How to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle When Traveling

Vacation travel is an excellent life recharge. Fully integrating yourself in the customs of a new place is a really fun and satisfying way to travel; some even say it’s the very best way to travel. That said, throwing out your daily routine for a period of time doesn’t mean you have to give up your healthy lifestyle. If you don’t want to put on a few pounds, or if you’d like to continue a healthy fitness and eating regime, it’s still completely possible to have a fulfilling trip. You just need to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Fly Well

Travel starts the moment you get to the airport. Some travelers like to have a meal before their flight since the airport offers more and better variety, while others prefer to eat on the plane. Do a little research on the internet, where you can look up the food establishments at any airport. What restaurants are at your departure airport? If it’s full of fast food and that’s all, then you probably want to eat on the plane.


In-flight food is not necessarily thinning, commonly serving pasta with cream sauce, so there are two options: the first, order a healthy meal BEFORE you travel. There are healthy meals you can reserve on just about any flight; this way, you can control what you’re eating. This is particularly useful if you have allergies or intolerances. The second option is to bring your own food on the plane. While drinks are prohibited, it’s perfectly acceptable to carry on food. Just don’t bring any liquids such as dressing.

Accommodate Wisely

Where you stay has a great impact on your vacation. It’s always preferable to be close to culture centers, having a clean, comfortable room that you can afford. Your health is another factor to consider, as well. Are you staying at a hotel? If that’s the plan, make sure to find one with a gym. That way, you can get your exercise in first thing in the morning, and then it’s done and taken care of for the day.

One of the most fun ways to learn a new city is to run through it. Literally. Stay near a park, or easy to navigate streets, and take a jog through the city before you head off for the day’s adventures. It used to be sort of a strange touristy thing to do, but the world is waking up to healthy living, so feel free to pack your kicks and running clothes.

Natural Exercise

Not a runner or a gym rat? That’s okay. There are plenty of other ways to stay fit. Many cities have bike share programs, so you can rent a bike to get around, which is as fun as it is good for you. If your vacation has you by the water, take a kayak or paddle board out, or just go for a swim. Mountain vacations offer hikes, skiing expeditions, or snow shoeing. Urban vacationers can still find natural exercise outside the city limits. Day excursions are fun ways to see parts of a new place you wouldn’t otherwise find.


Eat Like a Local

Most locals don’t eat every meal out, so don’t feel like you need to do this, either. Is there a kitchen in your accommodation? If so, one of the best ways to stay healthy and immerse yourself in a new place is to cook! Venture out and find a local outdoor market, which is common on most towns and cities. Here, farmers and butchers sell their wares, so you’re getting fresh, authentic food. Find a local recipe and fix up your own meals. You save money while staying healthy.

Take a Stroll

Walk. Everywhere. All day. Walking is one of the best ways to keep in shape, without doing damage to your joints. Wandering without a plan is a wonderful way to experience about a new city. Duck into cafes and parks for a break, or a museum or movie (a fun way to learn a new language), then get out and stroll around. Not only does this burn calories, walking lowers stress levels. Walking leads to fun discoveries away from tourist areas and into wonderful nooks and corners of a city – places you won’t find only taking cabs and trains.

Pack Up

It’s sometimes impractical to plan a meal in the middle of a day. It’s also expensive, and oftentimes heavy. One way to keep your middle and your wallet under control is to pack some fruit and a granola bar for the day. Take a break and eat, then move on. It’s an efficient and healthy way to spend your time. This way, you can spend money on a delicious dinner, without worrying about weight or cash. You’ve saved on both already.


Don’t be afraid to take it easy. Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for your body. Jam packing your day might sound like the ultimate trip, but you’re going to burn out, stress out, and not appreciate all you’re seeing. This is a vacation, after all, a little self indulgence is excellent for your mind and body.

Eating Out

Try everything, yes, but don’t do it all the time. Eat a salad every once and a while. A nice broth soup. Learn the seasonal local produce and order that, rather than the heavy creamy dish. You don’t need to do this all the time, in fact, that would be rather sad, but remember, healthy food is also good food. A meal doesn’t need to be drenched in butter to be delicious. Going for the foods the location is known for is the best way to feel satisfied, happy, and healthy.

Trips are most fun when you completely submerge yourself, and it turns out, maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t so difficult – in fact, it can be the vehicle to opening up a really fun, fascinating vacation. What are your healthy travel tips? Are there places that prove better for maintaining health than others?

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How to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle When Traveling

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