Mysteries Science Can’t Explain

When we find something that we can’t explain, we usually turn to science. However, what happens when science can’t explain something to us? There are a number of mysteries out there that are still unexplained, and in this case, science cannot give us any answer.

It seems that as much as humans love mysteries, science loves to debunk them. Though scientists do their best to take the mystery out of mysteries, many of them continue to stump even the best scientists in the world. Science never gives up though, it will continue to look for answers until there are no more questions to be asked and you have to appreciate that tenacity.

Sometimes though, science just seems to be unable to close the deal and below is a list of the top ten mysteries science still can’t explain.

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Walking Rocks in California’s Death Valley

One of the coolest things you might ever see is a valley of rocks moving along the dessert floor, all by themselves. You can’t just go anywhere and see it, and it doesn’t happen all the time, but at Racetrack Playa in California you can see everything from small pebbles to ginormous boulders weighing over 700 pounds skate across the desert floor, leaving behind a noticeable track as a monument of its movement.

Scientists have been trying for years to explain how the rocks in this one area are able to move unassisted and have as many theories as a desert cactus has thorns.


How do those rocks roll?  Check below to see if your hypothesis is a common one.


Scientists have spent countless hours observing, debating and collecting data and finally they have an answer, maybe.  All theories have been researched, everything from the ground is uneven and the rocks are slowly sliding down to high winds are moving the rocks to magnetic pull is causing the rocks to move based on their geological makeup.  The most believable theory is that due to extremely cold winter nights and the air freezing at ground level, a perfect storm, so to say, must happen for the rocks to move.

After the large rocks are frozen to the nighttime ground, the sun begins to rise and warm things up allowing the ice to melt. Once that happens the rocks are able to “skim” across the icy surface until it’s melted.  This theory works really well until you factor in that the scientists have not been able to prove this on small pebbles and rocks, which leaves them back with no real answer. It’s an unsolved mystery and it’s back to the think tank for this one.

the Nazca lines are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Click Next To Check It Out!

Nazca Lines

Found in Peru, in the Pampa desserts, the Nazca lines are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The lines, which are technically geoglyphs, are many miles long and were created by ancient civilizations removing both dirt and the red rock typically found in the area to a depth of about one foot, leaving behind a light colored sand creating a sort of reverse negative picture.  In many regions, geoglyphs like this wouldn’t last due to weather, however since Nazca is so protected from wind, rain and erosion, the Nazca Lines have survived for well over 2000 years.

The geoglyphs are so large, and cover so much terrain, that even though they were discovered in 1926, it wasn’t until commercial airline flights began in the 1930s that humans realized the extent of this discovery. From the sky, it was much easier to see how enormous the Lines actually were, and for the first time scientists and archeologists were able to see most of the geometric patterns and actual pictures that the lines created.


What could these lines be used for? Keep reading for a surprise.


Scientists have been disagreeing for years about the lines; not only their origins but also about what they were used for and some 90 years later still can’t agree.  Some scientist believe the lines were created by the Nazca people for varied reasons while others still believe that it’s possible that the Nazca had help from extraterrestrials. The main explanations for the use of the lines is as varied as some of the lines themselves, ideas ranging from the lines were used as sort of a road map so the villagers wouldn’t get lost to the lines were used as an irrigation system, and in an area that received only about 20 inches of rain a year, this sounds reasonable.

A few other theories include that the lines could act like an astronomical calendar or possibly was religion based and created for the gods in honor to them or as a means to garner their forgiveness. However the Nazca lines were created and used, it is clear that this mystery has kept our scientists busy, and confused, for many years. With the discovery just a few years ago of even more lines, it appears they will have their hands full for a little while more.

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Modern Watch Found in Ancient Tomb

This may be the perfect unsolved mystery, if you are a Dr. Who fan that is.  A few years back, in 2008 to be precise, archeologists in China were excavating an ancient tomb in Shangsi County that dates back to the Ming Dynasty and is roughly 400 years old.  While attempting to remove the tomb, a piece of rock dislodged and fell to the ground.

When one of the archeologists picked it up and began examining it, the true mystery of the tomb began to emerge.  Not a rock at all, the very small article turned out to be a Swiss watch that couldn’t be more than 100 years old.  The watch, sized to fit on a woman’s finger much like a modern ring, stopped running at 10:06 and though caked in dirt, it was still easy to make out the word “Swiss” imprinted on the backside of the watch.


How Does an Unopened Tomb Get Modern Jewelry in It? See below for Possible Answers.


The mystery continues to build as archeologists believe that the tomb where the ring was found was undisturbed and that they were the first to open it. Also confusing is where would this ring have come from? The watch has created many more questions than can be answered, but as scientists do, they keep asking.

Who would have wanted to plant an article here? Could it have been washed here by heavy rains? Is it an elaborate hoax by the archeologists involved in the dig, or possibly a terrible prank played out on a society that seems to thrive on the unexpected? We may never know the answers, but we can be certain as long as it’s a mystery, someone will be investigating it.

Are all mushrooms just mushrooms, or is there more to them. See below for the answer.

Fairy Rings mushrooms

As unusual as a candy ring, these Fairy rings have more mystery behind them then one would expect.  Large circles of mushrooms have been found, and researched, and science can’t quite explain them.

The fairy Rings can be found in woodlands or grassy areas and are almost always in a mostly-perfect circle.  Their emergence has no ties to rain, drought, sun, clouds, or any other meteorological measurement; they just seem to appear.


Do you believe in Fae and Fairy? Read on to see why so many do.


There are so many scientific questions around these circles that it’s almost more believable to seek out old folklore and see if it has anything to say about fairy rings.  Fairy rings have been described in folklore since the beginning and the rings are said to be the place where Fae and Fairy come together to dance.

These magical beings are very powerful and can be very dangerous so the ring of mushroom is to warn humans away from the area and possible danger. Science still can’t figure it out so until they do, it might be safer to not enter a fairy circle if you come across one.

Is up always up?  Read below for the surprising answer.

New Brunswick Magnetic Hill

This may be one of the craziest unexplained mysteries yet.  Every year numerous visitors head to New Brunswick in their car to experience an unexplained mystery.  We’ve all been taught about gravity and that if you throw an apple in the air it will fall, any of you who drive have also been taught that if you don’t put your car in park on a hill that it’s going to roll down that hill.

Here is where New Brunswick gets a little weird.  If you drive to a certain point on the road and put your car in neutral, you can actually watch your car drive uphill. In neutral, with no gas, and did we mention uphill?


Is the road really going uphill or is this an elaborate hoax? Keep reading to find out.


While scientists have tried for many years to explain this, it’s just not working. You will hear everything from “it’s really not uphill, it just looks it” to “gravitational pull is at work especially hard here”, to “the magnetic pull is stronger here” but the bottom line is there is not a good explanation for why your car drives uphill by itself.

This mystery isn’t only found on Magnetic Road either. There are dozens of places in the world where you can see this phenomenon at work.

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Bermuda Triangle Pyramids

Possibly the oldest and biggest mystery science can’t explain, The Bermuda Triangle continues to baffle humanity with her secrets.  Beginning in 1800, when the USS Pickering disappeared along with her 90 passengers, the Bermuda Triangle has gained notoriety as planes and ships alike seem to disappear once they enter her borders.

Located in the North Atlantic, roughly between the south tip of Florida on the western border, Puerto Rico to the Southeast and Bermuda to the Northeast, the Triangle has for over 200 years continued to elude a scientific reasoning for the strange happenings within her borders.


Could the Bermuda Triangle Mystery be solved? Keep reading to find out.


Two large glass, or crystal-like, pyramids have been found on the Triangle’s seabed, almost 6600 feet deep. These pyramids have been measured and appear to be larger than the Egyptian Pyramids measuring at an amazing 650 feet in height.

Both pyramids appear to have two giant holes near the top, and it is believed these holes cause the sea water that is rushing in to create massive surge waves on the surface of the ocean which could explain all the mystery surrounding the many disappearances in the area. It does seem a bit ironic that one mystery science can’t explain could be solved by another that can’t be explained scientifically either.

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Naga Fireballs

Once a year, toward the end of October, a mystery takes over the river and sky at Thailand’s Mekong River.  For longer than the oldest resident can remember, the river lights up with hundreds to thousands of fireballs which can shoot over 300 feet in the air.

The fireballs are bright red and can be so small you can just barely see it or they can be as big as a basketball.  The fireballs gently rise in the night air into the heavens where they are no longer visible.


Are these Fireballs Coincidence or Heavenly Intervention? See Below for the Answer.


Due to the timing of the fireballs each year which happens during the Buddhist celebration commemorating Buddha’s return as Naga, the sea serpent, most devout Buddhist believe that the fireballs signify Buddha honoring the end of Vassa.

Scientists have, for years, held on to the explanation that either oarfish in the water or swamp gas, which is the buildup of methane that finally releases into the air with a burst of fire, is what the Naga Fire balls really are. Neither of these opinions solve the mystery, and may only add to it, since the Naga Fireballs happen only once a year at the same time.  So science, good guess, but this one needs a bit more work to be considered solved.

Does the universe have any Empty Space? See below for the answer.

Blank Spot in the Universe

This one is for the astronomy people out there. A few years ago, during a routine study of the night sky, astronomers stumbled into a big hole, literally.  Finding a small void is nothing new, and several small ones have been recorded in the past.

What makes this extraordinary is the sheer size of it? Imagine an area over one billion light years across with no stars, planets, galaxies, black holes, dark matter, just absolutely nothing.  It is over 1000 times bigger than anything previously seen or expected.


Is this Empty Space dangerous? Keep Reading to find out.


Astronomers have been researching this void since they first found it and are not much closer to an answer. What they can agree on is that a void this large is not normal, what is still unknown is why it is so big. Could the void be close enough to an area with more gravity and mass that over billions of years, the empty spot lost its mass to the stronger one? Could it be an anomaly that we just haven’t seen before? Is it possible that there is matter inside that we can’t see?  So many questions, but no scientific answers which leaves this empty space in the unexplained mystery category.

Costa Rican Spheres

This one is pretty weird as far as mysteries go. Where would hundreds of round, stone balls come from, who would make them, and what are they for? In Costa Rica, mainly along the Terraba River, these perfectly round spheres were found and are believed to have been created around 600 A.D. that’s over 1400 years ago for those who are counting.

Numbering over 300 and ranging in size from just over a couple inches clear up to over six feet in circumference and weighing up to 17 tons, these balls continue to mystify scientists.


What are these spheres for, the answer might be surprising.


Possibly the most interesting facet of these spheres is figuring out how a people well over a thousand years ago made perfect spheres with no power tools, and what they made them for.  The best guess so far as to how they were made includes everything from the spheres washed up after a storm via a tidal wave to the belief that the people of Atlantis actually built them and left them there for the ancient villagers to find.  Possibly the most interesting belief is that the Costa Ricans had a magic potion of some sort that allowed them to manipulate rock into whatever form they desired. Interestingly since these spheres are rock and therefor very heavy, not many ideas have been brought forth as to what they were used for. The idea most believable is that the spheres lined the way, through the village, to the home of the Chief as a form of honor.

We’ve gone over the top ten mysteries of the world that science hasn’t been able to figure out, and there are hundreds more waiting for an answer. A good question now might be, how many mysteries haven’t we even discovered yet?  Humans love mysteries, we love the not knowing, the guessing and the speculation, and so as long as we travel and make new discoveries, scientists will continue to try and demystify our findings.

The mysteries of the animal world is vast, and one about cows is head scratching. Click ‘Next” to learn more.

Cows Always Face North or South When Eating

There is no denying that there are a lot of mysteries in the animal world, and one such mystery has to do with cows. If you are like most of us, you have seen a cow graze along a pasture. What you might not realize, however, is that they always face north or south when they eat.

It’s interesting to notice that we didn’t actually observe this behavior until we really started to use satellite images on a day to day basis, such as Google Earth. Scientists discovered that cows face either north or south when eating, simply by observing them on Google Earth. Cows are not the only animals that have behaviors that are determined by direction, but why do they do it?


There are a couple of theories about why cows do this. Do you have an idea? Keep reading.



There are several theories as to why cows eat facing either north or south, but thus far, the exact reason remains a mystery. One theory is that cows can sense magnetic north or south, so they naturally face these directions. Naked mole rats do something similar, in fact, so it’s not as outlandish as it might sound.

Another theory is that cows sense the way that the wind blows, and even a slight breeze can make them uncomfortable. Since wind rarely comes directly from the north or the south, it makes sense, when you consider that cows don’t like the wind in their faces, that they would face away from it.

Finally, some simply believe that cows just like facing north or south, and there is no good reason for it except for personal preference.

There is another animal mystery that science can’t solve, and you might have this animal in your home. Click ‘Next!’

Scientists Don’t Know Why or How Cat’s Purr

If you have a cat, you know that they purr. Most of the time we believe that they purr when they are happy or content, but that’s not the whole story. Not only do we not know 100 percent why cats purr, we also don’t know how cats purr.

Most cats purr, even the big cats, like cheetahs and cougars. However, why they purr might be much more than simply feeling happy and comfortable. For example, some cats have been observed purring when they are upset or frightened, such as when they go to the vet. So, the theory that cats only purr when they are happy is just not true. A better theory is that cats purr for self-soothing, and that it has nothing to do with being happy or not…they just feel like they need a little bit of therapy.



Cats that don’t purr can’t roar, and cats that roar can’t purr. Why? Keep reading.

The purr of a cat begins in its brain, and they use their diaphragm and larynx muscles to produce the soft sound, which occurs both as they inhale and exhale. The muscles twitch at a rate of about 25 to 150 vibrations each second. The physical reasons for the purr is not the mystery. What is so mysterious is that scientists have no idea how the cat’s central nervous system can generate and control the production of the purr.

What’s even more mysterious is that cats are not the only animals that purr. Bet you didn’t know that! Animals such as guinea pigs, raccoons, hyenas, and mongooses also purr, and like cats, it’s not just that they are happy. This is one of the biggest mysteries of the animal kingdom, and scientists are no closer to finding the answer than they were in the 19th century.

We all do a very simple behavior, but why we do it is unknown. Click ‘Next’ to learn more!

Science Cannot Explain Why We Yawn

We begin yawning from birth, and we are not the only creatures on earth that yawn, either. So, why do we do it? Well, it might surprise you to hear that science doesn’t have an answer for this. What is even more of a mystery is that the act of yawning tends to be contagious among social animals, such as humans, monkeys, and dogs.

You might believe the popular myth that we yawn because when we are tired, our bodies need a bit more oxygen, so naturally, the body uses yawning to bring more air in. This, however, is only a myth. There is absolutely no evidence that yawning has any impact on the oxygen in our bodies, nor does it affect our blood pressure or heart rate.



One theory believes that our brains tell us to yawn when something happens. What is it? Keep reading.



There are several theories about why we yawn. One has to do with the brain. Some research, though not all, shows that yawning might be a way for us to cool our brains down when it gets overheated. For instance, when a person holds a cold pack on their head, they yawn only 9 percent of the time. When the head is warmer, such as when holding a hot pack to the head, people yawn 41 percent of the time.

This sounds logical, right? It is, but it still doesn’t explain the other mystery of yawning…why it is contagious. Approximately 70 percent of people are affected and yawn when they see someone else yawn. Even a photo or reading about yawning can make you yawn, so odds are good that you have yawned since you started reading this, right?

A mysterious book that is unexplained by science? It’s pretty interesting…keep clicking!

The Voynich Manuscript

Called the “Most Mysterious Manuscript in the World,” the Voynich Manuscript is a book that scientists simply cannot explain. Scientists believe that the book dates back to the 15th century, based on the material is it made of, but language in the 15th century would be recognizable to historians…and no one recognizes the language in this book.

To make things even more mysterious, the book is filled with illustrations of plants, but scientists, including some of the leading botanists in the world, are unable to recognize many of these plants. Since monks and other educated people were categorizing plants by the time researchers believe this book was made, there is no logical reason that these mysterious plants would appear in this book. So, where did it come from and what does it mean?



There are some interesting illustrations in this book. Keep reading to learn more about them.



Many believe that the Voynich Manuscript is possibly a medical text based on some of the botanical illustrations, but that is only a small part of the book. The manuscript is actually made up of six different sections, each of which have a different subject matter and style. These sections have illustrations on almost every page, and the final section contains text, only. The sections of the book are Astronomical, Biological, Cosmological, Herbal, Pharmaceutical, and Recipes.

As for the text section, it seems to be written in a left to right manner, which is how most western civilizations write. Additionally, it is broken up into paragraphs, but it has no known punctuation. The glyphs, which you can see in the photos here, are without much repetition, and there is a pattern, which indicates whatever language this is was written in a similar manner to modern writing. For more than a century, people have been trying to interpret the Voynich Manuscript, and as of now, no one has a clue about what it means.

How can an entire lake full of jellyfish simply become empty? It happened, and can’t be explained. Keep clicking.

The Disappearance of the Eil Malk Jellyfish

In the nation of Palau, there is a lake where jellyfish thrive. The lake is more than 12,000 years old, and a major tourist attractions. It would be pretty cool to swim with these jellyfish, after all.

What’s so cool about these jellyfish is that twice each day, they swim from one side of the lake to the other side, as they follow the rays and warmth of the sun that comes into the water. You might think this is the big mystery, but this phenomenon is easily explained. What isn’t explained, however, is how and why all of the jellyfish in the lake…yes, ALL of them…disappeared from 1998 to 2000, and then reappeared as if nothing had happened.



It’s difficult to understand this disappearance for good reason. What is this reason? Keep reading to find out.



Imagine a lake filled with more than 10 million jellyfish one day, and then the next…nada. There are a couple of theories as to why this happened, but no one knows for sure. One theory is that the jellyfish were poisoned. In this lake, there is a layer of hydrogen sulfide approximately 15 meters below the lake’s surface. If this had gotten stirred up somehow, the jellyfish would die. Another theory is that the water temperature rose, which killed the jellyfish. Others believe that an algae bloom of some sort could have lowered the oxygen in the lake, which, of course, would kill the jellyfish.

Finding out why this occurred is difficult. First, the island where the lake is located is not inhabited, so no regular monitoring of the lake occurs. Additionally, it takes about 45 minutes by boat to reach the island from the closest inhabited island, so not a lot of people go. What happened is a mystery, but it is obvious as to why the jellyfish eventually returned…when conditions were right, polyps that had been left behind grew due to a form of asexual reproduction, once again filling the lake with jellyfish.

Have you ever wondered if true silence exists? It does, and it is a total mystery. Click ‘Next’ for more.

The Zone of Silence

All of us enjoy a bit of silence every once in a while, but did you know that there is a place where certain noise is impossible? Called the “Zone of Silence,” a stretch of the Chihuahua desert in Mexico is truly unique. It is impossible to get television or radio signals in the area, and your cell phone will certainly never work. Why does this happen? Scientists have no idea.

Whatever is happening in the Zone of Silence has to be some type of natural phenomenon, and it’s likely that it has to do with some type of magnetic properties. It is only these properties that would make it impossible to get radio or television signals.



The lack of signals isn’t the only mystery surrounding the Zone of Silence. Keep reading for more.



Though the Zone of Silence is mostly known for its weird anti-radio/television signal properties, there are other mysteries surrounding it, too. For instance, in 1970, a missile was fired from a military base in the U.S. It landed, without explanation, in the Zone of Silence. You might think, that’s not a big deal, but the intended target of the missile was 400 miles away from where the missile actually landed.

When the Apollo project broke up, several parts of the structure also were found in the Zone of Silence. Additionally, the largest known meteorite to ever enter the atmosphere landed here. It is also interesting to note that the Zone of Silence is aligned geographically to the Tropic of Cancer. What else is aligned with the Tropic of Cancer? The famed Bermuda Triangle, another highly mysterious geographical place that scientists cannot fully explain.

Mysterious migrations also leave scientists scratching their heads, especially when it doesn’t happen annually. Keep clicking to learn more.

The Monarch Migration

Scientists really don’t know much about the motivation of insects, and this is especially true when considering monarch butterflies. We know that monarchs follow a migration pattern, but how and why they do this remains mysterious.

These orange and black butterflies start their journey in central and eastern North America, and when they are done, they end up in a very small area in central Mexico. This might not seem extremely mysterious, but when you consider that they travel to the same group of trees, things get a bit creepy. To add to this, the butterflies do not travel each year…nor does every generation of monarchs travel. Only every fifth generation does, so it’s impossible that the butterflies could learn where to go.



How many miles do some of these butterflies travel? It’s shocking! Keep reading to find out.


To make the mystery of the monarch migration even more interesting than it already is, some of these butterflies are traveling up to 4,000 miles. To get an idea of how far this really is, consider that New York and Los Angeles are only about 2800 miles away from each other by car, so the butterflies are going much further than that.

As with many of these mysteries, there are some theories that scientists have about the migration phenomenon. Some, for instance, believe that the butterflies have some sort of built in instinct to fly south. But, that doesn’t explain why only the fifth generation of butterflies go. It also might have something to do with the position of the sun. Researchers have found that, most commonly, monarchs travel with the sun to their left. Whatever the cause, scientists believe that the antennae of the butterflies serve as internal GPS devices.

Sounds can be quite mysterious, too, especially when many people hear it and scientists can’t explain it. Keep clicking!

The Taos Hum

The city of Taos, New Mexico, is known for being a celebrity hot-spot and artsy, liberal community. It is also known for a mysterious sound that up to 10 percent of the people who live there, can hear. This sound is known as the Taos Hum.

The sound was first noted in the early 1990s, and people who could hear the hum, though only a small percent of the population, described it as a humming, buzzing, or whirring sound. Some people who can hear the hum also found that they had higher levels of anxiety than those who could not hear the hum. In fact, some people found the hum so annoying and their anxiety so high that they moved out of the area. What happened then? They did not hear any hum and their anxiety disappeared.



There are a number of theories on the hum, but scientists can’t settle on one. What are they? Keep reading.



There are a number of theories about what the Taos hum is. Some people believe that it is simply people making it up, or that those who hear the hum have some type of psychological disorder. Since the people in Taos are known for their free spirits, others blame the phenomenon on marijuana use or hallucinations. Others believe that it could be government experiments or alien technology making the noise. Thus far, however, scientists have no clue.

There have been attempts, of course, to find the source of the sound, and sensitive sound equipment has even been used to pick up the hum. However, after extensive tests, there has never been anything unusual found. Taos is not the only location where residents claim that there is a strange sound that they can hear. Other unexplained sounds occur in Wellington, New Zealand, Bristol, England, and Largs, Scotland.

Several mysterious objects have been found on the surface of the Earth. To learn about one of these, click ‘Next.’

The Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone

Back in 1872, construction workers were digging holes around Lake Winnipesaukee is New Hampshire, and they made a strange discovery approximately six feet below the surface of the ground. What did they find? It was a stone in the shape of an egg with unusual markings on it.

At the time, the egg-shaped stone was quite mysterious, but today, it’s even more-so. When found, the workers believed that it was likely some type of Native American artifact, but modern science certainly has something to say about that. You see, it doesn’t make sense why the stone was found there, nor have scientists been able to determine what it is or where it came from.



What explanations for the stone are available? Not many. Keep reading to learn more.


So, you probably want to know why this stone is so mysterious. First, modern science tells us that the rock is made of quartzite, which is a type of sandstone. This particular type of rock is not found in New Hampshire. Another interesting thing is that there are no other objects that have ever been found in the entire country with a similar design or markings. So, people believe that it’s possible that the rock was brought to the area at some point.

One explanation of what the stone is comes from the journal, The American Naturalist, and this theory is that the stone is some type of treaty between two Native tribes. However, since there is no other evidence of these carvings in any other objects, this is unlikely. Others believe that the rock is some type of ancient tool. There are also theories that it might be Inuit or Celtic in origin, but as for how it got to New Hampshire, it’s anyone’s guess.

Could mysterious artifacts be proof of time travel? Keep clicking ‘Next’ to find out!

The Quimbaya Airplanes

The Quimbaya artifacts were found in Columbia. They are basically solid gold figurines that date back around 2000 years. You might not see the interesting thing about this yet, but when you hear that some of these figurines look like airplanes, you might change your mind.

Yes, the Quimbaya airplanes are small, gold artifacts that are totally aerodynamically perfect. In fact, in 1994, an experiment was done to see if they would fly by using models of the airplanes. To the shock of many, they flew. What is so surprising about these airplanes is that mechanical flight wasn’t invented until 1903, so it would be impossible for the Quimbaya people to know what an airplane is…right?



Some believe that the airplanes came from aliens, others from a time traveler. What’s the answer? Keep reading.


There are a number of theories as to what these airplanes represent, each just as mind-boggling as the next. Of course, some people believe that ancient aliens brought these airplanes or told the Quimbaya people how to make an airplane. Other people believe that time travelers were able to visit the Quimbaya people from the future, and they were the ones who showed them how to make these figurines.

There is yet another theory that the Quimbaya actually were able to master flight and actually used it, but most believe this to be untrue, too. Remember, these date back to the Bronze Age, and there is no other evidence that the Quimbaya actually knew how to fly.

Myth or Reality? Some animals are so mysterious that people don’t even know they are real. Keep clicking!

The Rat King

No, we are not talking about a rat with a little crown. This mystery is much more terrifying than that. We are actually talking about the phenomenon of the rat king. What is a rat king? It is a group of rats that are all intertwined together by their tails. They must move as a group, and once they are together, they do not come apart.

Rat kings are rare, and scientists have no idea how they form. Because of the mystery behind the rat king, and their rarity, some people don’t even believe that they exist. There are estimates that there have only been 35 to 50 rat kings since the first known discovery of one in 1564. Since then, however, most of the reported sightings have been frauds. There are certainly real ones, though, and you can see them in museums around the world.



How large was the biggest rat king we know about? Keep reading to find out.


Rat kings are so mysterious because we have no idea how they form. Rats have full control of their tales, so it would seem odd that they could accidently get connected to five, 10 or even more of their closest friends. The largest rat king ever known consisted of 32 individual rats. What’s even weirder is that these rat kings can survive, and in some cases, thrive, as they all seemingly move together as one group.

Are there rat kings out there now? Probably. The last known sighting of a true rat king was in 2005 in Estonia, but since we don’t find ourselves in the company of rats, it’s likely that there are rat kings out there right now hiding in sewers or abandoned areas.

We have found a few ancient tablets, but one is more mysterious than most. What is it? Click Next!

The Rongorongo Tablets

There are a number of famous tablets out there, such as the Rosetta Stone, that most of us are aware of. However, many tablets have been discovered, and some of them are quite mysterious, such as the Rongorongo Tablets.

Made of wood, these ancient tablets were discovered on Easter Island, a mysterious place in its own right, and they feature glyphs that represent writing…however, the writing has never been deciphered. Some people believe that these tablets hold the secret to what happened to civilization on Easter Island, but others believe them to just hold information that isn’t that interesting, such as a memory aid, or even a work of art.


Do the Rongorongo Tablets even contain a language? Scientists believe they know the answer. Read on.


Not everyone even believes that the Rongorongo Tablets are writing or language. Some simply believe that they are decorative pieces of art. Most scientists believe that it is writing, however, due to the way the glyphs are lined up, and in many cases, the glyphs repeat, yet there is no noticeable pattern. Some of the glyphs that appear include a palm tree shape, circles, crosses, men, and fish.

There are several reasons why these tablets remain so mysterious. First, we have no idea how to decipher them, and we do not know a lot about the language spoken in the area at the time. Scientists DO believe, however, that there is a message on the tablets, just what that message is remains a mystery.

The origin of the Reptilians, or lizard people, is historical. Where does it come from? Click ‘Next.’

The Ubaid Lizardmen

Have you ever heard of the Reptilians? They are, according to believers, a race of reptile/humanoids alive today that are actually running our governments and world. Barrack Obama, Angelina Jolie, and Jack Nicholson are all accused of being Reptilians. The concept of Reptilians might be traced back to the Ubaid Lizardmen, a group of figurines that were found in Iraq.

These figurines are certainly human figures, but they have the faces of lizards. Dating back more than 7,000 years, these figurines were not just found in one place; instead, they were found in various areas of what was considered Mesopotamia. Each figurine has a different pose, and some of them, such as the female lizard person nursing her baby, represent everyday life.


What possibly could the Ubaid Lizardmen represent? There are a few ideas. Keep reading.


The Ubaid Lizardmen look remarkably like humans, except they have long head, tapered faces, eyes shaped like almonds and slits for noses. According to experts, these figurines do not seem to be ritualistic objects, which is usually what a figurine would represent. Is it possible that they represent an ancient race that we don’t know about? Are they aliens? Could they be the first Reptilians ever? Does this mean that Reptilians are real? No one really knows.

What we do know is that the Ubaid people were not the only ones to have artefacts that appear to be lizard or snake-like. The Hopi Indians, for instance, share stories that date back for centuries about their “Snake Brothers” who helped them to build cities throughout the Southeastern United States. In India, there are also legends of a race of people, called the Naga, that live underground that are snake or lizard like. With all of these instances of lizards from the past, it has to mean something, right? We unfortunately might never know.

Egyptian Mummies have always been fascinating, but one is extra mysterious. What mummy? Click ‘Next.’

The Screaming Mummy

Most of us are fully aware of the mummies of ancient Egypt, and most of the time, when one is discovered, which still happens today, we can figure out who it was by using archaeological and scientific evidence. There is one mummy’s identity, however, that science has failed to discover.

He is known as the “Screaming Mummy” due to its face being contorted in way that it looks as if he is screaming. The tomb where his mummy was found was opened in 1881 among some of the most well-known Pharaohs from Egypt, including Seti I and Ramses II. This is significant because, if you remember from history class, only very important people in Egypt were buried in this way. So, who is the Screaming Mummy?


Is the Screaming Mummy an unknown Pharaoh? Keep reading to find out.


So, we have a mummy with no identity buried among kings who appears to be screaming. Who could be possibly be? Well, scientists have some ideas, but as of now, we don’t know. One thought was that he was an unknown Pharaoh, but since he had no artefacts with him to indicate royalty, this is highly unlikely. Another theory, based on his odd appearance, is that he was a public figure who died while abroad. The people from wherever he was attempted to mummify him, but not having the exact knowledge, they were unable to do so.

One modern theory suggests that the Screaming Mummy is the son of Ramses III. This man, who was called Prince Pentewere, plotted to murder his father. In this case, we have not found any other mummy that could be Pentwere, and since the mummy was mummified so strangely, it could be because the man was being punished for a crime. Some even believe that he was mummified alive, simply due to his scream. It is more likely, however, that after death his head fell back and his mouth remained open.

We all know that Columbus discovered America, right? Well…perhaps not. What? Keep clicking, ‘Next!’

The Peri Reis Map

Most people believe that most of the continents, including places such as North America, Antarctica, and Australia, were not discovered until the 15th and 16th centuries, but due to the discovery of the Peri Reis Map, this might not be true.

In 1929, the Peri Reis Map was discovered. Created on the skin of a gazelle, scientists were shocked when they got a good look at the map. The map dated back to 1513 and it was created by the famed Turkish admiral, Peri Reis. What was so shocking? Well, science showed us that the map was from 1513, but the information on the map, such as Antarctica, the western coast of Africa, and the east coast of South America were not discovered by 1513. So how was this map made? Scientists have no idea!


There is something even more mysterious about this map than the dates not lining up. Keep reading to learn!


So, it’s weird that this map dates back to 1513 yet continents, such as Antarctica, appear on it, right? What’s even more mysterious is that Peri Reis was able to draw Antarctica so perfectly. You see, not only was he able to draw this on his map hundreds of years before its discovery, there is also a coastline that we know is under the ice that is also drawn on the map. Thanks to research, scientists believe that this coastline hasn’t been visible thousands of years. Even more puzzling is that modern research shows that some of the ice covering the coastline is more than a million years old…so how was it done?

Basically, this indicates that some civilization would have had to explore the coastline of Antarctica approximately 6000 years ago in 4000 B.C. This is when geology shows us the coastline was visible. However, there is no evidence that humans lived in 4000 B.C. In fact, it would be at least 1000 years before humans would walk the earth. So, who was here 1000 years before modern humans and how did they discover the coastline? We might never know.

Was it possible that ancient people seemingly used modern technology? Think about it, then click ‘Next.’

The Antikythera Mechanism

There is no shortage of ancient tools that we have found over the years, but most of them are quite primitive. One, however, the Antikythera Mechanism, has kept scientists on their toes, as it is inexplicable.

Known as the first computer, the Antikythera Mechanism includes the remnants of several pieces of a larger bronze structure. It was found in more than 45 meters of water in a shipwreck, and it dates to approximately 87 B.C. to 205 B.C., which would make it more than 2000 years old. The device is made of more than 30 bronze gears, and scientists believe that it was used to track the movements of stars, planets, eclipses, and even tracked the ancient Greek Olympiads, our modern day Olympic games. This all sounds really cool, but this was an extremely advanced technology that modern man didn’t start using until the 14th century. So, how did they do it? Scientists don’t know.


Was the Antikythera Mechanism the only one of its kind? Probably not. Keep reading to learn more.


Approximately 82 pieces of the Antikythera Mechanism has been found, to date, but there could certainly be more out there, since it was found at the bottom of the ocean. This limits what we can find out about this tool, as there might be other parts that are even more fantastical than what we have now. The big question is, how did they learn this technology? No one knows!

You might think something like this would be one of a kind, but there is evidence that similar tools also existed. For instance, Cicero, the Roman philosopher, wrote of a similar devices in the Roman Empire, and Hipparchus of Rhodes also wrote of the mathematics that would be required for this type of device. If the ancients knew how to make devices like this, when did humans forget it? This is certainly a mystery.

When the laws of physics are defied, how do scientists explain it? Find out by clicking ‘Next.’

The Krishna Butter Ball

What do you get when you have a 250-ton boulder that seems to balance on a hillside? You have the Krishna Butter Ball, which is located in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. We all know that rocks, or in this case, boulders, should roll down hill. This one, however, doesn’t. It simply sits on the hill defying the laws of physics.

Originally known as the “Stone of the Sky God,” scientists are unable to explain how it appeared here or why it cannot be budged. The local legends tell a story about the gods placing the boulder on the hill to show the power that they had, but of course, science doesn’t back this up. There are a lot of modern people who also believe that the boulder was placed by aliens who came to Tamil Nadu millennia ago.


Why is the boulder called a ‘butter ball?’ Keep reading to find out!


Some people claim that the boulder got its name from a tour guide who simply want to rebrand the boulder, but there is a better explanation. According to Hindu stories and beliefs, the god named Krishna liked eating butter as a child. He would steal large handfuls from his mother, too. Since the bolder looks like a dollop of butter, the name stuck.

There have been a number of attempts to move the boulder, but thus far, it has not budged, and scientists can’t say why. Records from 1908 describe the latest attempt to move it. The Governor of Madras, which is where the boulder is located, wanted the boulder moved because there is a town at the base of the hill it sits on. Unfortunately, even with the help of seven trained elephants pulling on the boulder, it didn’t move at all. In fact, it hasn’t moved in more than 100 years. So, for now, the town that sits at its base remains safe.

Scientists can’t explain how water can run uphill, but it certainly happens? What? Keep reading!

The Concept of Gravity Hills

In school, we all learned that water flows downhill thanks to the law of gravity. However, there are some areas of the world, known as gravity hills, that this doesn’t happen. Instead, the water flows up the hill. Why? Scientists don’t have a clue.

It is true, and scientifically proven, that gravity is not the same everywhere on the earth. For example, if you are near the equator, there is a slight decrease in gravitational pull when compared to locations further north or south. However, gravity still acts how it is supposed to act, so it is puzzling why on gravity hills, that these laws of physics don’t seem to apply.


What explanations do we have for gravity hills? Don’t stop reading now!


Since scientists are unable to give us a good explanation about why gravity hills exist and why they work as they do, many have come up with their own ideas, including supernatural explanations. One example of this comes from Florida. There is a local legend there that an Indian chief and giant alligator got into a battle. Depending on who is telling the story, one of the characters dies, and its ghost creates a lake. Over the years, the hill grows up over the lake and the power of the ghost causes things to be wacky.

Another, more plausible explanation, is the concept of an optical illusion. This seems more likely, but there are still reasons that it might not be totally true. For example, if it is an optical illusion that the water, for instance, flows uphill, how do we account for a shift in elevation?

Would you believe that a wooden statue can bleed and cry? It might be possible. Click now!

The Wooden Virgin Mary of Japan

Do you believe in miracles? Many do, but miracles rarely can be proven by science. This brings us to the phenomenon of the wooden Virgin Mary of Akita, Japan. Since 1973, the statue, which is made of solid wood, has been seen bleeding, crying, and even sweating. There are also reports that a deaf nun could hear again after touching the statue, and that a woman had a brain tumor cured from it. Scientists, however, cannot explain it. According to sources, the nun, Sister Agnes, prayed to the statue and asked for healing, and as the story goes, she got what she asked for.


How many times has the statue cried or bled? It’s a surprising number!  Keep reading.


All in all, the statue has been recorded bleeding, crying or sweating 101 times. Believers of the miracle of this statue believe that this number is significant. The first 1 represents Eve, from the Old Testament of the Bible, the second 1 represents the Virgin Mary, and the 0 between them represent the Holy Spirit. The Catholic church has studied the statue and declared these things miracles.

Of course, science and religion often don’t mix, so scientists have also studied the statue. What they have found is that the fluids that come from the statue are true human fluids. This means they are real human tears, blood, and sweat. How the statue works, however, remains a mystery.

Rain most often occurs in the form of water, but other objects have fallen from the sky. What? Click ‘Next!’

Mysterious Rain Storms

Throughout the history of the world, there have been several instances of weird objects falling like rain from the sky. These include seeds, beans, candy, and even frogs and fish. One theory as to why this happens is that these items are whisked up by the wind and blown back down again, sometimes miles away. The problem is, not all of the things that fall from the sky could possibly be swept up by the wind.

In addition to the objects above, which are rather lightweight, there have also been reports over the years of it raining stones and other heavy objects. These heavy stones have been known to greatly damage property and even kill livestock and people. The first reported instance of raining stones occurred in 1573, but there have also been reports of stones falling as recently as 1983.


How do scientists explain these falling stones? The answer might surprise you.


Scientists have begrudgingly admitted that they don’t have any idea how it is possible that stones can rain down. Over the years, there have been a number of theories, including ghosts, aliens, meteorites, volcanoes, tornadoes, and even the wrath of God.

In 2013, the skies over Sicily in Italy opened up, and there was a literal storm of stones, which made it seem as if it was raining rocks. However, scientists explained this by pointing out that Mount Etna, an active volcano in the area, had erupted and expelled dust, ash, and stones into the sky. This seems like a perfectly plausible explanation in this case, but as of now, most of the other cases of strange storms are unexplained.

Before supersonic travel was possible, this could be heard in the skies. Click ‘Next’ to learn about our next mystery.


Also called ‘mystery booms,’ skyquakes sound like cannons that are coming from the sky. They also have been reported to sound like thunder, even when the sky is clear.

The skyquakes are strong enough to rattle the plates in a china cabinet, and some people have even believed that they are small earthquakes.


What did our ancestors think of skyquakes? Keep reading for their interpretation.


Our ancestors, including the native Iroquois Indians, believed that skyquakes were the sound of the Great Spirit, who was constantly changing the shape of the earth.

Science has been unable to explain skyquakes. There are, however, many who believe they have figured it out. Some believe that these are the sounds of UFOs as they enter the atmosphere, or perhaps aliens are engaging in war in a galaxy far, far away. Whatever this sound is, it remains a scientific mystery.

Why are these mammals such a mystery? Click ‘Next’ to learn who they are.

Why did some mammals move back to the oceans?

When we were in science class, we learned that evolution forced animals to move from the ocean to the land. However, you might have noticed that there are mammals that certainly live in the water. Why? Well, despite their best intentions, science has been unable to figure it out.

What’s so interesting is that scientists have found that the distant relatives of whales and seals once lived on the land, but what they don’t understand is how they have ended up back in the water. In other words, how have they de-evolved?


Scientists have come up with one theory. Keep reading to find out what it is.


Though this is certainly mysterious, scientists do have a theory. The belief is that millions of years ago, animals lived on the land, but the oceans were almost empty. Since the ancestors of these sea-dwelling mammals lived near the coast, it made sense that they would eventually enter the water, as there was more room.

Many don’t buy this theory, of course, but since there are no other ideas, as of yet, this is the one that most people turn to when they try to explain it. Scientists, meanwhile, continue looking for answers.

Norway is famous for this unexplained mystery. Click ‘Next’ to learn more about it.

The Hessdalen Lights

This strange mystery dates back to 1981 in the Hessdalen Valley of Norway. People began to notice something strange in the sky. What was so weird? People could see some unusual lights that hovered close to the horizon.

These lights, which appear white, yellow, and red, often appear to streak across the sky at high speeds.


Right after discovery, the lights were almost always visible. Keep reading to see the frequency today.


When the lights first appeared, people reported seeing them anywhere from 15 to 20 times a week. As word spread about this mystery, visitors began to swarm to the area to see it for themselves.

Today, the lights still appear, but only about 10 to 20 times a year. This is also mysterious. What are these lights, and why are they decreasing in numbers? We might never know.

This giant tadpole has been the topic of discussion since 1964. Click ‘Next’ to see where it was discovered.

The Hook Island Sea Monster.

In 1964, a family took a vacation to the stunning Hook Island, as many families do. What they didn’t expect is that while they were trolling in their boat around the Great Barrier Reef, they would spy a giant sea monster.

The family on the boat moved closer to the long, serpent-like monster, and was able to snap a photo. They described the creature as ‘tadpole-like’ with sharp teeth.


Keep reading to find out how big the sea monster was thought to be.


Estimated to be nearly 80 feet in length, the creature was originally believed to be dead, as it wasn’t moving. However, as the boat got close to the monster, it opened its mouth and began moving towards them.

Scientists have attempted to debunk this story and the photos, but thus far, they have been unable to do so. Those who do not believe in this claim that the photos are fake, but that would be difficult to do in the 1960s. Others feel that it was simply a large plastic sack, owned by the Australian military, which was filled with sand.

Do you remember what mystery appeared in 1997? Click ‘Next’ to find out what it was.

The Phoenix Lights


A recent scientific mystery, the Phoenix Lights, first appeared on March 13, 1997. They continue to puzze scientists today.

When they first appeared, thousands of people claimed to have seen them, and many were able to catch the lights on video and in photos. These images were then shared online, giving access to millions of others.


Scientists can’t explain this mystery, but the government thinks it can. Continue reading to see what they had to say.


Though these lights have been a mystery to many, the U.S. government has offered a couple of theories…drones and flares. However, many believe that those explanations are nonsense.

Strangely, after they were seen in 1997, they were not seen again until 2007. They were seen again in 2008. This makes many question if these lights prove that we have had alien visitors…or if there really is a more plausible explanation.

Do you know the amazing story of Wiltshire, England? Click ‘Next’ for an amazing mystery.

Wiltshire, England Crop Circles

In 2000, the sleepy town of Wiltshire wasn’t expecting to become one of the most mysterious places on earth. However, after the discovery of an extremely large crop circle, it found itself on the map.

The design measured more than 780 feet across, and it contained more than 409 perfect circles. The shape was a triskelion, which means each piece was made of three interlocking circles. This made the design so elaborate, that even the skeptics where left scratching their heads.


What one attribute makes this hard for scientists to explain? Keep reading for the surprising answer.


We have all heard of crop circles, and scientists are often able to disprove many of them. However, in this case, scientists have not found any proof at all that these particular crop circles are man-made.

It is worth noting that in the years since this group of crop circles has been found, there have been several more that have shown up in the area. Scientists have been unable to explain those, as well, but some believe they were made by aliens.

Do you turn red when you’re embarrassed?  Click ‘Next’ to see what science has to say about the blush.

Why do humans blush?

As far back as Charles Darwin, scientists have been trying to come up with an explanation as to why we blush. Some believe that it’s an evolutionary way to determine when someone is nervous, lying, or embarrassed. However, no one can say why it happens.

Not all of us suffer from ‘the blush,’ but even if you don’t, its likely that you know someone who does. They might appear perfectly fine in one moment, and then the next are noticibly redder.


Scientists thought they had blushing figured out, but then questioned the theory. What happened? Keep reading to find out!


There was a short period of time when scientists believed that they understood blushing. They believed that when put in a situation where our ‘fight or flight’ instinct kicks in, the hormones that are released cause the pinkish hue. This almost had legs to stand on, until others pointed out that the entire body should blush, not just the face.

Until scientists can solve the mystery, those who blush will continue to cringe when they do so, while those who don’t, will always think it’s cute.

What connects inhospitable land, iron pipes, and China? Click ‘Next’ for the mysterious answer.

Baigon Pipes

When traveling through an area near Mount Baigong, the author, Bai Yu, found himself with a mystery. He was exploring the area, found a cave, and here is where the mystery begins.

As he investigated, Yu entered the cave and he found something so controversial that it is still argued about, today. Science has no answer.


What is so mysterious about the Baigong Pipes despite their age? Keep reading for the interesting fact surrounding this mystery.


What he found is a structure known as the Baigong Pipes. They are iron pipes that ran throughout the exterior of the cave as well as down into the rock. Scientific analysis puts the age of the pipes at about 150,000 years.

Though we don’t know why the pipes are there, that isn’t the only mystery surrounding them. What is also mysterious about the pipes is that they are perfectly clean. In fact, there is nothing growing on the pipes, at all, which is highly unusual. Why this happens is unknown, and it remains a scientific mystery.

How can a sound be a mystery? Click ‘Next’ to find out!

The Bloop

Back in the summer of 1997, scientists were monitoring the Pacific Ocean when they heard something quite mysterious. Though they had no idea what the sound was, it sounded like a ‘bloop,’ and so, the name stuck.

Throughout that summer, the bloop sound was heard a number of times, and each time, it lasted longer than a minute. Scientists were able to show that the sound was coming from deep in the ocean, but what it is remains a mystery.



How has science tried to explain The Bloop? Keep reading for their idea.


Originally, scientists believed that the bloop sound was organic, but because of the size of the sound on their equipment, the size of the animal would be larger than any known animal on earth.

Another idea is that the sound could be from icebergs breaking, but again, it’s hard to prove. Though this remains the most likely theory, the sound still remains a mystery.

This Peruvian structure predates the native Incans. Click ‘Next’ to find out who might have built it.


Located more than 12,000 feet above sea level near Cuzco, Peru, the ancient town of Sacsayhuaman remains a mystery. Scientists put the date of the structures at about 1,000 years, which makes it one of the oldest on earth.

Interestingly enough, this was before the Incans lived in Peru, and the Incans believed that the walls were built by an unknown civiliazation that came before them.


Science can’t explain this one major thing about Sacsayhuaman. Can you guess what it is? Keep reading for more.


Scientists love to provide answers, but Sacsayhuaman hasn’t given them many. Scientists can tell the date of the structures, and they can see that the stones used are custom cut. However, the rest remains a mystery. This includes the question of how they moved the stones.

You see, the structure is built on a mountainside, and some of the stones are thought to weigh up to 175 tons. Additionally, the structure is totally stable, yet there is no mortar holding the stones together.

So, how did they do it? Aliens? An architect time traveler? The civilization’s gods? We might never know.

What may be the most controversial mystery to date? Click ‘Next’ to see if you agree.

Shroud of Turin

For Christians across the globe, the Shroud of Turin is a sacred artifact. For scientists and skeptics, it is simply a mystery to be solved.

The Shroud of Turin is thought to be the cloth that Jesus was buried in, and many believers see this as truth. Especially, because the Shroud has been dated to the first century AD, which is exactly when Jesus walked the earth.


Believers use this to prove the validity of the Shroud. Keep reading to see what it is.


Scientists are focused on disproving this as the shroud that Jesus was wrapped in following his death, but belivers are pushing to prove its authenticity. They also show findings that support their beliefs, such as grains of pollen that are from the region around the Dead Sea.

Thus far, there has been no proof either way, and the Shroud of Turin remains a mystery.

This unique piece is the only one of its kind ever found. Click ‘Next’ to find out what it is.

The Antikythera Mechanism

Found in 1900 off the coast of the island of Antikythera, this object appears to be the first computer in the world. No one knows where it came from or who built it, but there has been nothing like it ever found before.

After studying the object, scientists have found that it is much more complex than they ever expected, and found that it was able to predict astronomical changes.


How far advanced is the Antikythera Mechanism from when it was found? Keep reading to see the astounding answer.


Over the past 50 years, researchers have started to make a bit of sense about the mysterious object. For instance, it has been dated back to the 2nd century B.C.

Scientists also believe that the object is Greek in origin, but again, there is no conclusive evidence at this point. This discovery lends to the thought that the Greeks were much more advanced than we once thought, but what this device was used for, we might never know.

Do you know what makes 10% of the population different? Click ‘Next’ to see if your guess is right.

Why are some of us left-handed?

We live in a world where left-handed people only account for about 10 percent of the population. Scientists have been trying to find out why for many years.

It is thought that hand dominance is genetic, but why would a couple with no family history of lefthandedness suddenly have a left-handed child? Conversely, how can two left-handed people have a right-handed child?


Can you name some famous lefties? Keep reading for a few of our favorites.


With such a small percentage of lefties amoung us, it is amazing how many famous people are left-handed. These include Oprah, Jerry Seinfeld, President Obama, and President Clinton. Bill Gates and Albert Einstein are also famous lefties.

We might never know the science behind being left-handed, but scientists will certainly not stop looking into it until they figure it out.

Which of the Seven Wonders of the World is still mostly intact? Click ‘Next’ for the ancient answer.

This animal mystery has had scientists scratching their heads for years. What is it? Click ‘Next.’

 The Big Fish

At first glance, you might think this photo is of a gigantic fish that has breached the water right near the shore. How can a fish get that big, you might wonder? Well, this isn’t a fish, though it is a very real photo.

Instead of being a fish, this is a whale carcass, and it is a real whale carcass that washed up along the beach. The mystery of this photo comes from the tropical location, which isn’t normal for whales, and the fact that there is so much that scientists don’t know about whales.


Whales are very mysterious. What are other mysteries about whales that science can’t answer? Read on!



Another mystery about whales is that scientists don’t understand why they get lost or get stuck in certain places. For instance, over the summer of 2016, a whale entered Long Island Sound, which is not a place where whales usually gather. Unfortunately, scientists had to euthanize the whale, as it was stuck on a sandbar in the shallow water. It was weak, sick, and had trauma over its body.

You also might know that whales breach, meaning they rise through the surface of the water. However, scientists have no idea why they do it.

This next mystery involves historical evidence of a mysterious place. What is it? Keep clicking ‘Next.’

 The Lost City of Atlantis

The Greek philosopher, Plato, gave us our first known record of the existence of the Lost City of Atlantis. However, you might notice one word…lost…which should tell you this city remains a mystery to this day.

How can a city just disappear? Well, it’s quite easy if you look at history. There are actually a ton of cities that have simply fell into decay and disappeared over the years. Is this what could have happened to Atlantis? Possibly, as there is evidence that it actually existed.


Modern satellite photos give us a glimpse of a possible site for Atlantis. Where is it? Keep reading!



So, you are probably wondering where this mysterious place might be. Well, you are in luck. There is satellite evidence that the Lost City of Atlantis could have been in Spain. In fact, those who believe that Atlantis claim that the city was destroyed by a flood at some point between 800 BC and 500 BC.

However, there are other locations where Atlantis might be. For instance, the description of Atlantis given by ancient texts says that it is almost the exact size of Ireland, so some believe it is there. Yet others believe that it is located near the Bahamas. Nevertheless, it still remains a mystery that science can’t explain.

This next mystery was possibly used for secretive initiation practices. Want an explanation? Click ‘Next.’

The Initiation Wells

In Sintra, Portugal, there is an estate called Quinta da Regaleria, which features two wells which spiral deep into the earth. There is no evidence that the wells were ever filled with water, as you might expect.

So, you might wonder what these beautiful wells were used for. The only explanation that scientists have is that they were used for some type of initiation rites, but everything else remains highly mysterious.


What did these wells look like? Keep reading to find out.


There are two wells here in Quinta da Regaleria. One of them has nine levels, which people often compare to Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell. The other well, called the “Unfinished Well,” has straight staircases that connect one floor to the next.

At the bottom of each well is a compass, which is why people believe that the wells might be used for ritual. Many rituals require using directions from north and south to east and west.

Do you know when the first battery was made? Keep reading below, the answer may surprise you.

Baghdad Batteries

We all know that Benjamin Franklin was the first to actually discover and write about electricity, remember that storm where Ben was flying his kite with the key tied on it back in 1752 and the kite was hit by lightning?  Fast forward a few years to about 1800, and you can see that Alessandro Volta created the first modern battery.  So, if we know that electricity and batteries have only been discovered and used for a couple hundred years, how then can the Baghdad Batteries be explained?

Found in 1936 in Iraq, at first glance the batteries appeared to be simple clay pots, however upon closer inspection they were found to have a copper cylinder with an iron rod inside. Basically the design appeared to be a primitive battery which modern scientists have been able to confirm by replicating the battery design which produced an electrical charge, even if it was only a few volts. Even more interesting is that scientists have found that a few of the batteries found still had a slight charge in them.


Keep reading to see what the Baghdad Batteries were used for.


The Baghdad batteries continue today to cause speculation on how a civilization dating back about 2000 years ago could have the scientific advances to create a working battery and what were they used for. There are basically only two beliefs on how the batteries were created. Some believe simply that the villagers figured it out themselves, others though believe that the batteries were a gift from a civilization not of this world. Regarding how they were used, some scientists believe these batteries could have produced electricity to power lights for the town, others believe they were used for electroplating, while still others believe they aren’t batteries at all but are nothing more than storage containers for ancient scrolls.

Whatever the actual use was for these batteries, it seems that the question of where did they come from and what were they actually used for may forever remain a mystery. A noteworthy fact to remember about the batteries is that archeologists are quick to point out that Iraq is considered to be where both the Tower of Babel and the Garden of Eden were located and it is possible that many more unusual artifacts may be hidden in this mysterious land.

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