Little Girl Lost: New Leads Bring Hope To Amy Mihalijevic Case

Before other little girls like Shasta Groene, Shakira Johnson, and Natalee Holloway went missing, there was a cute little tomboy named Amy that disappeared. That little girl hated the picture with her hair braided to the left, but it was that pic that would be posted everywhere.

Amy Mihalijevic was just 10-years-old when she was kidnapped and murdered. Although the tragic crime took place in Ohio, the news of the elementary student gained nationwide attention. The case was deeply investigated, but the person responsible for Amy’s death has never been found.

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She was abducted in October 1989, and for several months, the search for her continued. Her image, the one she despised with her eyes half closed, but a smile on her face, was plastered to bulletin boards and telephone poles, flashed on every news station in the country, and was printed in newspapers nationwide.

The case of Amy Mihalijevic gained so much attention that her unsolved abduction and murder became one of the first criminal cases that John Walsh presented on the television show America’s Most Wanted. To date, the person that took this little girl, and murdered her, has yet to be found, but new evidence has given the case renewed hope.

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