Last Year Was the Safest Year Recorded for Commercial Airline Travel

According to studies that have been completed by Aviation Study Groups, 2017 was the safest year for commercial travel. Zero deaths due to commercial passenger airplane crashes got reported in 2017.

commercial-airlineTo70, a Dutch Aviation Consulting group along with the Aviation Safety Network reported that no commercial jet fatalities got recorded in 2017, according to their statistics. To70’s spokesperson stated that according to records, the fatal crash rate for commercial passenger planes is .06 per million. That equals to one deadly accident for every 16 million commercial flights.

The ASN (Aviation Safety Network) did report that while there were no commercial jet deaths in 2017, ten fatal airliner crashes got reported. The accidents resulted in over 40 onboard fatalities and 35 on the ground. That included both cargo planes and commercial turbo prop aircrafts.

Included in the figure reported by ASN were the 12 people killed in a crash On December 31st. Minutes after takeoff, a Nature Air Cessna crashed in the mountains off of Costa Rica.

When the numbers get compared, there were 303 deaths and 16 accidents among airliners in 2016. The deadliest being when a Turkish cargo plane crashed into a small village in Kyrgyzstan. It killed the four passengers on the jet and 35 people in the village.

Aviation deaths around the world have been falling over the past two decades. In 2005, there were over a thousand deaths on commercial passenger planes, said the ASN. In 2017, there were none.

The last fatal passenger jet crash happened in November 2016 near Medellin, Colombia. The previous commercial passenger crash with more than 100 fatalities occurred in October 2015, in Egypt. In the United States alone, there were over 400 people killed in aviation accidents. The majority of the accidents happened with general aviation aircraft and not with commercial passenger jets.

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Last Year Was the Safest Year Recorded for Commercial Airline Travel

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