All Kinds Of Secrets About Elvis Presley You Completely Forgot

The world was forever changed when Elvis Presley was born. Elvis Presley is the most famous musician of all time. He is known as the “King of Rock and Roll,” and for good reason. His music inspired a new generation of music. When he passed away in 1977, the whole world sobbed for the loss of such a great talent. Elvis Presley was taken away from the world at too young of an age, but he is still celebrated today for the immense influence on pop culture he had.

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There are a lot of things people don’t know about Elvis Presley. From his story of how he got his first guitar to the exercise he practiced, Elvis was a man of many different colors. Take a look at some of the secrets that kept Elvis beloved around the world. Make sure you click through to the end, as that’s where you will find the most shocking facts of all.

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He Really Liked His Blue

Elvis was reportedly a fairly happy person throughout his life, but you might not know that about his songs. The color blue is often associated with sadness, and Elvis is no stranger to the color blue.

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Out of all of Elvis’s songs, he recorded 15 different songs that all contained the word “blue” in the title. These songs included some favorites such as Beach Boy Blues, Blue Christmas, Blue River, and Blue Suede Shoes. No one knows why so many of his songs contained “blue” in them, but it’s an interesting fact that not a lot of people know.

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His 11th Birthday Disappointment

On January 8th, 1946, history was made in the Presley home. This was the day of Elvis Presley’s 11th birthday, and it was the day he started his music. He received his first guitar, which was purchased by his mother for a whopping $6.95. His mother, Gladys, should be thanked time and time again because she started Elvis Presley’s career by buying this guitar.

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However, Elvis really wasn’t happy with the purchase at the time. There are multiple accounts of two different stories. Some say that Elvis wanted a bike, and others say he wanted a rifle. Either way, he didn’t get those things and ended up with a guitar instead. Thank the heavens he did, otherwise, we wouldn’t have the king of music that we loved so fiercely.

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The Famous Favorite Sandwich

Elvis’s favorite sandwich has inspired restaurant creations everywhere around the world. This interesting combination is actually pretty tasty, and we have Elvis for sharing it with the world. Between cookies, donuts, and classic grilled versions of this sandwich, the classic may be the tastiest version there is.

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Elvis’s favorite sandwich is made from peanut butter, banana, and bacon. Before you turn up your nose at this suggestion, think about how great all of these items are. These ingredients become that much better when combined. The sweetness from the peanut butter and banana goes great with the savory aspects of bacon. You end up with a sweet and savory masterpiece, and it is easy to try it out on your own. Don’t forget to toast your bread! The crunchy bread is what really ties in all the ingredients.

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An Album Full of Talking

Imagine being on a tight deadline for an album with no songs to record. This was the predicament Elvis found himself in, and he started to panic about it. He eventually released his album by the 1974 deadline he had, and it was called Having Fun with Elvis on Stage. The album comes with hardly any warning, but it is far from your typical album.

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This album consists of Elvis talking between songs during his concert. The whole album contains Elvis talking to his fans on stage, but he doesn’t sing at all. As strange and intriguing as the concept of a talking album may be, it ended up being Elvis’s worst album released during his career.

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His First TV Appearance

Elvis debuted on TV in 1956, and he brought all of his sexiness to the stage. However, some of the people viewing the program were not happy. Specifically, Jackie Gleason, who was part of the show he was on, was incredibly unhappy with his performance.

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Gleason said that Elvis was acting like a “sex maniac,” which should not have been allowed on the TV during that time period. That wasn’t the only time Elvis came under fire for his moves. There were a lot of people who believed his bumping and grinding on stage was completely unacceptable, and he was ridiculed and critiqued quite often during his performances.

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His Beatles Mishap

Many would assume that when Elvis Presley and members of The Beatles band would meet that it would transform into a rocking party. The Beatles often claimed that Elvis Presley was a large influence on their music, and they were hoping to meet him on multiple occasions. In 1965, that dream came true for them as a meeting with Elvis Presley was set up.

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The Beatles met up at Elvis’s home, but the whole ordeal was pretty relaxed. There was some awkward tension when The Beatles first arrived, and the band said that it was hard to be in such a great influence’s home. However, as the night continued it went by pretty smoothly. The Beatles and Elvis played some card games, laughed, and talked throughout the night. Even though Elvis’s popularity was on a decline in 1965, The Beatles still thought it was very cool meeting him.

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Dynamic Duo

When you think of the two greatest musicians, Elvis Presley definitely takes the name of one of them. The second musician could arguably be said to be the one and only Johnny Cash. Elvis and Johnny were very good friends, and the two often took the chance to impersonate and poke fun at the other’s expense.

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An impromptu singing session in 1956 between Elvis, Johnny Cash, and two others ended up being one of the most popular recordings. It was called The Millionaire Dollar Quartet. There were a few songs recorded, and people went crazy for the combination of these four singers. Johnny and Elvis’s impressions of the other can be found online, and they are pretty funny.

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Presidential Letter

It seems that Elvis Presley was more than just a pretty face. The King took some political action when he wrote a letter to President Nixon. He read the letter to President Nixon when he met him in 1970. The letter was six pages long, and he took the time to criticize drugs.

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Elvis even through a jab at The Beatles, saying they were highly un-American for their drug taking. He called them out for anti-Vietnam politics. The goal of this letter was to share his own desire for becoming a Federal Agent. His career was going downhill at this time, so it looks like he wanted to switch up what he was doing. The letter can be read today, and it is still one of the most interesting things that Elvis ever did.

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He Failed Before Success

If you thought Elvis Presley became an overnight sensation, you couldn’t be more wrong. Everyone seems to fail before they find success, but sometimes it is hard to believe when the successful individuals seem like they have always been successful. However, even Elvis had to fight hard for his big break in life.

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He was desperate to break into the music business, so he tried out for a gospel choir quartet. The quartet was called the Songfellows, and he was denied after his tryout. It took two years after his 1954 failed audition before Elvis made it big. His failures go to show that anyone can be successful, but it may just take a little more time than we hope.

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Multiple Religions

Elvis Presley was the kind of star that tried to live his life right and love everyone. Even though people chided him for his overly risqué dance moves at the time, men and women still loved his music. The funniest thing about Elvis Presley may be his outlook on how to get to heaven.

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Unlike trying to devote himself to one religion, Elvis Presley was seen multiple times wearing a cross, a Hebrew letter, and a star of David as necklaces. He told reporters that he didn’t want to be denied heaven based on choosing the wrong religion. Elvis got creative and immersed himself into multiple religions in hopes that it would make his transition to heaven a smoother journey.

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Karate Lover

Thought Elvis was all about music? Think again! The famous Elvis Presley was more talented than we think, but it wasn’t in the music industry. Elvis trained from 1970-1974 under karate instructor Master Rhee. He took these lessons in Memphis, Tennessee. During this time, he learned and perfected his karate.

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When 1974 came to a halt, Elvis Presley was certified as a karate black belt. There’s no doubt that his karate moves helped him grind his hips even better when the time came to reestablish his career later on in this decade.

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He Laughed At Himself

Elvis Presley believed that life was too short not to take the time and laugh at yourself. He would make a lot of jokes, and he was supposedly a very pleasant person to hang out with. However, his laughing became too much for him when he broke down giggling in the middle of his performance.

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He laughs his traditional smooth laugh, and he can’t stop it. Even though he was in the middle of a large concert performance, Elvis Presley laughed like there was nothing more important in the world. One of Elvis’s famous sayings is, “When things fall down, don’t go with them.” What he means by this is to rise above the hard times and continue laughing no matter what. Happiness was an important cornerstone of his career.

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His Hair Was Dyed

Could you imagine Elvis with a different color of hair? Think of all the Vegas impressions and the black wigs they wear, it is the iconic hair color of Elvis. However, Elvis wasn’t always sporting the smooth black hair he is known for. If you look at earlier photos of Elvis he was clearly a brunette. His brown tresses are undeniable, but the black hair was what gave him his popularity.

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That black hair we all know and love was actually dyed. He had to dye his hair every two to three weeks, and he trusted his hairstylist to do the job. During his regular hair appointment, Elvis and the hair stylist talked about their lives, politics, and even religion. They had an especially close relationship, and his hairstylist treated Elvis’s hair to different masks and treatments for long-term hair health.

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Heartbreak Hotel

There is no denying that Elvis’s first major hit was the song Heartbreak Hotel. He first performed this song on December 9, 1955. Elvis fell in love with the song and wanted it to be his first hit. The song was inspired by a suicide of a man that no one knew.

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A woman named Mae Boren Axton wrote the song, and she sat down to write it after reading about a suicide in the newspaper. The man had no identification, and all he left was a note that said, “I walk a lonely street.” The suicide was tragic, and it made a big influence to Mae Boren Axton. No one can remember the name or story of the man, but there’s no doubt he is in a better place now.

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Big Guy

Elvis was one big guy. The average height was somewhere in the five-foot range, but Elvis was a whopping six feet tall. Elvis can be seen towering above many of his friends in photos of him.

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His impressive size didn’t stop there. Elvis was 170 pounds, which was a pretty hefty weight for his height. His shoe size was also an 11. Elvis was anything but average, and even his size shows that.

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Lyrics Change

We already established that Elvis loved to laugh at himself. He would crack jokes all the time, but one joke is really funny. Elvis had a habit of switching out his lyrics when he was in concert. Because there wasn’t a way to look up lyrics at the time, people probably just went with the flow.

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However, one lyrics switch was so funny to Elvis that he burst out laughing. It was during his song Are You Lonesome Tonight? There were many times that he changed his lyrics, but this one was the most memorable. Instead of saying the normal lyrics of, “Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me there,” he said, “Do you gaze at your bald head and wish you had hair?” The audience started laughing, but Elvis couldn’t finish the song. He started laughing uncontrollably because a man took off his toupee in the front row. The audience member’s bald head was enough to throw Elvis into a fit of laughter.

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Army Draft

During the years of 1958-1960 Elvis was drafted into the army. Even though he was the most well-known name in the music industry, he went overseas to serve his country. Many things changed for him while he was overseas. First of all, his mother Gladys died from a heart attack. After that, he met his future wife in Germany.

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His army career wasn’t a happy time, and it led to him becoming dependent on many stimulant drugs. His addiction became so bad that he ended up divorcing his wife because of it. His addiction would eventually lead to his death as well. Whether or not he would have started the addiction without his service time is unknown, but either way, it is a tragic situation.

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Waiting For Priscilla

The love story of Elvis and Priscilla has been idealized for a very long time. Priscilla was just 14 years old when she met Elvis at his home in Germany. Priscilla’s family was spending their time in Germany, and Elvis was over there for his army draft. Elvis soon became a mess in front of Priscilla, and he couldn’t control himself. It was said that he looked like a blubbering teenage boy.

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However, Priscilla liked him from the start. The two stayed in contact over the next few years. Even though she was still young, the two married in 1967. They waited eight years to get married. Their relationship was fairly tumultuous. They had their only daughter, Lisa Marie, nine months after their wedding, but it wasn’t enough to save their marriage. Elvis was still using drugs, and Priscilla had started up an affair with her old karate instructor. They separated legally in 1972. As Priscilla kept her relationship with the karate instructor, Elvis threatened to kill the man. There was a lot of uncertainty about their relationship during their divorce. However, the two remained close and even walked out of the courthouse hand in hand after finalizing their divorce.

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The King’s Granddaughters

Growing up in a broken home must have taken a toll on Lisa Marie, Elvis’ only daughter. The 49 year-old had quite a life, from her short music career to her turbulent love life. Lisa Marie married and divorced four times in total, and two of her unions include being married to the late Michael Jackson and Hollywood actor, Nicolas Cage.


Her oldest daughter, Riley Keough, was born in 1989 when her mom was married to her first husband, Danny Keough. The 28-year old is an aspiring actress and and she is known for her appearances in the films Magic Mike as well as in the 2017 movie, Logan Lucky. Riley also has two twin stepsisters from her mother’s fourth marriage. We have a feeling we’ll be hearing more in the near future about the adorable twin girls, Finley Aaron Love and Harper Vivienne Ann. We wonder what stories their famous grandpa would have told them or which bedtime songs he would have sung to them.


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Never Wrote a Song

Elvis recorded an impressive amount of songs. However, he never actually wrote a song. While he recorded upwards of 600 songs, not one of them was written by him. He took whatever songs he could find, and many of them became huge hits.

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However, his career was on the decline because of some of the songs he recorded. He was contractually obligated to produce music, and much of his songs he recorded were mediocre. While he was originally a musical genius, his later songs became pretty drab. Thankfully, his beginning years were enough to establish him as the amazing musical influence he continues to be. His tragic death at the age of 42 was the result of a long life of prescription drug abuse.

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