Lavish Lifestyle’s of the Rich and Famous: 10 Billionaire’s and The Cars They Drive

We all have that one dream car that we would love to drive if we had an unlimited amount of money or resources at our fingertips.

Unfortunately, we might not be able to stretch our finances to afford the likes of a Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, or a Bentley.


There are the elite few in the world, however, who have an unlimited amount of money at their fingertips. These billionaires can afford any luxury vehicle, vintage automobile, or custom ride they desire.

If you are a car aficionado and would like to live vicariously through the lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous, follow along as we review 10 billionaires and the cars they drive.

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1. Vijay Mallya

Wealthy businessman, Dr. Vijay Mallya is at the head of several successful businesses. When he is not busy running his professional life, he enjoys driving one of his over 260 cars, which date as far back as 1913.

This 100-year old, vintage Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost is perhaps the oldest car in the billionaire’s collection. The silver ghost name was the luxury car manufacturers first claim on making the “best car in the world.” This car is also considered the most valuable car in the world.

Luxury Cars 1

Mallya’s vast collection includes the most unique designs ever produced by Mercedes-Benz.  Keep reading.

Luxury Cars 2

Vijay Mallya has a wide range of cars, one of them includes a very rare and unique design produced by Mercedes.

The 1955 Mercedes-Benz SLR 300 Gullwing was introduced in 1954 as a two seat coupe and is the fastest production car of its time. What is remarkable about the car is the gull-wing doors, which are hinged at the roof, rather than the side. This particular model was pioneered by Mercedes-Benz as a 1952 300SL race car.

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2. Bill Gates

You might know the name Bill Gates for co-founding Microsoft, which is the most successful tech company in the world. He also happens to be the richest man in the world and a very generous philanthropist. With all that money, it makes sense that he has an impressive automobile collection to match it.

Gates has a love for Porsche, and as such, he has collected quite a few over the years. When the Porsche 959 was built in the 80s, it was the most impressive car the company had ever made. Gates got his hands on the rare pre-production model, which is now referred to as the “Gates 959.”

Luxury Cars 3

Gates has a need for speed, so he had to purchase this car. Keep reading to see what it was.

Luxury Cars 4

As a self-proclaimed lover of speed and all things Porsche, it only makes sense that Gates owns the Porsche 911 Carrera. The Carrera model is loved by car collectors and thrills seekers for its amazing design and top speed.

This high performance sports car is modified and used by private teams for racing and automotive competitions. It is considered one of the fastest cars in the world, next to the Porsche 918 spyder.

Business conglomerate Ratan Tata has an affection for a certain type of car, can you guess what kind? Keep reading.

3.  Ratan Tata

Indian business conglomerate, Ratan Tata maintains a garage of vast automobiles, which range from sports cars to vintage automobiles, and SUV’s. Perhaps, one of his favorite cars is his Cadillac XLR convertible, because he has an affection for American cars.

The Cadillac XLR convertible is the flagship luxury roadster with its own unique style, suspension, and design. This car is also rare, as it ended production in 2009.

Luxury Cars 5

Tata is not a fan of vintage cars, but he made an exception. Keep reading to find out why.

Luxury Cars 6

Ratan Tata is not a vintage car collector, but this Buick Super 8 made it into his garage as a rare exception and has been kept in superior shape.

The Buick Super was produced between 1940 through 1958 at a time when production was in high-demand, which contributed to the rarity of these vehicles. Buick specials and supers both come with three-speed manual transmissions and column-mounted shifters. Other Buick models during that time used standard Dyna flow.

He founded Facebook, and you might be able to afford this car payment. Click to see it.

4. Mark Zuckerberg

As the founder of Facebook and one of the richest men in the world, Mark Zuckerberg can have his pick from any car he wants. As it turns out, this billionaire believes in living the modest lifestyle, which is reflected in a few of his cars.

The VW Golf GTI, for example, is one of his more modest purchases, it is a small family car that you do not have to be a billionaire to own. The Golf is Volkswagen’s second-bestselling model, with over 29 million built since 2012.

Luxury Cars 7

Zuckerberg did splurge on one car; you will never guess what it is. Keep reading to see it.

Luxury Cars 8

Zuckerberg did splurge on a Pagani Huayra, which is reportedly $1.3 million dollars. This Italian sports car is produced by Pagani and named after Huayra-Tata, which was a South American wind God. The aptly named automobile won Top Gear Magazine’s “Hypercar of the Year.”

The allure of this vehicle is centered around its speed, luxury, and exclusivity. In 2015, it was reported that the Pagani Huayra had been sold out, which would exceed its 100 limited units.

This Fortune 500 company owner owns a 19th century version of this popular luxury car? Click next!

5. Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani is the owner of a Fortune 500 company and one of India’s most valuable businesses. He is arguably the wealthiest man in the country. In addition to his business savvy, Ambani is well-known for his large collection of luxury cars.

Among them is the Maybach 62, which is enough to make anyone green with envy. Ambani owns the Daimler AG, a revival of the Maybach series from the early 19th century. This car is so luxurious that it beat out the Rolls-Royce and the Bentley in the 2008 Luxury Brand Status Index.

Luxury Cars 9

Ambani owns the most powerful four-door Bentley ever. Have you seen it? Keep reading.

Luxury Cars 10

Along with his Maybach, Ambani also has a Bentley Flying Spur, which is the most powerful four-door car that the manufacturer makes. This vehicle can go from 0-100 mph in 4.3 seconds and features a twin turbo W12 engine with an eight-speed gearbox.

The flying spur offers several handcrafted details and masculine features including an upright chrome grille, bumper insert, and alloy wheels.

This Bollywood actor has over 11 luxury cars. Click for more.

6. Amitabh Bachchan

Indian film actor, Amitabh Bachchan, or “Big B,” is one of the most famous actors of Bollywood. If you do not recognize him from his acting, you may know him from his stunning collection of luxurious cars.

Among his collection is a Mercedes-Benz S320, which is a series of flagship vehicles designed by the luxury manufacturer. The “S,” stands for Sonderklasse, which refers to a specially outfitted car and can be seen in the company’s advanced technologies and design.

Luxury Cars 11

Have you seen Bachchan’s custom Range Rover SUV? Keep reading to find out all about his luxury ride.

Luxury Cars 12

The Bollywood superstar also owns a customized 4-wheel drive SUV, with a customized interior specially designed for the star. Land Rover Range Rover is a 4-wheel drive SUV that comes equipped with a 4.4-litre, V8 engine that can accelerate from 0-100 in 6.9 seconds.

Land Rover offers several customization options including dashboard trims, and leather colors. This car, however, most likely has several extras added for the actor, which Jaguar Land Rover chose not to disclose.

This CEO drives his own cars. What does this mean? Click through to see.

7. Elon Musk

It would make sense for this next billionaire to have a collection of enviable cars because it is his mission to redefine transportation on Earth. Elon Musk is the co-founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors, and Space Exploration Technologies. Naturally, Elon loves Tesla’s and drives them on a regular basis

As the CEO, Musk launched Tesla with a mission to help prove that electric cars would work better than gasoline-powered cars. Since that time, Tesla has sold more than 2,400 Roadsters in over 30 countries.

Luxury Cars 13

Musk does drive some gasoline powered cars. Keep reading to find out what he prefers.

Luxury Cars 14

When Musk is not driving his own cars, he does show a preference to the McLaren F1, in fact, he even calls it his most favorite automobile. McLaren is a British automotive manufacturer who set out to make the finest sports car in the world.

The design had taken four years of meticulous planning, design, and engineering before it was perfectly crafted. Once completed, only 106 of these vehicles exclusive cars were produced.

If you had this billionaire’s car collection, you would head straight to snapchat. Click to see for yourself.

8. Evan Spiegel

Founder and CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, always had luxury cars growing up, so when he rose to success, it made sense to begin a collection. Following a huge financing round last year, the billionaire bought himself a Ferrari F430.

The Ferrari F430, made its debut at the 2004 Paris Motor show and precedes the 360 versions. It was designed to improve aerodynamic efficiency, but shares many of the same features. The engine features enable this vehicle to reach 196 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds. This Ferrari is quite special because Spiegel purchased it with his own money.

Luxury Cars 15

The Spiegel family owns five luxury cars, which include three Lexus and this car. Can you guess what? Keep reading.

Luxury Cars 16

In addition to the Ferrari that Spiegel purchased for himself, the family owns five luxury cars, three of them are Lexus sports cars, and one is a 1966 Mustang. Many car aficionados love Ford Mustangs for its signature long hood, short deck, and bucket seats. The Mustang name is so popular that the company sold a million cars within the first two years of placing vehicles on sale.

This particular model is so popular for its engine, top speed, and customizable options. Many vintage car lovers appreciate it’s signature look and timeless luxury.

You might not be green with envy because this billionaire has a rag to riches story. Click “Next”

9. Larry Ellison

Tech entrepreneur Larry Ellison and founder of the successful database company Oracle has a true rag to riches story. After rising to success from nothing as a child, he now is the third richest man in the United States. Along with his wealth he has purchased an island, jets, yachts, and several luxury cars.

One car in his fleet is a Lexus LFA, which is a supercar in every sense of the word. In fact, many car enthusiasts compare it to a formula one racecar. The entire car from beginning to end, has been called the entire package.

Luxury Cars 17

Ellison likes this next car so much, he hands them out as presents Keep reading to see what it is.

Luxury Cars 18

Another car in the Ellison garage is the Acura NSX, which he regularly hands out to friends as presents. This two-seat sports car is manufactured by Honda, who made the car with a commitment to exceed the V8 Ferrari range.

The goal was to match the engine’s range with a lower price point and reliability that customers can count on. The concept caught on and evolved into NSX, which stands for “new sports car experimental.”

What does the co-founder of Google drive?  Click “Next,” to see.

10. Larry Page

Internet entrepreneur Larry Page has an estimated net worth of over $30 billion. As the co-founder of Google, he can have his pick from any car on the road, but this tech mogul chose to go green.

One of his favorite cars is the Tesla Roadster, which is a battery electric vehicle produced by Tesla motors. The roadster is the first electric car to use lithium-ion cells and travel over 200 miles per charge. This roadster has sold over 2,450 vehicles worldwide.

Luxury Cars 19

Page owns another environmentally-friendly car. Do you know which one it is? Keep reading to see it.

Luxury Cars 20

It turns out that most of this billionaire’s vehicles are clean, environmentally friendly vehicles like this Toyota Prius hybrid mid-sized hatchback.

This vehicle is perhaps the cleanest car in the world based on vehicle and smog emissions. It was also the world’s first mass-produced the gas-electric hybrid car. The car offers some cool features including climate control with air, dust, and pollen filtration at the push of a button.

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