Games to Play with Your Family on Your Next Road Trip

It’s fun to see the country by car. You get to experience the changing landscape, and you can take your time and stop at sights along the way. What isn’t so fun, is that it can also be boring for children. Sure, you can pop in a DVD or flip on the iPad, but if you don’t want your kids to turn into electronic zombies, you want to limit screen time. Playing games is a wonderful way to while away the time, and it’s fun. These are some great options:


The Alphabet Game

This classic car game is easy and fun for kids of all ages. The idea is to find each letter of the alphabet on either street signs, or cars. Everyone has their own count, so one person may be on “T” while someone else is stuck on “G”. Each letter goes to one player (Qs make things interesting!), so it keeps everyone keen and alert.

20 Questions

Another classic game, 20 questions is basically what it sounds like: 20 questions. One person chooses something, a person, place, or thing, and the other players have 20 guesses to figure out the answer. This one is good because even the driver can play along.

I Spy

Small children love this game, and it’s great if you’re passing through a busy area, which adds to the challenge. This simple game involves one player choosing something they can see, and everyone else tries to guess what they’re looking at. It’s essentially 20 questions only limited to what’s in eyesight.

Name That Tune

This one is fun with older kids, and your old person status really pays off. A win for everyone! The idea is to turn the radio to a song, and then everyone has to guess the song and artist; the person to get it right wins. In an argument over who’s right, you can either wait for the DJ to confirm once it’s over, or use your Shazam app, which magically determines the song. It’s pretty amazing, just don’t use it to cheat!


Add-On Storytelling

This is a fun game that can get pretty silly. One player says a sentence, and then the next person adds on a new sentence, and so a story starts to evolve. The only real rule is that there’s no negating anyone else’s sentence. Every line needs to be used, which is the challenge.

Pair Poem

Pair Poem is similar to Add-On Storytelling, only it requires a little more skill. Someone says a line, and then the next person has to make up a new line that rhymes. If you want to make it particularly difficult, add meter to the sentences, which creates a true poem – which becomes wonderful, or hilariously terrible.

Would You Rather…

Another old favorite, this one is a dilemma question and answer game. Would you rather eat worms or give up water for a day? Questions can be funny, and answers are often surprisingly unpredictable. You might learn something about someone in the process!


Best for older kids, celebrity is a lot like charades. Everyone writes down the name of a famous person on a piece of paper (make sure you’re stopped so the driver can write!), and then the papers are all dropped in a box, or bowl. There should be two teams, so divide your car down the middle, and the goal is to make your team member guess which celebrity you chose, without saying the name. It’s harder than it sounds!

Car games really can make a long trip much more enjoyable. What are your go to car games?

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Games to Play with Your Family on Your Next Road Trip

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