How to Keep the Stress Low on Your Next Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be times to let loose, have fun, and take it easy. Leave the everyday world behind. And while that’s a great idea, sometimes it’s hard to let it all go and relax. Maybe you’re worried about an unsolved problem at home, maybe the trip itself is making you tense. Here are some tips to keep mellow, and have fun on your next vacation.


Be Prepared

Most stress comes from the unexpected. Something is closed, something isn’t reserved like you thought it would be, a car breaks down, whatever it is, generally these are the stressful moments you’d rather not deal with on vacation. And while you can’t control the unexpected, it’s much easier to handle these problems when you have everything else in line. Which is to say, be prepared. If not having hotel reservations before you travel stresses you out, by all means, make them ahead of time. Some people relax when there’s order, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


They say walking clears the head, and exercise, even with something as low impact as walking, is calming, regulating hormones and releasing pent up stress. So go for a walk and take in the air. You may even get so wrapped up in your destination that you’re able to forget about what’s ailing you.

Get Spiritual

This doesn’t mean go to church so much as taking a moment to breathe and calm yourself. Be a little introspective. Many of the most successful people in the world meditate each day, so take note! Most cities have yoga centers, so maybe you can hop away for an hour and take a class. Take a warm bath, or sip on some herbal tea.


Accept the Travel Life

Things go wrong, no matter what we do. When you travel, the unexpected is bound to happen. There’s nothing to be done, and the best thing to do is roll with the punches. There’s little you can do about your problems at home while you’re away, so let them be. For travel related stress, think of it this way: the joy of travel is to do something else, something unknown, or utterly different from your regular life. Things are probably not always going to be the way you’re used to at home, but then, isn’t that the point? The traveler’s life is one of whimsy, embrace it instead of stressing over it. Soon, you’re back home and the vacation’s over!

What stresses you out when you travel? Do you have stress coping techniques of your own?

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How to Keep the Stress Low on Your Next Vacation

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