highly trafficked blog. Her modest life has influenced how many people live their own lives, and her comfort food classics are to die for. A previous city loving girl turned country mom, she has turned her regular life into a huge brand.

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While Ree Drummond is amazingly popular, there are still some things that she keeps on the quiet side. There are things that few people know about Ree, and it makes you love her even more than you did before. This unassertive country star is really a huge businesswoman, and her life story is more fascinating than you would have thought possible.

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City Turned Country

Ree Drummond never stays still for long. She was a corporate worker in California, and she was doing everything she could to climb up the corporate ladder. However, one night she took a break and went back to Oklahoma. She applied for law schools throughout the country, and decided to celebrate the accomplishment by going out to a bar.

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This bar ended up changing her life because she met Ladd, who turned out to be her future husband. Lovingly known as “Marlboro Man,” Ree and Ladd’s love story is a cornerstone of her success. The bar changed her life, and she soon found herself giving up the corporate dream to live a slower paced life in the country. It may sound like a fairytale, but it is the true story of how Ree and Ladd met.

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She Loves Her Ranch

Some people wonder if Ree Drummond regretted giving up her corporate dreams. Many people were shocked, including Ree herself. She always loved the city, so the country was a big adjustment for her. However, as the years go on, she realizes she is right where she is meant to be.

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While the city life would have led to a completely different Ree Drummond, she is proud of the life she lives now. She credits the ranch her and her family live on as the reason for her success, and she loves the slow lifestyle that the country provides. She may have found herself overworked in the city, and she is happy to live out in the country.

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A Small Town Girl

Ree Drummond isn’t as unfamiliar to the country life as many think. She grew up in Oklahoma with an orthopedic surgeon as a father, a stay-at-home mother, and three siblings. However, Ree always saw more for herself than the quiet Oklahoma life.

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As soon as high school graduation came around, she packed up her bags to move. She attended University of Southern California, and had hoped to make it big in broadcast journalism. When she gave up that career for her love, she ended up right back where she thought she never would.

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Didn’t Sit Still For Long

Ree Drummond was surprised at how the country life worked. As someone who was used to going wherever she wanted, whenever she wanted, she was taken aback that it doesn’t work like that out in the country. She ended up staying home a lot, which led to her becoming bored.

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On her and Ladd’s honeymoon they became pregnant with their first child, and she didn’t sit still for long. They ended up having four children, and becoming parents was another fun adjustment that they didn’t see coming. Ree has never been one to sit around and do nothing, which led to her success today.

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Her Blog Started On a Whim

Ree Drummond started blogging out of sheer boredom. When her husband took the kids away from the house for a few hours, Ree Drummond found herself with nothing to do. This was the first break she had in years, so she was ready to do something for herself.

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She decided she was going to start a blog, and she started typing away. The blog was her way of having alone time for several hours, and it was a completely new experience. She originally started it in hopes that friends and family could stay better updated on her new country life, which was often pretty lonesome.

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Blog Daily No Matter What

Ree credits most of her success to daily blogging. Whenever anyone asks Ree Drummond for advice, she tells them to blog daily. Blog as much as you can, because the writing becomes easier as you continue. She thinks that she couldn’t have been as successful as she is if she only blogged a few times a week.

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She still blogs daily, and it continues to make her a better writer. The Pioneer Woman keeps her very busy, but her blog is something that fuels her creative passions. The blogging gets easier over time, and it doesn’t take near as long as most people would think.

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How She Stays Grounded

The more famous you become, the harder it is to stay grounded. However, Ree Drummond claims that her country life is one of the reason both her and her children stay so grounded. Out in the country, there are not a lot of people around. You can’t just go out and hire a maid, or someone to do all of your work for you.

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She still cooks and cleans daily, and her kids still work out on the ranch. This keeps the whole family busy, and it helps them recognize how lucky they are for the success they have. Ree Drummond is known for being down to earth, and her friends all agree with her sweet disposition and country life keeping her grounded.

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Food Wasn’t Her First Blogging Choice

When The Pioneer Woman originally started blogging, it wasn’t about food. She wrote about her daily happenings out in the country, but food wasn’t on the forefront of her mind. Cooking has always been something she has enjoyed, but it wasn’t until she got into photography that she blogged about food.

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When she was making her husband a steak one night, she figured others might enjoy watching the process unfold. Ree Drummond took photos of the whole process, included her recipe, and then uploaded it onto her blog. People loved reading about her food, and the blog slowly became focused toward recipes and cooking classic comfort food.

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A Cookbook Deal

Soon enough, Ree Drummond had landed herself a cookbook deal. Publishers were loving her food photography and country cooking, so it was cooking that made her so popular. After her cookbook deal, the success didn’t stop there. Food Network contacted her about a cooking show, but she was unsure if she wanted to pursue it.

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Ree Drummond had made a name for herself as a writer and photographer, and she was scared that wouldn’t work on the big screen. After much deliberation, she decided to give it a shot, and her Food Network show was born. It ended up being a huge success, and she became even more popular than she was before.

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She Works Hard For Success

Ree Drummond is very relaxed, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t slave away and work hard. Having a successful TV show and blog requires a lot of her time, and she works harder than anyone else she knows.

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Her blog often takes up more time than a full-time job, and she likes to keep her team small. She is one of the most ambitious people her friends know, and this burning fire inside her keeps her successful. One friend said that while Ree keeps a calm outer exterior, under the surface she is always coming up with new ideas. Ree Drummond knows hard work is necessary for success, and she isn’t scared to get down and dirty to make herself successful.

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She Never Advertised

When most people have popular blogs, they do a lot of marketing. Creating advertisements for yourself can take up valuable time, and Ree Drummond didn’t have that. She often feels bad stating that she didn’t market her blog, but the blog truly grew organically.

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She accrued multiple awards from her blog, and it was those awards that drew in more traffic. As The Pioneer Woman became more popular, her blog traffic increased as well. Soon enough, her blog was being viewed by millions of people per month, and it became this wildly successful project.

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Love Doesn’t Conquer All

Ree Drummond and Marlboro Man may look like they have the perfect marriage, but Ree believes that love does not conquer all. Her own parents ended up divorcing later in her life, and it was a struggle to get through. She doesn’t credit Ladd for completing her, or making her whole life this amazing miracle.

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Instead, she states that her and Ladd’s love indeed help her throughout life, and he is incredibly supportive of all her success and every heartbreak she has encountered. Ree and Ladd are still very much in love, and he pushes her to become the best she possibly can be. Even with a great relationship, Ree Drummond says it is normal for couples to argue and go through transition periods. When she first moved to the country, Ree and Ladd experienced troubles with the transition. It was a new life for them both, but their passion within the marriage gave them strength to get through their own tough times.

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She Teaches Her Children

If you didn’t think that Ree Drummond could get any busier, you were wrong. While her full time blog and TV show is enough to have throughout the day, Ree Drummond also homeschools her children. She takes the time to give them the best education she can, and her children have turned out extremely well so far. Homeschooling doesn’t always go as planned, and sometimes she has to work around her busy schedule. She enjoys the business though, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Ree Drummond loves the flexibility of homeschooling her children and providing them with a wholesome education. All four of her children have been homeschooled by her, and she juggles their schooling in between their household chores.

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They Are a Modern Couple

In many relationships in the country, the couple often lives in a traditional marriage. While there is nothing wrong with traditional roles, Ree Drummond believes in being a team with her husband. She shucked the idea of traditional roles, and believed in being equals. This was one thing she brought into the marriage from her city lifestyle.

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Ree Drummond’s business takes up a lot of time, so it only makes sense that Ladd does a lot of the housework, too. He takes the kids around to where they need to go, manages the ranch, and even gives Ree ideas for upcoming blog posts and TV episodes. Throughout it all, they remain a solid team together. This is a good thing to have, and Ree is happy that they are not the typical country couple stuck in traditional roles. While it may seem that way on the show, behind the scenes is a much difference picture.

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Owns Her Own Store

Ree Drummond never saw herself having a cookbook or TV Show. She decided to go one step further, and bought a building with her husband. This building was going to be something exciting, but she didn’t know what it was going to be at the time they bought it. Later on, she decided to open up her own store. She continues to surprise herself, and her and Ladd were excited for their new adventure. They bought a building that was a fixer upper, and they made it into her dream store.

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They call it The Mercantile, and it is already booming with popularity. She plans to make the store an experience for everyone to come to, and it has a retail space, restaurant, bakery, and coffee shop. The restaurant is already very popular among locals, with an average wait of over two hours. Her recipes are frequently featured on the menu, and there is always something new to try out. It brings a little bit of city into her country life, and she wants to share her experience with all of her fans.

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She Remains Relaxed

With her busy lifestyle, many might think that Ree Drummond is running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Really though, that could not be further from the truth. She credits her country lifestyle for keeping her very relaxed. Because there isn’t a lot to do out in the country, she isn’t constantly moving around and taking her kids to different places.

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Ree Drummond spends all day at home. While she is at home, Ree does her blogging, teaches her kids, cooks, cleans, and comes up with new recipes. She messes around with her day, and doesn’t stick to a strict schedule. Ree Drummond says she is far from a type A personality, and she goes with the flow of whatever her day brings.

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Her Children’s Book

Ree Drummond continues to surprise everyone, and she somehow finds more time to release new projects. This woman doesn’t like to sit still, and every free moment she has is used up in some kind of project. Her newest project is a book. Ree wrote a children’s book called Little Ree. She takes her own experiences of moving from the city to the country, and tells the story through the eyes of a little girl.

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The book is about a little girl who moves with her family out to the country, and she experiences a big transition. Ree Drummond had dreamed of telling her own story and experiences about her transition for awhile now, so the children’s book was a long time coming. It is beautifully illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers, and is available for purchase now.

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Life Isn’t Perfect

Ree Drummond lives a very nice life, but it isn’t always perfect. Her family has its own sets of problems, and being in the limelight can create problems you didn’t see coming. Ree’s modest lifestyle is very conservative, and she has been ridiculed and called out by many people when aspects of her show were misconstrued. One fiery incident involved Ree making a joke about Asian chicken wings, and her family didn’t want to eat them.

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She then pulled out the tray of regular buffalo chicken wings, saying she wouldn’t make her family eat Asian hot wings. Many people were offended by the remarks they deemed racist, and Ree never commented on it. One Twitter user called her out for using anti-Asian slang, but the network never said anything about the incident. When you are a successful star, there is bound to be individuals offended by what you do. This goes to show that Ree Drummond needs to be sympathetic and careful about what she produces.

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Her Hollywood Surprise

Ree Drummond’s life is often regarded as looking like a fairytale. She left behind corporate success and settled down in the country for love. This is very appealing to many people, and it has inspired a movie that is based on her life.

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Hollywood was interested in the drastic life change that Ree Drummond found herself in when she moved herself out into the country. Despite being thrown from the corporate world into country living, Ree Drummond somehow made the two worlds collide, and she ended up with a successful business. People are interested in hearing that story, and so a movie is in the works. Reese Witherspoon is supposed to play Ree Drummond. The movie stalled when the producer died in 2010, but new writers have been hired, and the movie is supposedly back to being released in the next few years.

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