Kate Middleton is Everyone’s Favorite Normal Mom

Princess Kate Middleton has been in the spotlight ever since she started dating Prince William. Their wedding was live streamed around the world as they became Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The real spotlight, however, came when Princess Kate became a mother. Eager to watch another mom princess, since the death of Princess Diana, the world was overjoyed when Kate and William announced their first pregnancy.

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Two children later, Kate Middleton continues to be the mom everyone watches. With Prince George and Princess Charlotte, Kate is kept on her toes. Her humble parenting and real life moments show that Princess Kate experiences the same mom moments as the rest of us. She has made an effort to keep her children’s lives as normal as possible, and it has created some excellent opportunities to showcase her mothering skills.

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Showing Off Your Firstborn

As a mom, there is nothing more exciting than showing everyone your firstborn child. Princess Kate left Kensington Palace with William and their newest baby boy, George. Still showing a bit from being pregnant, Kate’s glowing exterior shows her excitement from becoming a first-time mom. Just like the rest of new moms everywhere, Princess Kate was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to show off George. After leaving, they continued to show George off to their closest family like the Queen and Kate’s parents.

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Princess Kate and Prince William left the hospital and took time to themselves to enjoy their new baby. Like many new parents, they were excited to settle into their new life. Their fame didn’t stop them from the overwhelming joy that comes with having a baby.


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Love Times Two

Prince George isn’t the only baby who stole Kate’s heart. When she gave birth to her second child in May 2015, Princess Charlotte became the newest sweetheart in the royal family. Kate Middleton was just as excited to welcome her second child as she was with the first. Kate and William left the hospital with Princess Charlotte in their arms, smiling and doting the whole way to the car.

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Princess Charlotte is said to be a joy to be around. Kate frequently takes photos of Charlotte as the aspiring amateur photographer she is. The Princess’ family grew by two feet, but her heart expanded beyond belief with love for her newest child.


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Royal Break Down

Children love to throw tantrums at the worst possible time. If you thought royal children were exempt from this phenomenon, you couldn’t be more wrong. Kate Middleton is the average mom who has to deal with temper tantrums thrown by her children. It appeared that the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford was an event that became too much for Prince George to handle. George threw the tantrum known to all parents of a two-year-olds: a complete and total meltdown while he walked down the runway.

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Princess Kate had to grab him and calm him down, something the average mother has to do daily. Instead of leaving their children at home, the Prince and Princess include their children in hopes of giving them the most normal childhood possible. That includes letting the children throw tantrums when the time arises.


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Juggling Two Kids

Moms need to be responsible for their children and Kate Middleton understands this completely. She is often seen juggling her two kids. Between George and Charlotte, this mom has her hands full. When the Royals arrived in Canada for their royal tour there, she was seen holding Charlotte in her arms and bending down to talk to George. George was overwhelmed by all the noise of the onlookers trying to catch a glimpse of him.

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Kate Middleton successfully balances her two children and their personalities perfectly. Sometimes George throws a fit at the same time as Charlotte, or vice versa. Don’t let her cool composition fool you, even Kate has her crazy busy mom days. However, on most days Kate welcomes the craziness of having two young children running around her home. Princess Kate takes these fun experiences daily as a mother of two small children.


Eager Wave

The sweetest mom moments are often captured in the spotlight with this royal family. At the Trooping of Colour celebration back in June 2016, Princess Charlotte made her first appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony. The perfect age for showing off her new skills, Princess Charlotte began waving to all who gathered below. Kate smiles and enjoys the moment with her sweet baby girl by pointing out various people and things to the young child. She didn’t mind holding baby Charlotte throughout the whole ceremony while she smiled and waved to thrilled guests.

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Princess Kate’s sweet disposition makes her the perfect mom to her two young children. Even though attending large events with two toddlers would be beyond difficult, Princess Kate is smiling throughout the ceremonies and enjoying herself.

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Taking Play Breaks

With long event hours, Kate Middleton knows the chances of her children behaving throughout the whole event are slim. As a busy mom, she takes every chance she can get to play with her children. At Prince William’s polo match in June 2015, Kate distracted George by playing with him so that he would be happy throughout the event. They continued to run around and play while watching from the sidelines.

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She doesn’t let a moment pass her by without showing her children she loves and cares for them. Kate Middleton always makes time to spend quality time with her little ones. As shown on George’s face, the love for his mother is as real as it gets.

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The “You’re in Trouble” Look

Even Kate Middleton is allowed to have a mom moment by giving her children “the look.” You know the look; the one that tells your children they better start behaving before they get in a lot of trouble. Every mom has a “look” memorized that signals to her children to knock it off. If you don’t have this look, there is no way you are a mom. It is an unwritten rule that every mother must contain a special threatening look. Kate Middleton is no exception to this rule.

Kate Middleton Mom 7

In this version of “the look,” Princess Kate sends it to Prince George to tell him he better stop throwing another tantrum. With the paparazzi and limelight always in her face, Kate Middleton’s mom look didn’t go unnoticed. The photo was loved by moms everywhere for the realness it encompassed.

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Hair Pulling Age

When children are around 6-12 months, they enter a phase every mom learns to hate. It’s the stage where your hair starts being ripped out at the roots. Those grubby little hands reach up and play with your hair until they rip out strand after strand. Prince George was not immune to this stage.

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Kate Middleton was every average mom when she struggled with Prince George pulling her hair out right and left. Your hair becomes intertwined with their fingers and it is practically good as gone. Even the most royal of mothers cannot escape this unfortunate stage in an infant’s life.


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Teaching New Concepts

Little children are full of surprises. The most humorous part of being a mom is watching little kids struggle with something that seems so easy to adults. Kate Middleton experienced this when Prince George tried to blow some fairly large bubbles. Her face shows her trying to hold back her laughter and encourage George to keep trying.

Kate Middleton Mom 9

Princess Kate is still a mom at heart. Even when she is at countless royal events in fancy clothes, she still takes time to help out her kids.

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Playing Twins with Charlotte

When moms have a baby girl, the thought of matching immediately goes into their mind. Princess Kate and Princess Charlotte quite frequently match each other in cute dresses. The latest appearance in June 2017, shows Kate and Charlotte dressed in matching blue dresses.

Kate Middleton Mom 10

They smile as they hop off the plane in Berlin, ready for yet another royal tour. Off of the plane, Charlotte and Kate walked together holding hands like the twins they looked like! Matching is so fun when you have a cute little princess to play dress up with.

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Not Today Baby

Every mom has gotten to the point where they hand their fussy child off to their partner. The tantrums become too much and you simply say, “Here, honey. You take them!” Kate Middleton had this experience happen at Princess Charlotte’s christening.

Kate Middleton Mom 11

George was fussy and throwing an adorable tantrum, as royal toddlers do, and Princess Kate handed him to William and took off with Charlotte’s pram. On such an important day, Kate had other things to do than keeping up with the tantrums that George throws. Kate is a very patient mom but even patient moms get tired. She’s a regular mom just like the rest of us.

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Preventing Sibling Wars

When you have more than one child, your days are suddenly spent as a mediator between them. Siblings are born with some extra sense that causes them to fight with their other siblings. It’s practically science. Princess Kate had to exercise her mediating skills when the whole family was touring aircrafts. Prince George’s early birthday present of looking through the different helicopters was brought to a halt when his sister, Princess Charlotte, threw a strop at him. A strop is a piece of leather that has a wooden handle to sharpen different pieces of metal. You can imagine the hurt this could cause when thrown with the might of a small toddler.

Kate Middleton Mom 12

In regular mom fashion, Princess Kate grabbed Charlotte and made her apologize to her big brother. She continued to throw a tantrum, lying down on the floor of the runway. She eventually calmed down and Princess Kate held her and continued on with her day.

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Getting Excited About the Small Stuff

Kate Middleton knows how to get excited with her children over small and simple things. Living life in the moment allows her to bond with her children when they get happy over items like bubbles and balloons. Even with a temporary toy like a balloon animal, Kate looks like the happiest person alive.

Kate Middleton Mom 13

At a birthday party, Kate is beaming as an older gentleman makes balloon animals for George and Charlotte. While balloon animals are not the most exciting things in the world, seeing your child’s eyes light up with anticipation of this new toy is practically the greatest thing a mom can receive. Kate snuggles with Charlotte and gets quality time while the balloon flower is finished for her. The balloon artist continues on and makes a toy for George who can’t contain his excitement. These small moments are what being a mom is all about.

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Enjoying Holidays Together

Going away for a holiday is something all real moms experience. Family vacations give moms the opportunity to see their children have a blast. It’s also a fun time to relax and not have to worry about the countless cameras and paparazzi in your face. Kate Middleton knows how to have fun with her family. She and William planned a secret vacation with just their family in the French Alps.

Kate Middleton Mom 14

The one photographer invited along captured adorable photos of the couple having a snowball fight and showing Charlotte her first snowfall. The children were bundled up tightly in winter clothing and hats, smiles plastered on their faces. All moms enjoy spending holidays with their little family, especially when these holidays contain tons of snow.

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Fixing Your Child’s Appearance

With toddlers running around and playing, they never stay as clean as they were when they first got dressed in the morning. Even the royal family can’t miss being plagued by a stray hair here or there. Kate Middleton does double time as she attends events and keeps her children styled well. While ensuring she looks poised as ever, she also keeps her mom “third eye” on high alert and watches out for her children’s styles falling out of place.

Kate Middleton Mom 15

While holding onto Charlotte, Kate smiles to the crowds as always but finds time to brush George’s hair out of his face. Using her extra mom sense allows Kate to know when one of her children’s appearances needs some fixing. This sweet photo shows how much of a real mom Princess Kate is. She doesn’t rely on endless amounts of help to raise her children, she is there through the good and the bad. Even if it is only fixing her son’s hair, she is happy to do it.

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Celebrating the First Steps

Seeing the joy on your child’s face taking those first steps is beyond exciting. With children growing up in the face of paparazzi, Prince George was getting help from his doting mom, Kate. At Prince William’s polo match, Prince George held onto his mother’s hand and took steps, kicking a small ball along the way.

Kate Middleton Mom 16

Every mom celebrates their child’s first steps. It’s even more exciting when it is your first born. Kate’s face is indication enough that she was overjoyed watching George take his steps. These priceless photos keep the royal family in good spirits with the paparazzi. Just like your average mom, Kate is glad to help her son walk around and experience the polo match.

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Play Dates With Other Moms

When your child is old enough to make friends, a moms whole world changes. Planning play dates become a lot more fun when you like the moms of your child’s friends. Clad in cute skinny jeans, Kate enjoys hanging out with another friend while George spends his time devouring an ice cream cone.

Kate Middleton Mom 17

Mom friends are the best friends you can have. They get the struggles you are going through. They also make everything much easier to relate to. They’re the friends you get to call up when you have a bad day, or need someone to vent to over a glass of wine. Kate continued playing with George throughout the Trooping of Colour celebration in 2015, but she also paused to take the opportunity to hang out with some friends and enjoy laughter and good food.

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Not Afraid to Dress Up and Look Good

Kate Middleton may be a mom of two, but she’s also one of the biggest fashion icons. Kate wears extremely cute clothes and is hailed by others for actually wearing outfits more than once. Many royals and celebrities wear an outfit once and then trash it since they have been photographed in it. Princess Kate has been seen on multiple occasions wearing an outfit again. If you like the outfit, why get rid of it?

Kate Middleton Mom 18

However, even if she wears an outfit more than once, she and her family always look good. She dresses up her children to look exquisite along with herself and her husband. The royal family looks like they come straight from a magazine spread, dressed in clothes fit for princes and princesses. During this Christmas service in 2016, their outfits fit the bill of perfection. All four members looked stunning, Charlotte on Kate’s hip as the perfect accessory.

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Laughter Is the Best Medicine

When mom life goes crazy, there isn’t much you can do to fix it. What Kate Middleton likes to do is laugh. If things get difficult, Princess Kate can be found laughing through it. Being a mom is difficult, and being in the spotlight while parenting is even more difficult. Between the tantrums and toddlers throwing things, there isn’t much room for taking yourself too seriously.

Kate Middleton Mom 19

While some days may seem crazy, the small kisses and hugs from your children are what make parenting worth it. Kate doesn’t pretend that everything is perfect all the time. Pictures have shown her punishing her children and parenting them in a patient, but firm, way. She still grocery shops, takes her children to play, and parents them in the best way she knows. Even though Kate Middleton is a princess, she is a regular mom like the rest of us at heart.

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