Everything You Never Knew About Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is one really cool monarch. She has been ruling for over half a century, and at the old age of 91, she’s still doing everything possible to rule her very best. She is the queen of the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. For those of us in the United States who do not have a queen, the monarchy in Britain is always something that is really cool to learn about.

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This queen has had a really awesome life in the past century, and there are a lot of things that most people don’t know about her. While she is as beautiful as ever, her ruling has been filled with trying and tumultuous times. From the death of a former daughter-in-law to her own marriage, her life is something worth reading about. Whether you are a loyal subject, or you live far away from the monarch, there is something for everyone in this list of facts.

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Longest Reigning Monarch

To be considered a long reigning monarch, you have to be pretty lucky. Many monarchs never get to reign very long. Monarchs of the past were often killed in a war, or they were too sick to be cured due to the lack of modern medicine. Thankfully, times have changed for today’s monarchs. Queen Elizabeth II has been ruling as queen for a very long time. In fact, she is the longest reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. She has been ruling since February 6, 1952, and she continues to rule today.

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It wasn’t until 2015 when she surpassed the last longest reigning monarch. Her great great grandmother had been the last longest ruling. While Queen Elizabeth II is getting older, she still attends all of her meetings and the events put on in her kingdom. She is one of the most well-known monarchs, and she doesn’t let her age affect her.

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One Sore Hand

Most of us send out Christmas cards every year. Sometimes we have them printed out on paper, other times we may write out words of love to friends and family. Christmas cards are something we all do every year. It is somewhat of a tradition, and the Queen isn’t one to stop a tradition. She has sent out a lot of Christmas cards over the years. She handwrites them herself, and she sends them to her most beloved.

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Over the past 91 years, Queen Elizabeth II has sent over 30,000 Christmas cards. Yes, you read that right. With the amount of Christmas cards she is sending out her hand must be pretty sore from writing in them. She has always loved Christmas, so she enjoys sending out the cards to friends and family.

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Childhood Sweethearts

There’s nothing better than young love. While many people meet in high school or college, this Queen and her prince met long before either of those happened. Queen Elizabeth II was married to Prince Phillip in 1947. She was in her 20s at the time, and they were married at Westminster Abbey. It was the same place that she had originally met Prince Phillip, and the place where she was crowned as queen.

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Elizabeth and Phillip met as children at a wedding. They were introduced by their parents and remained friends over the years. It wasn’t until they were older that they realized their feelings for each other. Their marriage happened on November 20, 1947.

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A Lover of Corgis

Dogs are a woman’s best friend, right? This is certainly true, and there is a dog breed that is the royal family’s best friend. There is one dog that Queen Elizabeth II just can’t get enough of. This royal dog breed has been a friend and mascot throughout her years, and many people are fans of the same breed. Elizabeth has owned over 30 corgis since she and her family have lived in the castle.

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The first corgi bought was in 1933. His name was Dookie. For Queen Elizabeth’s 18th birthday she received her very own Corgi named Susan. Over the years she has continued owning corgis because she loves them so much. We can’t blame her, they are adorable! Just look at their tiny little legs and short body. Prince Harry’s future wife, American actress, Meghan Markle, is also a big dog lover and it’s been rumored that she plans to move her two dogs to the couple’s residence in London.

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No Passport for Her

If you want to travel outside of your country, you need a passport. However, in the UK, the passports are delivered in the name of the Queen. Since she is the Queen herself, she doesn’t have a passport.

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It’s something that is very interesting to think about, but apparently, the Queen is allowed to be in every country without one. This is all because the passports are issued underneath the Queen’s name. It wouldn’t make sense for her to have her own!

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She Served Her Country

Wars of the past were brutal, and many monarchs had to go to war and sacrifice their lives at the stake of losing their country. Most royals today do not end up serving in the military or army. However, Queen Elizabeth II didn’t like that rule. She served her country in World War II and served as a mechanic. She drove a jeep and worked the repairs underneath the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service.

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She is the only living ruler that served herself in World War II. So many of those that fought for freedom ended up dying in the war, and many of them have passed away since due to old age. Since this queen is still alive and kicking, she has a lot of memories to hold onto from that war.

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Location Not Known

Queen Elizabeth II is the definition of being incognito. She flies completely under the radar so no one knows where she is. Like many rulers or presidents of countries, the Queen can’t be driven around with a nameplate or a license plate. This is for her own safety, and so that no one could attack the car with her in it.

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No other person is allowed to do this in the country. It is okay for others to drive cars with license plates that are unknown, but only the Queen can be in a car that has no license plate at all. She has some pretty cool benefits as queen, and this is just one of them. If she wants to go on a late night ice cream run, no one knows it is her!

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A Postwar Wedding Dress

No expense was spared for the wedding of Elizabeth and Phillip. However, there were a lot of ration coupons that had to be saved up to pay for it. Elizabeth’s dress had 10,000 pearls on it, which had cost a lot of money. However, she had to save up ration coupons just to pay for it.

Queen Elizabeth II 8

The country was in turmoil because of the war, so ration coupons were used as money. Everyone had a hard time recovering from the cost of such an extreme war, and even the royal family was affected. Her dress was gorgeous, but it didn’t come without sacrifice.

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Christmas Gifts and Traditions

It is one happy Christmas when the Queen is around. There were many holiday traditions that were set up by kings and queens of the past, and Queen Elizabeth II thinks it is important to hold true to those traditions. She writes thousands of Christmas cards, but her gifts don’t stop there.

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She delivers huge decorated Christmas trees to some of the most prominent places in the UK. In addition to that, she also delivers puddings to the staff of the castle in thanks. This was a tradition started with a long ago king, and she likes to do it as well. She has given out 100,000 puddings!

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Her Third Cousin

When Queen Elizabeth II met Phillip, she couldn’t get enough of him. While they met as children, their relationship didn’t end up starting until they were a bit older. They were long lost lovers, and they kept their relationship hidden due to Phillip’s reputation. King Phillip was actually her third cousin, but it was far enough away on the family line that most people don’t even realize they are related at all.

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While they didn’t grow up with each other, Phillip and Elizabeth shared the same great great grandmother. This fact is not known by many people, and it is not like they shout it from the rooftops. It’s a little strange! However, the two have been married for 70 years, so it looks like their marriage ended up working out for them. True love really does prevail.

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The 40th Monarch

There have been a lot of rulers in the UK. The first monarch was crowned in 1066, but there haven’t been as many rulers as one might think. The monarchs in Britain have been pretty lucky, and a lot of them have ruled for a long time. They were not plagued with short ruling periods like many other countries.

Queen Elizabeth II 11

Queen Elizabeth II is actually only the 40th monarch. While that may seem like a lot, it actually isn’t too crazy considering there is almost 1000 years of history.

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Very First Email

Can you imagine a time without email? Many of us cannot because it was so long ago! It seems like email has always been around, but that is far from the truth. This queen has been ruling for a long time, and she was there when the invention of email and texting came to life. in fact, she is the first monarch to have sent an email. It was quite a big deal, and there were a lot of people present for the moment.

Queen Elizabeth II 12

It was during a network demonstration that they asked the queen to sign and write an email. She did it, and the rest is history! Queen Elizabeth II is probably the most modern queen that is almost a century old herself. She is hip on all the lingo of what is going on around her.

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Another Cocktail Please

Who wouldn’t want to have multiple fancy drinks made for you on a daily basis? Pretty sure we all would, but only the Queen is so lucky. Most would feel comfortable saying that the Queen probably lives a very luxurious life. While there are definitely hard moments throughout her ruling, you know she has it good when it comes to life in the castle.

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One such example is that the queen is able to drink quite a few cocktails during the day. She gets to have one before lunch, one after lunch, one at dinner, and one before bed. There is no one there to stop her, so she has one daily with some cake, too! Those four cocktails a day make her the cool queen that she is.

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A Beloved Sibling

Queen Elizabeth only had one sibling. Her name was Margaret, and they were the best of friends. While she died in 2002, she lived a full and happy life with her sister by her side.

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She sure loves her baby sister. In fact, Princess Margaret is the one who gave Queen Elizabeth her nickname. When she was a child, Margaret could not say Elizabeth’s name correctly. Instead of saying it, she would say, “Lilibet.” The nickname stuck around, and many people still call her by this nickname today.

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The Life of the Party

A little party never killed anybody! The Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced that World War II was over, and Margaret and Elizabeth wanted to go out and celebrate. There were parties that broke out in the streets of London, so the girls went out and partied with their subjects.

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While the king gave his permission, the girls felt like they had snuck out of the castle. It was Elizabeth, Margaret, and another cousin, and they danced all night long with the rest of the people on the streets. It was one of the most exciting nights for the princesses, and they finally got to feel like a normal young adult. Growing up in the castle was hard on their social life, so this was the one time they got to act like a normal person.

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Love Worth Fighting For

Prince Phillip may have seemed like a perfect match for Princess Elizabeth on paper, but her family was actually very disappointed with Elizabeth’s choice. Prince Phillip didn’t have the best upbringing. His mother suffered from a severe mental illness, and his father had left him for his mistress.

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Many people didn’t want these two marrying each other, Elizabeth’s mother included. They all assumed the marriage was going to fail, but they allowed their daughter her choice in suitor. Their love was a special one, and they showed that every day. Thankfully, it all ended up working out for the best with these two lovebirds. When he proposed, they didn’t tell Elizabeth’s family for over a year. They waited until she was 21 to announce their engagement. Queen Elizabeth and Phillip are clearly a match made in heaven.

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Only Queen We Know

It’s no secret that the queen is old. At 91, she has quite a few years on her. In fact, 80% of the UK’s population wasn’t born yet when she was crowned as queen. So many people have never known another queen except for her.

Queen Elizabeth II 17

When she passes on, it is going to be quite different for many of the citizens of her territories. She has been a wonderful queen, and it’s strange to think that most people won’t know any different. Here’s to a very long life for a beloved queen!

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Queen of the Swans and Dolphins

Here’s a fact you won’t ever guess, Queen Elizabeth owns all the swans and dolphins. Many years back, swans were considered a delicacy to be eaten, so the British monarchy laid claim to all of them. They also laid claim to all the royal fishes like dolphins and whales that swim in the UK waters.

Queen Elizabeth II 18

The swans are not eaten like they were back then, but they still count the swans on a yearly basis. There is a dedicated job that counts the swans and checks up on their health to report back to the Queen. It is called the Swan Upping. As you can see, the Queen clearly loves all the creatures in the water and sea.

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A Very Famous Cake

We all love cake. Cake is absolutely delicious. It turns out that queens are not immune the powers of a good slice of cake. In fact, Queen Elizabeth may just take cake to a whole new level. She is serious about her love for her cake, and she has a favorite one prepared by the chefs of Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth II 19

This is the cake that she eats with her cocktail, and she eats a slice of this cake every single day. It is considered to be a chocolate biscuit cake, and it makes her so happy that she always eats it. Even traveling abroad can’t stop her from eating her cake. When she is going to be going somewhere, she makes sure that a cake is brought from the palace with her so she doesn’t miss out on her once a day slice. This woman consumes every last piece of cake. We all wish that we had chefs making us a cake to eat on the daily. This is just one of the best benefits about being a royal queen.


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Everything You Never Knew About Queen Elizabeth II

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