Glamping Takes Camping to A Whole New Level

The world of camping as we know it will never be the same.  The pack your gear in a backpack and go, down and dirty camp site with a tent and sleeping bag are all things of the past. A brand new era of camping has arrived and welcomes everyone to the joys of camping. It’s referred to as glamping. Glamping is a word created from two words,  glamour and camping. It is a trend that has evolved over the last 10 years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Glamping is a souped up camping adventure for those who want to take their luxuries and technology on the road. They want to enjoy all the comforts of home…well in some cases, much, much better than home. Glamping has taken on a life of its own and is an entire industry. Here are some of the latest glamping trends:

1.  Tree houses:  Tree houses are a very popular in the glamping world. They are perfect getaways built right in the center of Mother Nature’s glory and surrounded by trees, wildlife and beauty. Thanks to modern technology, today’s tree houses are as gorgeous on the inside as they are on the outside and can be found all over the world. Instead of renting a hotel room, glampers are opting for tree houses full of unique amenities and comfortable surroundings. Grand staircases built right to the front door offer one of a kind views from the tree tops. Tree house glamping is an amazing way to travel and see the world.

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2.  Yurts:  Yurt is actually Mongolian for “home.” These wood structures that were originally meant for shelter are now a glampers dream come true. They are beautifully built, beautifully spacious and feature comfortable furniture, accommodations and take you right into the heart of nature. Yurts are extremely insulated and are perfect for year round glamping. Everything is awaiting the glamper upon arrival. Just pack a bag of comfortable clothing and enjoy the view.

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3.  Luxe Tee Pees: What was once the homes of  native Indian tribes has evolved into a high class, highly styled glamping favorite. Some of today’s up and coming Tee Pees feature five star amenities like built in double sided stone fireplaces, upscale leather furniture and king sized beds. They even are air conditioned! These perfectly placed Tee Pees offer the best of luxury and comfort right in the middle of no where, perfect for the adventure seekers who want comfort, too.

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4.  Airstream Trailers:  Airstream campers are synonymous with camping and are perfect for those who want to take their home along with them…on the back of their vehicle. Airstreams offer glamping with luxurous versatility. Think of it as upgrading the old fashion camping experience. Trailers can be purchased with everything ready to glamp but many of today’s DYI’ers will purchase an old version and modernize it for their individual needs adding technology, design and new age features. This trend of re-purposing something old and making it new is growing and becoming more popular among the younger generation.

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5.  Pods and Domes: Two peas in a pod comes to mind when you think of pod glamping but today’s pods are like portable yurts. Glamping pods and domes are round, single room structures that look just like  igloos on the outside, with windows and doors. Pods resemble a wooden tent and can be created into anything the glamper wants including a fancy, five star accommodations featuring fancy furniture and cozy comforts. Pods and domes are also for glampers who want to enjoy the outdoor environment with less gear. Pods are typically taken to more remote camp sites and out of the ordinary areas.

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Glamping Takes Camping to A Whole New Level

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