What to do About Your Home When on a Long-Term Vacation

A long-term vacation is a great adventure. You’re going to have the time to really settle into a new place, understand in a more in-depth way, and get a little life perspective. Long term vacations are a true luxury, and that you’re going to take one is a wonderful opportunity.

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Quite a bit of planning goes into a long-term travel trip. This happens in a different way than a shorter trip. You don’t just have to plan for your destination, you need to plan for your home, too. There are basic things that must be taken care of while you’re away for a long period of time. Here are some tips to keep things at bay on the homestead while you’re out of town.

Secure the Premises

Depending on what kind of living environment you have, you might be concerned about a break in if it’s discovered you’re away. There are some methods to keep things safe. First, if you’re in an apartment building, notify your super or your landlord. Give them permission to access while you’re away. In the event that there’s a catastrophe, like a pipe bursting, or the heat stops working, it’s important that they can get into your place. If you know your neighbors, let them know you’re gone, too, just in case.

If you live in a house, you should notify your neighbors. If you don’t know them, you don’t have to advertise this information; it might make you paranoid since you don’t know if they’re trustworthy. In that case, let family and friends know your plans and how you can be reached.

In both cases, a security alarm system is a great way to have peace of mind. Set it, and also give the code to a couple people so that if the alarm is falsely triggered, they can run over and deal with it. This is rare but it does happen. Finally, if you can, put your houselights on a timer so it looks like someone’s home.

Love Your Pets

There are a few options when it comes to pets. You can board them at a kennel where they’ll have the time of their lives. The drawback here is the cost, of course, as well as taking the pet out of their home. They don’t like it for a long time, and like you, they may get a little homesick. Older pets prefer routine, and have a tougher time boarding.

Alternatives include utilizing a network of friends to check on your pet every day. Someone to play with the animal, feed it, give it water, and take it for a walk. Even cats need interaction, so get someone who’s willing to hang around for a little bit.

If your neighbors are friendly, you can also ask them to check on your furry friend, just to double up on their human interaction. They need lots of attention and are likely a little worried that you’re away.

Get a Sitter

One way to appease your pet and your daily home needs is to hire a house sitter. Maybe you have a generous friend who will do this for free, which is even better since you know the person. We don’t all have friends who can just move into our homes for a long period of time – you could split it between people, or you can ask around and see who’d like a small stipend to stay over.

What’s good about this is movement in and out of your home, so it’s not a target for burglary. Lights go on and off naturally. This person can also water plants, and drive your car around the block every couple of days, so it doesn’t stall out when you come home.

Leave Your Car

It is exponentially expensive to park your car at the airport lot for a long time. Don’t do it. If you live in a city and rely on street parking, but have to contend with street cleaning, then park in a garage or open lot. It’ll be less expensive with a flat rate.

Home dwellers should leave the car at home. Get a friend to drive you to the airport, take public transportation, or a cab.

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Hold the Mail

A dead giveaway for an empty home is mail piling up. If you have a sitter, that person can bring the mail in each day. Otherwise, have the mail held. You can do this easily online. Just go to the US Postal Service website. You can enter the dates the mail should be held for, and then all of it will be delivered to you after your block of time. Just make sure to sign up a week or two in advance, as it sometimes takes a little time to get it linked up in the system.

What are some things you do when you leave for a long vacation? Any other tricks?

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What to do About Your Home When on a Long-Term Vacation

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