Everything You Never Knew About Cher

Cher, otherwise known as the Goddess of Pop, is a singer and actress who we all adore and love. She is known for eliminating the male domination in the music industry, and instead, she dominated the charts with her solo career. The famous musician started out in a band with her husband at the time, which led to TV shows, a Broadway career, and a huge Vegas show.

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Over 50 years later, Cher still reigns as one of the most popular musicians of all time, and her record backs her up in that claim. She may have always looked extremely happy on stage and TV, but Cher has held her fair share of secrets over the last five decades. Her 100 million sold records didn’t come without a challenge, and her secrets tell the whole story of why she is the way she is. Those amazing outfits she wears hides the mysteries Cher keeps that make her the most amazing woman musician the world has seen.

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A Hard Childhood

Most would think that Cher was loved and adored by everyone who came across her. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the truth. Cher’s mother had a hard time remaining financially stable. While Cher and her mother were on good terms, her mom had to leave her in an orphanage multiple times throughout her childhood.

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Cher spent weeks in the orphanage at times, waiting for her mother to come back and get her. These hard times have been written about in many of Cher’s books. Finances weren’t easy for the small family, either, so that may have been the inspiration Cher needed to become famous.

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Always Been Wild

Cher has always been on the wild and crazy side. If her outfits don’t say that enough, the story of her teen years surely do. It is said that Cher had a tendency to shock her friends and classmates at school. She would come to school wearing clothes that were completely unfamiliar to the time period. Cher had no problem showing off her stomach and wearing clothes that were considered a bit revealing for her age.

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Her childhood was just the stepping stone into her amazing career. Cher had the ability to completely disregard everyone else, and she didn’t care what others thought of her. She wore what she wanted when she wanted to. Perhaps the funniest part of Cher’s teen years were the performances she was known for giving at lunchtime among her peers. Cher would get up while dressed provocatively to sing and dance in front of her classmates.

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Her Entrepreneur Attitude

If you thought Cher couldn’t be any cooler, you don’t know much about her past. Cher actually dropped out of high school at the age of 16. Unlike many high school dropouts, Cher moved out of her mother’s house and found herself a friend to move in with in Los Angeles. She was determined to be famous, and Cher was going to do anything to get herself there.

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While living with her friend, Cher took different acting classes and danced in small clubs to support her career. Hollywood’s Sunset Strip became the happening place for Cher, and she took the time to introduce herself to many managers and agents during this time. She didn’t let herself get discouraged, and she worked hard to make the money she needed to support herself.

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Her Early Career

It was in 1962 when Cher became friends with Sonny Bono. He was a performer at the time, and Cher actually became his housekeeper. The two began talking, quickly becoming friends and lovers. Two years later, Cher and Sonny became the duo that everyone knows and loves.

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However, they didn’t call themselves what most would have thought. They came out into the world as Caesar & Cleo. These two produced many songs, but none of them were popular hits. The songs were, “Do You Wanna Dance?,” “Love Is Strange,” and “Let the Good Times Roll.” The singles were not played on the air, so they went in a different direction. Cher signed with a record group under the name Cherilyn. Sonny was her producer at the time, and Cher’s album reached number 16 on the top 100 charts.

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Secret Marriage

Everyone knows that Sonny and Cher eventually got married, but many do not know about their secret marriage. Cher and Sonny were very much in love, and Cher was only 18 at the time of their secret wedding ceremony.

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These two lovebirds did whatever young and in love couples do, they faked a marriage ceremony. On October 27, 1964, Cher and Sonny tied the knot in their hotel room. They were staying in Tijuana, Mexico at the time. The wedding ceremony was produced by themselves, so it was never truly official. However, the couple exchanged $10 souvenir rings, which they later got engraved with the other’s name. This secret marriage was enough for Cher, and they didn’t officially wed until after the birth of their child.

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Too Much Stage Fright

Cher is bold, there is no doubt about that. However, the amazing pop star didn’t always start out so confident. She had a lot of success as a solo artist at first, but Cher refused to launch herself as a solo. Sonny got dragged onto the stage with Cher because she suffered from really bad stage fright.

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She lovingly looked at Sonny while they sang, and everyone thought it was that she was so in love with him. While some of it may have been because of that, Cher actually suffered from horrible stage fright. Watching Sonny helped Cher to be able to sing, and she credits him for letting her sing through him to the people.

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A Style Icon

Everything about Cher’s looks are unique. Unfortunately, Cher thought she would never become famous. While she yearned to with all her heart, she called herself too ugly to be famous. She believed that no one would want to look like her.

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It may have come as a surprise to her, but everyone knew Cher was going to be a style icon. After her appearances on a few TV shows, women everywhere flocked to look just like her. There were girls dying their hair raven black and flat ironing it to look like Cher’s hair. Girls also started wearing the vests and bell bottoms that Cher was famous for. The women loved dressing up like her, and Cher took it as a business opportunity. She started her own clothing line that would allow women to look just like her. Her interesting style choices led to a generation that flocked to wearing bright patterns and extreme clothing.

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Unsuccessful Music

In the middle of the 1960’s, Cher and Sonny rose to popularity. However, it seemed that their popularity was short lived. Toward the end of the 1960’s the couple was all over the place. They were dropped from their label after their music failed to chart successfully.

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Cher was resigned onto a label named Atco. She produced “3614 Jackson Highway” as a solo artist. Sonny didn’t have anything to do with the album, but it was said to be one of her finest albums yet. However, Sonny told Cher he didn’t want her producing with that label anymore since they shut him out. The couple failed to produce anything good, and they found themselves in debt. They were fighting a lot in public, and people began to take note.

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A Full Time Show

It turns out their fighting led to something good in their career. All the heckling that people saw in the public turned out to make a great show. Their show, Sonny & Cher, was extremely popular. The couple found themselves rising to popularity once again. Individuals loved seeing their playful banter, and the audience fell in love when the couple gave birth to Chastity and brought her on the TV show.

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The show lasted for three years, and then Cher went on to produce her own show. Sonny and Cher were having marital problems, and it is said that her second marriage was the cause of the show’s cancellation. Their divorce was a messy one, and for a while they fought back and forth over finances and custody. She eventually had a TV show of her own called Cher.

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A Musical Comeback

Cher worked hard to try and make it back into the music scene. She married for the second time, had another child, and then divorced her second husband. When she found herself a single mom to two children, she knew she had to do something. She released a disco song called, “Take Me Home,” which was a best seller. It remained that way for over half of 1979, and Cher found her musical calling.

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While she was originally unsure about recording disco music, she later said that she loved that it was music anyone could dance to. Cher quickly rose back to fame, and her crazy outfits rose with her. During her musical breakthrough, she released dozens of songs that hit the charts, and it seemed that Cher was back on stage where she belonged.

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Her Embarrassing Speech

Cher continued to work in music, but she also tried her hand at becoming an actress. In 1988, Cher won an Academy Award. This prestigious award isn’t given lightly, and Cher was very nervous when she got up and made her acceptance speech. She thanked everyone she could think of, and then she went and sat back down.

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The funniest part of this speech is that she forgot to thank the director of the movie she starred in. Moonstruck’s director, Norman Jewison, was thanked later by Cher. She was so embarrassed by what she did that she took out a whole page in the paper to publicly thank him.

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Her Insane Music Career

Most artists can’t even dream of having the success that Cher has had. She has released over 25 albums, and many of them have been wildly successful. Heart of Stone was her album that was certified platinum three times, and Believe was certified platinum four times. Her music career has been amazing, but it didn’t stop there.

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Cher went on her tour, Do You Believe, which became one of the highest grossing female tours to ever happen. It should come as no surprise that her success has garnered her a net worth of over $300 million.

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Her Regretted Tattoos

Cher wanted to fit in during the times of Janis Joplin, so she did what many people did: she got tattoos. Six tattoos later, Cher felt like the epitome of the bad girl image. Her tattoos were a shock, and she did it just for the shock value. However, in later years, Cher wasn’t as happy with the tattoos as she was when she got them.

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She said her tattoos no longer meant anything, so she decided to get them removed. The tattoo removal process took years, and it’s safe to say she really regretted her ink. She had them all removed in the early 2000’s, but it took over 10 years to get them completely gone.

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Her Good Looks

Many people would die to have the genes that Cher has. Her skin looks flawless, and she has aged extremely well. While Cher attributes most of it to good genes, she also says that she doesn’t drink or smoke a lot. However, as the years go on, even Cher needs a little help in the beauty department.

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Cher has a beauty team of five dozen people. Yes, you read that right. There are 60 people who work on Cher, and she says the whole process takes almost two hours. While many might not care about their looks that much, Cher has to remain looking flawless for her haters. Even as she ages, Cher continues to look amazing.

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A Long Broadway Career

Cher has done everything under the sun, and that includes going on Broadway. She performed in shows Come Back to the Five and Dime and Jimmy Dean. These two Broadway shows were her debuts, and they did really well.

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However, years later Cher wasn’t able to give up on Broadway. In 2012 she talked about how much she hoped to get her life on the Broadway stage. Just recently in 2017, Cher confirmed that her life was going to be made into a Broadway musical. The show would encompass a lot of her early life, and it is going to go over her tumultuous relationship with Sonny. As with anything Cher does, the Broadway show should be very successful.

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Her Dyslexia Diagnosis

Even though Cher had been said to get good grades in school, she struggled to read and write. Cher didn’t share her struggles with her family or teachers, but at the age of 30 she finally got her answer. It turns out that Cher is dyslexic, and she felt like she understood herself a bit more after the diagnosis.

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She explains that school was hard, and her problems led her to drop out at a young age. Had her teachers recognized her dyslexia, she may have stayed in school longer. Cher has opened up about the diagnosis over the years, and she doesn’t let it affect her too much.

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Learning Social Media

Can you believe that Cher is already 71 years old? It’s shocking! Her stunning looks would never make you guess, but Cher was born back in 1946. However, she doesn’t let her age stop her. Even though the booming social media world can be a bit overwhelming for older folks, that doesn’t keep Cher down at all.

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Cher has over 2 million followers on Instagram and Twitter, and people dedicate posts to her daily. Even though she has a few years on some of the more popular social media buffs, Cher remains classy by learning all the new technology that world has to offer. Cher continues to age, but she keeps her mind as fit as her body.

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Cher’s Best Friend

Everyone needs a good friend you can completely rely on. Sometimes, these friends come out of nowhere. You might think otherwise, but even superstars have best friends, and Cher is no stranger to that. Cher’s best friend is Paulette Betts. Paulette has been her personal assistant for more years than we care to count, and they remain best friends to this day.

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Paulette was once married to guitar player Dickey Betts, and she kept the last name when they divorced. Even though Paulette is not famous herself, she remains Cher’s best friend forever. While we know a few of Cher’s secrets, there’s no doubt that Paulette holds them all. Everyone should be jealous of Paulette! Who wouldn’t want to be Cher’s best friend?

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Always Number One

Through the failures that Cher has experienced, she has still remained a force to be reckoned with. Cher is the only woman to reach a number one chart for six straight decades. To be honest, Cher may be the only woman who is ever going to accomplish that.

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Cher remains one of the coolest women alive, and she continues to prove that age is just a number. Her awesome style still reigns true, and she still slays it every day. She has a total of 15 number one hits, and those hits span into six different decades. Her most recent number one is the song “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me”, which was written for the hit film Burlesque.

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One of the best things that came out of Cher and Sonny’s reunion, apart from their music, was their love-child, Chasity. When Chasity was 18, she publicly came out as a lesbian and years later she underwent some surgeries. These days Chaz is a transgender man. He always knew there was something different about him growing up.


While at first Cher was quite accepting of this dramatic change, she was very much affected by it down the line. She was quoted saying that this transition was ‘a strange change for a mother to go through’.

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Cher remarried just a few days after she finalized her divorce from her first husband, Sonny. Cher and her new husband, rock star, Gregg Allman welcomed a boy named Elijah Blue in 1976. despite their turbulent marriage. Cher and Elijah have always had a very complicated relationship, and the fact that they both have rebellious spirits, doesn’t help at all.


When Elijah was telling his famous mother that he is planning to elope, she was not pleased to say the least. The two haven’t been speaking much since then. Elijah was quoted saying: ‘She knows that I’m married, my entire family knows I’m married. Some have congratulated me, some haven’t. My father’s side of the family is very happy for us and is very excited.’

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