Five Strange Vacation Spots

Hawaii. Bangkok. Paris. New York. Dubai. These are among the most popular vacation destinations in the world. While all of them offer one of a kind experiences, there are some vacation spots out there that are the absolute epitome of strange.


Tokyo, Japan: Soineya

In Tokyo, nestled on the fringes the cities epicenter for geek culture, there exists a self-described “cuddle cafe.” Soineya, whose name literally translates to the “Sleep Together Shop,” charges customers anywhere from $26 to $450 dollars to sleep next to an attractive woman. Affection-seekers can choose to stay for as few as 20 minutes or for as long as 10 hours. For an additional fee, customers can also receive extra attention, including head on lap, a five second hug, or staring into each other’s eyes.

Takayama, Japan: Hida Takayama Teddy Bear Eco Village

Located some 200 miles west of Tokyo lies the city of Takayama. While more traditional than some other parts of the country, this city boasts an eclectic array of museums. Among the most unique is the Hida Takayama Teddy Bear Eco Village. This collection of over 1,000 aims to illustrate the history of the teddy bear. The 200 year-old traditional farm house plays host to bears from all over the world, with many dating back nearly a century and a half.

Önneköp, Sweden: Arnold’s Cannibal Museum

Turning from the cute and innocent distractions of Japan, Sweden has one of the world’s most morbid curiosities. In the village of Önneköp, curator Arnold Wernersson has amassed a staggering collection of cannibal artifacts from over 150 countries. Featuring shrunken heads, tools used by cannibals, and even remnants of Josef Stalin’s birthplace, Arnold’s Cannibal Museum is sure to satisfy travelers fascinated with all things macabre.


Kiev, Ukraine: Tatiana Pick’s Psychedelic Hallway

If you’re looking for surreal, try out Tatiana Pick’s Psychedelic Hallway. This destination, like something out a bad acid trip, sits on the 13th floor of an otherwise generic apartment building in Ukraine’s capital. Tatiana has modified Every surface, from the walls to the floors and ceiling, for maximum horror. Baby doll heads stare out from above apartment doors. Grotesque, technicolor tumors bulge out from walls. Walking down the hallway is such a long, strange trip that it’s hard to imagine that people still live in the apartments on the 13th floor.

Nowata, Oklahoma: Bowling Ball Yard Art

Oklahoma may stand out as one of the hotspots when it comes to your next vacation. That doesn’t mean it is utterly devoid of intrigue, though. Northeast of Tulsa, retiree Chris Barbee built a bowling ball garden dedicated to the memory of his wife, Carol. Before she passed, Carol used bowling ball in her rose garden to mimic the gazing globes you see in traditional English gardens. Chris’s garden, now composed of more than 3,000 bowling balls, features sculptures of all shapes and sizes, including an American flag and an oversized billiard table. The Bowling Ball Yard Art garden is truly one of the strangest tourist destinations in the central United States.

These five locations represent just some of the strangeness the world has to offer travelers. What are your favorite unconventional vacation spots? Let us know your go-to destinations when you want to find the weird, the strange, and the curious.

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Five Strange Vacation Spots

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