Keep Yourself Healthy on Vacation With These Tips

When there’s a vacation coming up, we sometimes go on major diets to get ourselves in shape for activities, or to look good on the beach, or because we fear gaining weight when we travel. Others are just super healthy to begin with. Whatever the reason, it’s not uncommon to want to maintain a certain level of health when we go on vacation. While you shouldn’t stress over this too much, as a vacation is a time to let loose, and part of letting loose is not having a heart attack over those French fries, it’s actually not as hard as you may think to stay healthy on vacation, if you follow these tips.

vacationVisit the Markets

Most cities and towns have farmer’s markets these days, so you should visit! You not only get fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables that taste delicious since the produce is freshly picked at the height of the season, your indulgence won’t pack on the pounds. Here, you can get a snack, like a perfect peach, or the makings for a little picnic salad lunch. Maybe you even get enough to make a dinner at your accommodations, if there’s a kitchen!

Don’t be Sedentary

If you’d like to keep healthy, you need to maintain your exercise level. That means plan activities that get you moving. A visit to the museum requires walking, but don’t make that your only mode of exercise all vacation. Include a day trip to go hiking or canoeing or take a walk in the countryside. Maybe you’d prefer to stay in a city the whole time, in which case you can still take a run in the city parks or streets, go for a swim in the hotel pool, or use the gym facilities if available. That means strategic booking, by the way, so think about whether you need a morning workout each morning.

Transport Wisely

While wandering a city, it can seem like a vast plane that’s impossible to cover. It’s tempting to drive somewhere, or take a subway, but if you’re trying to stay fit, don’t let transportation become a lazy crutch. If you’re able to walk the mile instead of hopping in the car, do so; and if you can bike instead of take a train, you should do that, too. There are times when you need wheels or rails, and that’s fine, just choose wisely. Besides, when you take your time you get to enjoy your surroundings, so now there are two benefits.

Have a Good Food Attitude

No one wants to go to France and travel around with the person who won’t eat a croissant or an éclair. You don’t want to be that person, either. Enjoy! But in an effort to keep it all under control, try to limit indulgences to one per day. Also, remember that good food isn’t evil. A gorgeous homemade yogurt parfait can be the best thing you eat all vacation, and fresh vegetables with a little lemon and olive oil, when in season and cooked well, are better than anything else on the plate. So don’t just eat something that looks non-fattening, but eat something that looks good for your body and is connected to the location.

Finally, a nifty way to keep slim is to avoid any snacking. A croissant is breakfast, in the above example, and lunch can be an onion soup, dinner might be a lovely roast chicken and sautéed green beans. See, no one’s getting fat off of that, and it’s a well-rounded daily menu. Want to eat the bread that accompanies your chicken, sure, enjoy! The French are known for their baked goods, and you must take part.

morning-workoutHave Fun

Finally, there’s nothing worse for your health than stress. You’re in a fabulous new place, and the idea is to experience, submerge yourself, and to have a good time. So while you can keep an eye on the delicacies and goodies, don’t be afraid to splurge. Maybe you do have to add an extra twenty minutes to your run around a gorgeous park. But really, is that so bad?

What are your health tips when traveling abroad? Do you have healthy dishes you love?

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Keep Yourself Healthy on Vacation With These Tips

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