Laugh-Out-Loud Lawn Signs

One of the best parts of having your own lawn is being able to add little things to make it feel unique. Some people add garden gnomes or pink flamingos. Others will place plants or decorative fountains. The best, though, are those who put signs in their yard.

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While not always funny, these hilarious lawn signs stand out far better than others. Sometimes they’re just silly, other times they poke fun at political candidates, and, often, they’re just being very creative when advertising their yard sale.

Funny is funny, though, so click ‘Start Slideshow‘ to see some of the best I’ve found!

For the Love of Pets

If you’re a pet owner, you know how important they are. Not only are they super cute and cuddly and fun to play with, they are also part of the family. Because of that, we care about them and their health.

Such is the case with this family, whose cat seems to have a real addiction. Hopefully, this sign will work toward informing the public of his issue and making sure they don’t contribute to the further degradation of his health.

Lawn Signs 1

Poor Whiskers. Here’s hoping you kick that addiction, buddy!

Lawn Signs 2

This is one house I’d be sure to avoid if I was walking down the street. Any dog strong enough to carry that massive chain around while being small enough to fit into that tiny doghouse is a dog I don’t want to have anything to do with.

With my luck, it would somehow bust free and chase me down with some cheetah-like speed before devouring me whole. Either that, or lunge at me like a Chain Chomp from the Super Mario Bros. games. Those things always had me on edge.

Is there any better way to get you to go to a yard sale than using a little humor? I think not!

Buy My Stuff!

Breakups are a terrible thing. You have to split your music, movie and book collections. You have to figure out who’s going to take the cat. Your ex has to move all of his stuff out. Well, maybe not that last part. Why not just sell it?

In an effort to make a few bucks and get her ex out of her life, this lady decided to put it all up for sale. While we can’t be sure what precipitated the split, I think it’s fair to say it wasn’t amicable. While the situation is funny in and of itself, I like her little tagline at the end.

“It’s all gotta go! Just like him!”


I’ve got to give props for proper use of an apostrophe, as well!

Lawn Signs 4

Oh, Mike Tyson. How far you have fallen over the years. From being a world-renowned boxer who bit some guy’s ear off to advertising yard thales. Sorry, sales. His lisp kicked in there.

This isn’t the only sign I came across like this, so either this person or the other isn’t super creative, but it’s still pretty creative. The best part is, with his little head popping out of the corner there, I can hear his voice in my head promoting this event. I’d be there in a heartbeat!

Signs are good, as are fun lawn ornaments. But what about signs AND ornaments? Next, epicness.

Best of Both Worlds

Lawn ornaments are great. Silly frogs can bring a little life into a dreary garden, and a nice fountain can give a little serenity to your yard. Garden gnomes give a great sense of playfulness.

Unless, of course, they’re grumpy garden gnomes who just don’t want you around! I can’t help but get that impression from this little guy. Maybe it’s the sign he’s holding telling me to go away, or maybe it’s because he looks like David the Gnome’s really angry cousin who wishes to do me harm with his giant pointy hat.

This is one yard I’ll be avoiding. I can’t imagine how expensive the hospital bill would be for hat removal.

Lawn Signs 5

Is that a skull on his itty-bitty belt? This little dude is hardcore. He needs a little pink in his life.

Lawn Signs 6

Ah, the pink flamingo. The classic and, dare I say, classiest of lawn ornaments. Here, you can see a flock of them at their annual front yard convention. This year’s topic? Passive aggressiveness.

This is one grumpy homeowner who is apparently grumpy at another homeowner. I can understand the frustration. Why call the police when a simple conversation will do? And who calls the police in regards to someone’s lawn?

Hopefully this ended peacefully and not in a flurry of plastic pink feathers and incredibly sharp flamingo talons. Flamingos have talons, right?

Speaking of passive aggressiveness, let’s look at some fun political signs!

Vote for Me!

It’s one of the things you’re never supposed to discuss with people. Etiquette tells us it is improper to discuss religion and politics, but I’ve never been one for etiquette. Even so, I don’t think I would ever put a candidate’s sign in my yard unless I was running for office myself. My politics are my business.

However, if Darth Vader were running for office, I think I might make an exception. I truly believe he would be an excellent candidate to bring the universe together in peace and harmony.

Sure, he may use the dark side of the Force, but all he wants to do is create a single empire. An organization in which he can rule and make sure everyone is happy and obedient. Is that really so bad?

Lawn Signs 7

If Vader wants to rule the galaxy, I suppose I can get down with the Dark Side.

Lawn Signs 8

Looking for a candidate who will never be on your side? A robot who can bend all the things? One who has a plan for a future without humans? If so, vote Bender Bending Rodriguez!

Now that I think about, maybe somebody whose campaign slogan is “Kill All Humans” may not be the best candidate for the future of mankind.

This spin on the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign signs has always been my favorite, though, political opinions aside, the “Everybody Sucks 2016” and “IDK Not Trump Tho” signs were up there in the running.

In the market for a new home? We’ve got two excellent options up next!

Home Sweet Home?

Shopping for a house is one of the most stressful things you can possibly go through, aside from planning a wedding and having a kid. Sure the paperwork and money involved are a pain, but the worst part is making sure you pick the right house.

You’re typically going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on your home, and it’s fairly likely you’re going to live there for quite some time. So, if you want to get the most out of your deal, make sure you’re getting a free pizza in the bargain.

I can say, in complete truth, that if I was looking to buy a new home and I came across one offering a free pizza, I would buy it immediately. (That is a lie.) This is, honestly, one of the silliest incentives I have ever seen for something which costs so much.

Lawn Signs 9

I guess this might work if you’re really, really hungry. I know I tend to shop with my stomach when it’s empty!

Lawn Signs 10

Roommates can be a tricky thing, especially when they come with a home. Living ones are bad enough, but I have a real problem dealing with the undead.

Thanks to Jake Palmer with ReMax, I can rest assured this purchase will be completely ghost free! No need to call up the Ghostbusters or The Atlantic Paranormal Society (made famous by SyFy’s Ghost Hunters).

Certainly a strange thing to use as an advertising point, but a welcome one, I suppose. I have to wonder what the history of this home is. Did something sinister take place within its walls? Is it built on an ancient Native American burial ground? The world may never know.

Have you ever really needed to get a message out to your neighbors? Why not use a sign?

Dear Neighbors

Sometimes you’ve got something you really, really want to let people know. What better way than to use a sign? I can’t think of any better way to let the world know about your cheating husband.

This lady must have been especially angry to go out and purchase a professionally made sign on weatherproof vinyl, then string it up on her front lawn. Considering the message, I would so it’s understandable.

Cheating is wrong in the first place, but doing while your wife is doing you a solid by taking care of your mother? That is beyond awful. I’d say it’s even bordering on heinous.

Hopefully Luann and Vivian didn’t know about each other and Linnie got a good thwacking from the two of them, as well.

Lawn Signs 11

I’m not a fan of her color choice, but yellow certainly gets your attention!

Lawn Signs 12

While the previous sign bordered on being (justifiably) vindictive, this one is funny and sweet. Like this fella, I like to leave little notes around for my wife from time to time to remind her how awesome she is.

Thanks to this sign, I now have another place I can put one. I’ll make sure, however, to not make the same mistake he did. Hopefully the recipient of his love letter got a smile out of it, realized it was a mistake, and didn’t become some sort of obsessed psycho stalker.

If not, I’ve got my fingers crossed they saw this sign. Nobody likes being stalked.

Looking to sell something? See how Ryan Gosling gets it done next.

Let’s Make a Deal

I’m not the biggest fan of Ryan “Baby Goose” Gosling, but he’s been in some great movies. Crazy, Stupid Love with Steve Carell is one of my favorite movies and, while I haven’t seen it yet, La La Land looks right up my alley. But it seems some ladies just can’t seem to get enough of the guy.

The “Hey Girl” meme starring Gosling are usually pretty hilarious, and seeing one used to advertise a yard sale is spot on. I may not be a fan of the dude, but I would absolutely go to a yard sale, find a matching tea set and drink a cup. For the record, I’m a dude. I bet we’d have loads to talk about.

Things such as what it was like being on Are You Afraid of the Dark? and the Goosebumps television show. Or how it felt to be Hercules for 50 episodes of the only season of Young Hercules. You know, those kinds of things.

Lawn Signs 13

Did you know Ryan Gosling was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera?

Lawn Signs 14

You know, I think this weekend I’m going to go out and buy a rabbit. One that’s cute and cuddly with extra long ears and a super fluffy tail. If I go to this place, I guess I can pick up a baby while I’m at it. Two birds, one stone.

I’m hoping, of course, they’re talking about baby rabbits and just didn’t have room on the sign, but it’s funny to think about taking it literally. To be fair, it doesn’t specify human babies, either, but that’s where it would take the minds of most folks. I’m not going to comment on the spelling, though I suppose by saying that I just did. Oh, well!

Got security? These next folks are ready for you if you’re doing something wrong.

I Always Feel Like …

Feel like you’re being watched? Well, in this neighborhood, you are. So you best not be bringing your ladies of the night here for some impromptu snuggling.

It must have been a real problem for somebody to need to put up cameras and a sign. I’m not even sure what the funniest part of this is; the neck-tie looking condoms on the ground, the awkward position the pair is in, the creepy black van or the fact it’s pink.

Lawn Signs 15

Keep it behind closed doors, folks. Preferably closed house doors, not your car.

Lawn Signs 16

How’s your aim? If it’s as good as these people suggest theirs is, maybe you should get a sign like this, too. It’ll certainly let anyone looking to rob your home know you mean business.

Honestly, I think it’s a little overboard, but what better way to let someone know they’ll probably get shot if they come into your home to take something?

Need a good way to keep people off your lawn? Some suggestions coming up!

Keep Away

If you’re tired of people coming to your door, a sign can let them know they aren’t welcome. But why have a sign for solicitors, a sign for politicians and a sign for whatever when you can have one that covers all the bases?

I’ve seen this sign in multiple incarnations. Sometimes they use a different font or different colors, but they all have the same message, and this one is probably the biggest and easiest to read. I especially appreciate the exception for Thin Mints, which are delicious.

Lawn Signs 17

I enjoy a good Thin Mint from time to time, but they don’t compare to the greatness of Caramel Delites.

Lawn Signs 18

Quiet, now. Just like us, grass needs its sleep to grow healthy and strong. Walking on it will wake it, destroying its fragile psyche and causing it to wilt under your stompy feet.

The personification of grass is a little disturbing. I certainly wouldn’t want to walk on something that can dream. I also don’t think I would ever want to mow the lawn. It would just feel wrong somehow. Really wrong. Hopefully the neighborhood association will understand.

If you love dogs, you’ll want to pay attention to these next signs.

Pooch Power

One of the absolute worst parts of owning a dog is dealing with dog poo. If you want to be a responsible pet owner you have to make sure you pick it up when your dog drops it. Not only is this a hassle, it’s more than a little gross.

If you don’t do it, however, you’re going to get more than a few dirty stares. In the case of this particular home, you may find when you get home that they’ve left a little something in your yard. They’re watching you, and they mean business.

Lawn Signs 19

Though it’s not likely they’ll make good on the threat, I don’t think I’d want to risk it.

Lawn Signs 20

My wife absolutely loves dogs. She wants to pet every single one she sees and any time we see puppies for sale, she decides she has to get one. We don’t, usually, but that desire is there every time.

If my wife saw this sign, she would be channeling her inner Barnie Stinson: “Challenge Accepted!” I mean, come on. How bad can a dog be? If it’s bad enough for this sign to be true, these people are probably terrible pet owners.

Maybe they just don’t want people messing with their dog, but that just means they’re denying their pup the love and pettings it so greatly deserves, and that’s just rude.

Sometimes signs aren’t funny enough in the original form and need a little modification. Custom work next!

New and Improved

Yo, ho, ho, the pirate’s life’s for me. And for America, if we want to make it great again. Seems like a whole bunch of people had this idea, but this guy took it the extra step.

Not only is he now promoting the fact rum can make this country a fantastic place, he brought in the best candidate for the job, Captain Jack Sparrow. I think the Pauper of the Surf just might do right by us. Then again, he might just be constantly drunk.

I wouldn’t mind hopping onto a boat and sailing off into the sunset with him, though. It would probably be a pretty wild ride.

Lawn Signs 21

The Jester of Tortuga, how we love thee! Sail safely, captain.

Lawn Signs 22

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. The weather grows colder, the decorations come out, and you can finally make use of those items stores started selling back in September. (They seem to start earlier and earlier every year.)

We can’t forget the Christmas carols, either! Though it may not be one of the classics, “Feliz Navidad” is a holiday staple. What better way to share your love of it than making a pun out of a “For Lease” sign? This deserves more credit than I’m giving it, because it’s actually pretty creative. For Lease Navidad? Absolutely brilliant. Nice job, spray painter. Well done.

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Neglectful Neighbors

On a nice, sunny day, I love to hang out in the yard and feel the grass between my toes. Nothing ruins that more than stepping in a pile of dog poop, especially if you don’t even have a dog. The only thing more frustrating than stepping in a neglected pile of dog poo is witnessing your neighbor leave it there.

Lawn Signs 23

Like this guy, I might be tempted to throw it, too. My neighbors are safe with my bad aim, but the people reading this sign aren’t. I would much rather carry a bag full of dog poop to a trash can than get a mouthful of it. It’s not that hard to keep a plastic bag in your pocket for your dog’s business. If you don’t, at least this neighbor warned you of what’s coming.

Click ‘Next’ to see how another homeowner handled the crap in her yard.

Offloading Awesome

No one expects to find high quality items at yard sales. Usually they’re full of old clothes, assorted trinkets, and the occasional piece of furniture. Once in a while you can find a good deal, but it takes digging through a bunch of junk to find a gem. This sign acknowledges that yard sales are a bunch of “crap,” but it at least claims that this one has awesome crap.

Lawn Signs 24

Out of all the yard sale signs I’ve seen, this one is the shortest and gets to the point. Signs that use memes and celebrities are funny, but this one could quickly pique my interest if I drove by. Plus, that giant arrow leaves no ambiguity about where it’s located. If I saw this, I’d definitely be curious about what this awesome crap looked like.

Click ‘Next’ to see the astonishingly honest sign one man used to advertise his yard sale.

Prison Blues

You can’t bring your stuff with you to jail, but you probably need money. Having a yard sale because you’re going to jail makes sense to me. I’m more shocked by how honest this sign is. With countless yard sale signs featuring affairs and divorces, honesty about the reason behind the sale is growing. Going to jail isn’t exactly something to be proud of, but this person is shameless about it.

Lawn Signs 25

While I might not go to this sale, this sign is certainly attention catching. The shamelessness of it combined with the catchy rhyme make it funny, and that’s what caught my attention. I might have chosen orange to keep the sign more on theme. Luckily, this guy doesn’t seem too torn up about the situation if he’s using it to create a funny sign. Money is still money no matter how you get people to your sale.

Click ‘Next’ to see how some supportive friends surprised a woman on her 50th birthday.

Support Group

Turning 50 is daunting. It’s the tipping point when people start to refer to you as “over the hill.” Less of your life is in front of you than behind you for most people at that point. It’s a more symbolic birthday than most others. I know I’m not looking forward to turning 50.

Lawn Signs 26

At least this woman’s friends have a sense of humor to soften the day. It’s nice to know that her loved ones support her and that her bra is still there to support, uh, other parts. As a dude, I’ve never worn a bra, but I still think this is hilarious. I also love the black clouds with “50” on them. The thought of turning 50 is much less scary with the thought of a sign like this on my front yard. Although, maybe I should be more scared at the thought of the signs people can display for me?

Click ‘Next’ to see a sign that makes me nervous for my next birthday.

Party Animals

If I was nervous about 50, this yard sign makes me terrified for 60. I don’t know what’s worse: the unsettling mules or the creepy smiley faces? At least they had the taste to call it a mule instead of the more colloquial term for donkey. His neighbors across the street must have had an interesting day with this collection of signs staring back at them.

Lawn Signs 27

I really don’t understand the smiley faces in this set-up. Something about their smiles and their little eyes creeps me out so much. Plus, since when do smiley faces go with mules? That’s a pairing I’ve never seen before. At least John and whoever put this up for him must have great senses of humor. If that “kickin’ it up for your birthday” sign is any indication, this 60-year-old is going to spend the night partying like he’s turning 30 again.

Click ‘Next’ to see a sign that reminds you to appreciate life while you can.

You Only Live Once

I don’t know if the mortuary owner lives in this house or if he paid to have his sign put here. Either way, I don’t want to live a block away from a mortuary. If zombies ever become a real threat, that’s the danger zone. I know I don’t want to live like the people in zombie shows.

Lawn Signs 28

This is a good sign for a mortuary, though. It’s hard to talk about death, so humor is a good approach to remind people of a service we all eventually need. That’s what caught my attention with this one. The phrase “look alive” is kind of creepy, though. It makes it seem like they might mistake passersby for their less lively clientele. All I know is that I don’t want to live in a house on this block.

Click ‘Next’ to see a yard sign advertising something less legal.

Girls, Girls, Girls

I’m not sure what exactly this sign is trying to advertise. The obvious impression is that they’re renting “girls,” as in ladies of the night (or day, since this sign is so blatant). It could also be an apartment or house that only wants to rent rooms out to girls. If I were a young girl, I might only want to live with other girls. I’m not sure this is the best way to convey that, though.

Lawn Signs 29

This must make quite the impression on the neighbors. My favorite part about this sign is the crooked “s” at the end of the phone number. Not only does it advertise a vague service, but the phone number is too long to even fit as a normal phone number. That also makes me think this is just a joke sign on the lawn of someone with an interesting sense of humor.

Click ‘Next’ to see another sign that grabs attention by referencing sex.

Hot Garage Sale

Everyone knows advertisers and the media use sex to get our attention. This homeowner is pretty smart to use that tactic in this garage sale sign. If I was walking down the street and saw a sign on someone’s tree with the word “sex” at the top, I would stop to get a closer look. It even got my attention amongst the other signs I looked at today.

Lawn Signs 30

What makes this sign so attention-grabbing and funny is that the topic of sex is so unexpected on a neighborhood tree. It’s an out of place word to catch out of the corner of your eye. It’s also such a shameless attention-grabbing tactic that make me laugh, and the homeowner even admits that on the second line. I have to admit that it works, though. I’m curious to see what a “pretty sexy garage sale” looks like.

Click ‘Next’ to see an unfortunate spelling mistake that grabs attention.

Spelling Mishap

In the summer, there are so many delicious vegetables in season. Lots of farming families set up small stands in their front yards to sell their goods. There’s nothing like seeing one of those stands on your way home and stopping to get some veggies for dinner. When one letter is off in the sign’s spelling, it gives a different impression.

Lawn Signs 31

This spelling mistake is sure to catch the attention of a few people passing by. It certainly caught my attention. It grabs attention in the same way as the last one, but I’m sure it wasn’t intended that way. I wonder what kind of characters they attracted with this sign. Do you think they had people coming up to the stand with another interest than their vegetables? They were in for a shock when they realized what their sign said!

Click ‘Next’ to see a more aggressive type of sales tactic.

Angry Neighbor

Good neighbors are an important part of a good neighborhood. I love my neighborhood, but every now and then a neighbor cycles through who makes things miserable for a while. We’ve all had that one neighbor that made us wish we could move to get some peace back. This homeowner is making the choice to follow through with that wish.

Lawn Signs 32

I don’t think this is the best sales tactic, though. Who wants to buy a house knowing the neighbor is a jerk? This makes more sense as a passive aggressive sign for the annoying neighbor to see. I might be tempted to post a sign like this at my wits end. Maybe they were nicer after seeing a sign calling them out. Maybe the homeowner got lucky and actually got a bite.

Click ‘Next’ to see how one homeowner uses nature to keep people out of her yard.

Shots Fired

Some dogs or other pets can be aggressive, and we’ve all seen signs warning of those. For this homeowner, nature offers some protection via fire ants. I caught a documentary about fire ants once and let me tell you, those little bugs are aggressive. They’re named “fire” not only for their color, but for their nasty bite. I certainly don’t want to wander into a yard protected by these ants!

Lawn Signs 33

I liked this sign because obviously this homeowner didn’t intentionally put fire ants in her yard. They seem like a pain to live with, but I appreciate how this homeowner can find the humor in the situation. Plus, who knows? Maybe fire ants are a great deterrent for trespassers. After a few bites from a fire ant, a burglar is out of there!

Click ‘Next’ to see a passive aggressive exchange between neighbors.

Stop to Smell the Flowers

Most people see dandelions as weeds. They spray to kill the cute little flowers and maintain a perfect lawn. I never admit to my buddies that I think dandelions are kind of nice to look at, but I also love when they turn into balls of fluff. There’s an old wives’ tale that blowing the fluff off of an old dandelion gives you one wish. I used to use all of those wishes for a puppy, but now I hope the seeds land in my neighbor’s perfect lawn and sprout more dandelions.

Lawn Signs 34

That’s why I can totally relate to the person who put this sign up. It was super passive aggressive of the neighbor to leave this note asking the homeowner to get rid of their dandelions. This “free dandelions” sign cracked me up, and I chose it because I can see myself doing the same thing.

Click ‘Next’ to see another neighbor’s passive aggressive response to a neighbor.

To Go Bags

I’ve already explained how frustrating it is to step in a neighbor’s dog poop in your own lawn, but this sign made me laugh, too. I love that it appeals to the dogs instead of the humans. Obviously, the owners can’t be trusted to pick up the poo on their own, so this sign operates on the guise of asking the dogs instead. It’s like a big guilt trip to the owners because if they don’t pick it up now, it’s their dogs’ fault.

Lawn Signs 35

I also love that these homeowners were proactive in supplying poop bags. I can admit, once I did have to leave a pile of dog poo behind on a walk because I forgot a bag to pick it up with. If a neighbor has the supplies to do it right there, how can anyone refuse?

Click ‘Next’ to see homeowners use firefighting to deter unwanted behavior.

Fire Fighters

Smoking is one of those unhealthy habits that affects people around the smoker as well as the smoker. Everyone can make his or her own decision about smoking, but you have to be careful who you smoke around. After spending some time with smokers, I understand why these homeowners don’t want smoking in their yard. This sign stood out to me because they had a sense of humor with their “no smoking” notice.

Lawn Signs 36

The image of someone smoking only to be drenched by water is hysterical. I’m not sure if these homeowners intend on following through, but I don’t think I’d smoke around them. It might not be so bad on a hot day, but it still doesn’t seem like a great idea. It’s a nice, funny threat to show that they are serious about no smoking on their property.

Click ‘Next’ to see how one lawn care company seeks justice.

Finding Order

I’ve turned in for enough Law & Order: Special Victims Unit marathons to appreciate this sign. There are so many lawn care companies out there that it’s hard to stand out. Lawn & Order figured out how to do that with a clever pun. Some people groan at a pun, but I love them. This one isn’t only memorable, it’s funny. Plus, it references something most of us know and love already.

Lawn Signs 37

I’m assuming that Lawn & Order takes care of these homeowners’ lawn. I imagine for other companies it must be difficult to convince customers to put what are essentially ads in their front yard. I bet these homeowners didn’t mind, though. If the Special Grass Unit tended to my yard, I would tell everyone I knew about it.

Click ‘Next’ to see these homeowners share their political frustrations.

Starting Over

I’m not one to share my political views in public, but some people love to share. I think everyone should make his or her own choices about their political leanings and what they do with them. More power to you if you like to display a yard sign for your favorite candidate. It is an easy way to show which side of politics you’re currently more excited about.

Lawn Signs 38

What do you do if you hate all of the candidates? Some people keep their frustrations to themselves, while others share their disappointed thoughts on social media. These homeowners decided to share their opinion in hard copy. I like that instead of the “We’re Screwed” signs out there, these people at least maintain some hope for starting over, even if everything currently sucks.

Click ‘Next’ to see how one yard sign shames a neglectful neighbor.

Walk of Shame

Some homeowners are aggressive and threaten to throw poop, like the sign before. Some are proactive and offer poop bags to pick it up. Others are so passive aggressive that they stand back and take a picture to shame their neighbor for leaving poop behind. I love that again, this sign is written from the point-of-view of the dogs to guilt the owner.

Lawn Signs 39

The yellow sign and black letters are sure to grab attention. Like me, most people come to this sign thinking it’s about an affair, as the dog walker probably did. Humans love a little drama. I wonder how the dog walker reacted when he saw this sign, since it’s presumably on his walking route. Do you think he learned from his shame and started picking up poop? Somehow, I think he just got a new walking route.

Click ‘Next’ to see one angry neighbor share thoughts on Pokémon.

Pokémon No

When it’s hot outside, I don’t want to go for a walk. In fact, I spend most of my summer inside with my trust air conditioning. Pokémon Go was the only incentive for me to go outside in the summer, as it was for a lot of people. It pulled on my nostalgia and gave me something fun to do to actually be active outside. For a lot of people, it’s a healthy, fun game.

Lawn Signs 40

A lot of people did overstep their bounds to chase Pokémon, though. This building resident was definitely frustrated with random people entering the private yard. I love that this person wasn’t just frustrated by Pokémon Go, but took the time to list out nine of the “stupidest” things he or she lived through for comparison. My favorite is the “ten seasons of CSI: Miami.”

Click ‘Next’ to see a sign that commemorates an important part of history.

Nothing to Remember Here

I grew up in New England, where every spot of land has some sort of historical significance. The few times I’ve wondered around historical parks or even just walked through town, I’ve come across hundreds of little signs like this. I’m not sure whether learning someone important died on the spot where I’m standing over a hundred years ago is interesting or eerie.

Lawn Signs 41

I love that this sign pokes fun at all of those other little plaques by commemorating that nothing happened on this date. It’s funny to take a step back and think about how much we obsess over what happened in various places on various dates, even to the point of using features on social media like Facebook Memories to tell us what happened on Facebook on a specific date.

Click ‘Next’ to see this homeowner’s note to a thief.

Considerate Thieving

My parents had a vegetable garden in our yard growing up. At the end of summer, I could pick off tomatoes to snack on that were better than any tomatoes I’d ever had. I’m not much of a gardener now, and I’ve certainly been tempted to snatch a tomato or two off of my neighbor’s abundant tomato plants.

Lawn Signs 42

This homeowner is well aware of the temptation of well-grown produce. While I resist my temptation, a thief or two obviously hasn’t for this homeowner. Gardening isn’t easy, and it’s frustrating if a thief ruins your crop as well as stealing it. I love the realism with this sign. People are going to steal, so why not give them directions on how to do it considerately? Do you think the thief followed directions?

Click ‘Next’ used humor to show how bad a political candidate was.

Political Preferences

Most people dislike a candidate because of serious political actions and opinions. So, their signs showing that disapproval are typically serious and depressing. Even when they do show humor, most of the time that humor is mean spirited no matter which side you’re on, like the “Hillary for Prison” signs I saw online.

Lawn Signs 43

This Pittsburgh resident brought light hearted humor into his signs of disapproval. Each of these signs shows a preference or action that is unfavorable to Pittsburghers, like preferring Hunt’s ketchup over Heinz or hating pierogis. These signs are fun because they’re not attacking Trump’s political views or personal character. Instead, they show how ridiculous some of the negative signs out there are. They bring some humor to a very heated political moment, which is much needed and appreciated.

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Around elections, every house on a block can display a sign supporting a candidate. Some are humorous, some are serious, and some are for fictional characters, like the “Bender 2016” signs. I think my political opinions are my business, so I don’t like to put out candidate signs. When you’re the only house on the block without one, it’s easy to feel left out, though.

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Dan Payton figured out how to put out a sign without sharing his political beliefs. This sign is funny because it’s a lighthearted way to point out how everyone shares their beliefs on literal signs outside of their houses. Maybe Dan Payton just believes in himself? Although, he might have just wanted the sign, as the sign points out. Either way, I’m considering getting a sign like this for the next election.

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Hoarder Shopping Spree

My mom and her friends are definitely hoarders. They spend every weekend in nice weather trolling yard sales for new trinkets and items they don’t need to bring home. Hey, it makes them happy, so I don’t complain. A purge in my mom’s house is rare, so it might be the perfect selling point for a yard sale.

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If I was a yard sale frequent shopper, I might laugh and follow this sign. It’s a funny sales tactic, and it shows that they actually have a lot of stuff to sell. Plus, the pink poster board and black lettering look nice, so that’s a sign that maybe the stuff isn’t just junk. If I still lived with my mom, I might steer her away from this paradise for the sake of her wallet and house, though.

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Over the Hill Ville

As I’ve said before, getting older makes me nervous. It’s not just because there are less years ahead, but because you slow down and have more aches and pains. The only parts of aging I’m excited about are to stop working, get senior discounts, and get away with saying crazy stuff. No one questions when Grandpa says something crazy, do they?

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There are tons of funny yard sign collections out there for birthdays, some of which we’ve looked at. This one is funny, but it’s a realistic, hard-hitting funny for me. As you age, you want less birthday celebrations. You’re over the hill. You’re slow, and you have aches and pains. At least this collection acknowledges all of that with the humor of traffic signs. That eases the blow a little.

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Morbid Sale

When someone passes, the family does have to deal with the things they left behind. I’ve been to a few official estate sales in the past, but I’ve never seen someone host a yard sale to get the job done. I guess that might be just as efficient as an estate sale, although maybe more emotional.

Lawn Signs 47

This sign made me laugh because it’s so uncomfortably straightforward. Most people disguise the concept of death under the word “estate,” but this person is incredibly blunt with the phrase “Grampa finally died sale.” I don’t think I want to buy something from a sale like this because dead peoples’ things freak me out. I do want to see what a sale like this looks like, though. Do you think Grampa is actually dead? Maybe this is just a, very bizarre, marketing tactic?

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