Highest Paying Careers In America

Choosing the Right Field

When you pursue an advanced education, it’s important that you reap a return on your investment. Some professionals happily settle for an average paying career, so they can further their humanitarian efforts. But for others, monetary gain trumps humanity, and the higher the salary, the more rewarding the career. By studying the top paying careers in the United States, you can choose your degree or major with greater discretion, as appealing degrees do not always culminate to high paying jobs. In fact, some degrees are obsolete without a master’s or doctorate level education.

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Top Paying Careers

As physicist, you can gross approximately $117,000 per year. Are you intrigued by the classical laws of physics, the laws which guide the ways of the universe and physical matter? If you have a penchant for science, then you may be eligible for a 6 figure salary.

As a pharmacist, you can also anticipate a high, median annual salary. The average salary for a pharmacist is $118,470. Approximately 300,000 people in the United States have achieved this respectable status.

Perhaps you have a passion for aviation. If this describes you, then consider becoming an air traffic controller. You can channel your love for planes without ever piloting the plane itself. You will exercise leadership, and earn a median salary of $118,000 per year. Currently, between 22,000 and 23,000 people hold this job in the U.S. Hence, this field is not currently saturated.

If you possess the gift of charisma and persuasion, then pursue a high paying career as a sales manager. A sales manager can accrue an average salary of $126,000 per year. Currently, over 300,000 individuals hold this career states. As a sales manager, you would apply the practical elements of sales to a managerial setting.

A compensation benefits manager can gross an average salary of over $118,000. Their job duties entail overseeing, structuring and managing various organizational projects. Hence, if you are interested in this field, centralize your studies and experience on business and leadership.

As a law professor, you could gross an impressive salary of $126,000 or more. If you prefer not to practice law in a traditional setting, then apply your skills to the classroom. Currently, between 15,000-16,000 people hold a job in this career. Alternatively, a lawyer can make slightly more than a law professor. You can be one among 600,000 in the United States earning at least $133,000 per year in this field. As a pilot, or copilot, you could earn an average salary of $131,00 every year. And currently, only 75,000 people hold this job. So, if air traffic control doesn’t rivet you, then consider piloting planes instead.

Another highly paid career field is that of a financial manager. As a financial manager, you would oversee and implement financial activities, reports, and develop financially-based, organizational strategies. If this appeals to you, then you can gross an average salary of over $130,000 in this field.

However, suppose you are more intrigued by systems and technology, rather than business, planes or people. In this case, consider becoming a computer and information systems manager. You can earn an average salary of $136,000 per year. This career field is expected to grow by almost 20% in the years to come.

If you enjoy the disciplines of branding, marketing and business, then you can profit from a lucrative, marketing manager career. As a marketing manager, you would guide, direct, and oversee marketing projects and campaigns for an organization. In this field, you can gross at least $137,000 per year.

As a petroleum engineer, you can earn a higher average salary than lawyers, pilots, and financial managers as well. The average median salary for a petroleum engineer is $147,000 per year. You will devise ways to extract petroleum from the earth while causing minimal geological disturbances. This field is of critical importance, considering the world’s reliance on fossil fuels for energy.

As a prosthodontist, you can help construct and install prostheses for patients who have missing teeth. With this rewarding career, you can change lives and earn a salary of $142,000 or more per year. As a nurse anesthetist, you can earn at least $158,000 every year. In this field, you will be responsible for administering anesthesia, much like an anesthesiologist.

If you are enthralled by dental health and dental care, you can become one of 98,000 people in the U.S. earning a salary of $166,000 per year. This rewarding field gives you the flexibility to control your own hours and earn money doing what you love. If you are interested in another specialty of dentistry, then you will earn an average salary of $168,000 per year.

If you are passionate about families and childhood health, then you will find great promise in a career as a pediatrician. In this field, you can anticipate making an average of $175,000 annually.

Mental health is critically important in this day an age. With the influx of new career duties, technology, and other pressures, people require mental health assistance more than ever. Millions of Americans suffer from depression, anxiety and other conditions. As a psychiatrist, you will help r individuals assume control of their daily lives, while earning an average salary of $182,000 per year.

If you are riveted by the idea of business leadership, then consider a career as a chief executive. In this field, you will earn an average salary of $180,000 per year, which is staggering considering the average American salary. If you choose one of the lucrative fields above, then you should not fret about the cost of your degree because you will receive a sizable return in your field.

However, to earn one of the top ranking salaries in the U.S., medical school may be a vital necessity. As a general practitioner, you could earn a total of $186,00 per year. As a physician or surgeon, you could earn an impressive salary of $189,000 every year. Currently, there are over 300,000 people working in this field in the U.S. While a general internist can make at least $190,000 per year, an OBGYN can earn over $210,000 every year.

As an orthodontist, you can gross an average of $200,000 per year. One of the highest paying career fields by far is that of an anesthesiologist. In this field, you are tasked with a weighty responsibility, and you are responsible for the careful administration of anesthesia. So, expect an average salary of at least $240,000 per year. Surgeons and oral and facial surgeons come close, earning an average salary of $240,000 and $219,000, respectively.


Choosing a career should hinge on a few vital factors. More than anything, you should be driven by what you do. Never chose a career on the basis of money alone, as you will find yourself laboring through every day of work. The more passionate you are, the less you will classify your job as well. The best recommendation is to choose a lucrative field that lets you channel your passions.



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Highest Paying Careers In America

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