The Unsolved Case of Rebecca Coriam: What Is Disney Trying to Hide?

Disney is all about positive energy, happy customers, excellent compensation packages, and a new adventure every day. With all the enticing prospects that a career with Disney offers a young person, it’s no wonder a girl by the name of Rebecca Coriam hopped aboard the opportunity of her dreams. She thought she had died and gone to heaven when she discovered that her employment to work for Disney had not only been accepted, but that she had been selected to be a youth counselor on one of the company’s famous cruise ships.

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The Disney Wonder would be Rebecca’s new, temporary home as it journeyed its way along the Pacific coast of Mexico in early spring of 2011. Her family was ecstatic for her to embark on this exciting new journey and they knew it was the perfect place for her to learn and grow, and even saw Rebecca developing a career with the company down the line. However, not long after pulling out of port, The Wonder became one of the biggest topics of conversation when Rebecca Coriam suddenly went missing.

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