Monthly Guideline to Costa Rica: When Should You Visit Central America?

Close your eyes and think about a perfect tropical vacation. What would you want it to have? A diverse, and vibrant culture? Some fantastic beaches and full rainforests? Excellent weather with breathtaking natural beauty? If you answered yes to those questions, you’re looking for Costa Rica.

visit-costa-ricaThe small country located in Central America is between Nicaragua and Panama. It offers everything from coastlines with black volcanic sand, white sand beaches, and rugged coves. What’s the best time of year to visit?

January to February

Costa Rica’s dry season is just beginning in January, so you get to have sunny days but still experience lush and green forestry. The Christmas and New Year crowds flee quickly, so you get cheaper rates. There are also fewer tourists.

Local farmers are beginning the coffee harvest during January and February, so it’s the perfect time to take in coffee tastings and farm tours. Additionally, February is the month of Envision festival. Locals celebrate with art, yoga, music, glitter, and dance.

March to April

Spring is a popular time to travel to Costa Rica. It’s still green, though as you get deeper into the dry season, some areas are noticeably dried out. The average temperature in spring ranges from 70 to 90 degrees.

River levels do drop during the spring, which makes rafting impossible but you can still surf. Also, the Poas Volcano is always visible without fog and hiking through the rainforest is recommended. If you don’t like crowds, avoid spring break and Costa Rica’s Semana Santa; tourist levels spike drastically during that time.

May and June

For Costa Rica, the rainy season starts up in May. You see the rivers filling up again after the dry season, so there are plenty of sea turtle spottings. If you are a surfing enthusiast, you should note that the rise in water creates significant swells that you can take advantage of. There are noticeably fewer tourists when the weather cools off, so you can find great rates and vacant spaces.

July and August

Summer is off-season time in Costa Rica, but the rain does let up, so it’s beautiful weather. Once you hit the heart of the summer, it’s the best time to get in some rafting; it’s the perfect time for outdoor adventurists.

September to December

On the Pacific side of Costa Rica, the end of the year is typically the wettest time. However, there is less rain on the Caribbean side.

One of the most celebrated events of the year, the Limon Carnival, happens in October. It celebrates the Afro-Caribbean Culture in a twelve-day street party. While the weather isn’t the greatest, the party is always worth it.

Winter is the cheapest time of year to visit Costa Rica, and it’s not jammed up with tourists. Keep in mind that once the holidays hit, the travel season starts and tourists from all over the world visit Costa Rica for Christmas and New Year’s.

costa-ricaThere isn’t a bad time to visit Costa Rica; it just depends on what type of adventures suit you best. If you prefer to spend your time relaxing on the beach in the heat, it’s typically better to visit during the dry season. However, if you’re an adventurist, the rainy season and end of the year would suit you better.

Have you been to Costa Rica? What time of year did you go?

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Monthly Guideline to Costa Rica: When Should You Visit Central America?

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