The Unsolved Case of Rebecca Coriam: What Is Disney Trying to Hide?

Disney is all about positive energy, happy customers, excellent compensation packages, and a new adventure every day. With all the enticing prospects that a career with Disney offers a young person, it’s no wonder a girl by the name of Rebecca Coriam hopped aboard the opportunity of her dreams. She thought she had died and gone to heaven when she discovered that her employment to work for Disney had not only been accepted, but that she had been selected to be a youth counselor on one of the company’s famous cruise ships.

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The Disney Wonder would be Rebecca’s new, temporary home as it journeyed its way along the Pacific coast of Mexico in early spring of 2011. Her family was ecstatic for her to embark on this exciting new journey and they knew it was the perfect place for her to learn and grow, and even saw Rebecca developing a career with the company down the line. However, not long after pulling out of port, The Wonder became one of the biggest topics of conversation when Rebecca Coriam suddenly went missing.

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Rebecca, Before Disney

Born on March 11, 1987 in Chester, England, Rebecca Coriam was raised there by her parents, along with a sister and two foster brothers. Her family and friends would describe her as adventurous, fun, bold, and the center of attention wherever she found herself. She went by Bex, and after landing a first job at her local zoo, she knew she would never settle for a job that failed to speak to her thrill-seeking spirit.


After graduating high school, Bex joined the British Army Cadets and attended Plymouth University at Exeter to major in sports science. Following that, she obtained a volunteer position with the Cadets, and helped them participate in several outdoor events. She swiftly realized that her true passion lay with both youth AND athletics and found herself returning to school.

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She Loved Athletics and She Loved Kids

At Liverpool Hope University, Bex spent several semesters there, completing classes in youth studies. She strived to receive the credentials she would need for a more specialized career, suitable for her fun-loving, yet driven nature. Her friends and family noted her avid love of working out, as well as involvement with children. She always did whatever she could to put a smile on the faces of her siblings.


After completing those courses, she spent four months coaching various sports at Camp America, in Maine. Her role there involved teaching sports activities to kids, the perfect match for the kind-hearted person she was.

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Liverpool Hope University

As a public university in Liverpool, England, Liverpool Hope University is the only ecumenical university in Europe, working to shape their foundation by Christian principles, yet embracing all faiths (and those without) and providing “hope to all who need it.” Organized into 19 different departments, the university consists of three faculties, including Art and Humanities, Education, and Science.

Rebecca Coriam 28

Liverpool Hope strives for excellence as they accept students with a rigorous academic profile, and nothing short of. They’ve most recently found partnership with a university in China, hoping to unite their research collaboration and create an opportunity for students from both schools to participate in a brand-new exchange program. Bex was accepted due to not only her amazing grades in school, but her extensive portfolio of extracurricular activities.

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Camp America

Bex found her calling when she joined Camp America – a cultural exchange program, which gives students the chance to spend their summers living and working in a summer camp. She loved teaching kids and would tell her family all about their camping adventures.

Rebecca Coriam 29

Camp America chooses over 7,000 people from all over the world and sends them to over 800 summer camps in the United States where they work and live for the summer. Some ‘job!’ Bex could not have found a better opportunity to put her skills to use.

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Dream Job

On a whim, in June 2010 Bex traveled back to London, England to interview for a variety of positions onboard the Disney cruise ships, along with hundreds of other hopeful applicants. She couldn’t believe it when she had been selected among the handful of candidates chosen for employment.

Rebecca Coriam 30

After receiving the unbelievable news, she packed her bags and promptly headed to the theme park headquarters in Florida to begin her training. She spent four days at Walt Disney World to learn about her new role in life. After her training was complete, she was assigned to her first cruise. She would be going to the Bahamas.

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Working in Paradise

After her training, Bex spent the next four months sailing through the Bahamas in a state of seemingly blissful happiness – she even had the chance to spend time at Castaway Cay, Disney’s iconic private island, where the ship from Pirates of the Caribbean is docked. It served her right: a career in which she’d been rewarded for her all of her hard work and academic training.

Rebecca Coriam 31

The position of a youth counselor was her idea of perfection as she got to spend her days feeling as if she was at play, never at work. For her fun-loving nature, it could not get better than this for Bex.

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Castaway Cay

Formerly known as Gorda Cay, Disney’s Castaway Cay serves as an exclusive port for the Disney cruise line ships to dock at. In 1997, the company purchased a 99-year-long lease for the island, giving them absolute freedom to control the guest experience on the island. The cay is permanently home to about 60 or so Disney cruise employees, who maintain the island, which is still largely underdeveloped. Only about 55 of the 1,000 acres are currently being used.

Rebecca Coriam 32

The buildings on the island hold true to its name, as they have been constructed to look like they were improvised following a shipwreck. The facilities are maintained and developed like any other Disney theme park, so guests are assured a truly wonderful experience. Castaway Cay was one of Bex’s favorite destinations and she loved to tell her family about it.

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As If She Needed a ‘Break’

After her first round of duty on the ships, she decided to spend her two months off back in England. She spent her time reconnecting with friends from her youth and even worked at a hotel with her sister.

Rebecca Coriam 33

Besides that, Bex spent most of her free time shopping for a new wardrobe, something her parents treated her to, and worked out vigorously to maintain optimal shape for the young kids who depended on her back aboard the ships. To everyone around her, she seemed normal and happier than ever.

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Disney Wonder

In 1999, Disney added its second ship to its growing cruise line, the Disney Wonder. At almost 1,000 feet in length, it can safely passenger about 2,400 people for all of its magical activities and transport them into another world.

Rebecca Coriam 34

In the fall of 2016, the ship underwent a massive revamp and satisfies whatever the heart desires from watching classic Disney movies while swimming on the giant Goofy deck, to an elegant deck area meant just for adults.

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Her Assignment to the Wonder

After her break, Bex returned to the United States to complete her next tour with the cruise line. She would now be sailing from Los Angeles to Mexico on the Disney Wonder. During this particular cruise, she was lucky enough to visit every port along the Mexican Rivera, and even sailed through the Panama Canal.

Rebecca Coriam 35

During her second cruise aboard this ship, Bex received word that her grandfather, Thomas Francis Jennings, had passed away. She immediately left the ship, returned home, and spent two weeks with her family to plan and attend her beloved grandfather’s funeral. When her two weeks of leave were up, she reported back to the Wonder to continue carrying out her duties aboard the ship.

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It Seemed the Universe Attempted to Stop Her

Before the death of her grandfather, when Bex was first travelling to get to where she would need to meet the Wonder, it almost seemed as if some force of nature was trying to prevent her from going, as if to foretell her coming fate. As she attempted to leave Manchester in order to head to Los Angeles, bad weather brought about many plane delays and cancellations.

Rebecca Coriam 36

As if that wasn’t enough, her first flight that had finally gotten her out of Manchester flew in circles at her connecting airport, only to have to head back. The second rescheduled flight? Also delayed. She eventually made her way back to the states, but not before being completely stranded in Dublin for a period of time. Someone in the universe was trying to tell her to just stay home¬ – and maybe find a new job. But of course, the determined Bex pressed on.

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Her Last Message

When Bex returned to the Wonder, she maintained contact with her family through Facebook messages and Skype calls, constantly keeping them all up to date on her adventures. For six weeks after returning to the job she adored so much, all seemed well and normal to them.

Rebecca Coriam 37

On March 21, 2011, the ship pulled out of its port, taking a new round of passengers on its exciting journey. That day, Bex sent what would prove to be her very last Facebook message to her mother, Annmaria. She told her mother that she’d call the next day, which her mom took as perfectly normal, not pressing further communication with her daughter.

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Things Started to Get a Little Weird

Despite the promise Bex made to her mom, a full 12 hours passed with no phone call, which was very odd, as she was typically very punctual with her calls. Annmaria immediately began to worry. She only thought about her daughter throughout the day, and was slowly developing a sick feeling in her stomach.

Rebecca Coriam 38

She tried to talk herself into believing that Bex had just been held up solving some sort of crisis between overstimulated children. But, deep down, Annmaria’s motherly instincts were kicking in. She knew that something was not right and she shared her concerns with Bex’s father, Mike.

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That’s Not Bex

The entire day had passed with no word from their Bex. The couple hesitantly went to bed that night with sickened pits in their stomachs. They just knew something wasn’t right and when the phone rang on the morning of March 22, somehow, they just knew that it was not their daughter making the call to them.

Rebecca Coriam 39

Their fears deepened as they answered the call, lumps in their throats. A Disney official began speaking, and immediately the Coriams’ worst nightmare had been confirmed: their beloved daughter was missing.

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Bex Missed Worked

On that morning, the Wonder had been making its way to Puerto Vallarta, sailing from the coast of Cabo San Lucas. When Bex missed the start of her shift at 9 a.m., the ship’s crew members immediately checked her cabin and then the employee lounges. To their surprise, she was nowhere to be found.

Rebecca Coriam 40

After realizing the depth of the situation at hand, they proceeded to search the ship in its entirety, from bow to stern. The captain, who’d been immediately notified, repeatedly paged her over the ship’s intercom system. Not only did Bex not turn up, but she failed to respond to any of her pages.

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The Odd Phone Call

Security aboard the ship started to review camera footage leading up to the hours before her shift. They noticed that, at around 5:45 a.m., Bex had been in one of the employee lounges, talking on the phone.

Rebecca Coriam 41

In the video, Bex seems distraught and a male coworker is seen walking up to her and asking if she is okay. Experts agreed that she replies “Yeah, fine,” to his question. After this exchange, Bex hangs up the phone, pushes her hair behind her ears, and walks away with her hands placed in her back pockets.

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Bex Seemed Normal to the Coriams

Sometimes, videos like that can inform the families of missing persons whether something urgent was going on with them. Investigators shared this information with Bex’s family in hopes that it would shed some light on her state of mind following that phone call, as they were trying desperately to predict what she had done afterwards.

Rebecca Coriam 42

To their dismay, it was impossible for her friends and family to determine what she was feeling from those few seconds of footage. They confirmed that those mannerisms were typical for Bex and that her body language did not particularly show anything out of the norm. Her parents did not know it yet, but this particular sequence would be the last known sighting of Rebecca Coriam.

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Things Get Serious

The crew, the captain, and other investigators, searched every inch of Wonder, but no trace indicating Bex’s whereabouts could be found. The United States Coast Guard and the Mexican Navy both deployed ships that proceeded to comb through the international waters where the Wonder had been sailing through in the hours preceding her disappearance, hoping to rule out the chance that she had gone tragically overboard.

Rebecca Coriam 43

The searches yielded no answers and everyone was left completely clueless as to what had happened. How could she have just disappeared?

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A Big Boat with a Lot of Privacy

Despite the size of the boat, the Coriams were left pondering the same question: how could their daughter just vanish? Well, although the Wonder appears to be under constant surveillance, it would have been possible for her to find some privacy.


The ship can safely accommodate 2,400 passengers in over 875 rooms, plus another 1,000 or so crewmembers. There are 11 different decks for many people to spread out and be secluded, which seems to be exactly what Bex may have needed after that phone call.

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Her Search Team

With the Wonder being registered in the Bahamas, Bahamian police would have jurisdiction over the case. A Bahamian police investigator was flown out to the Wonder’s location in the Pacific to start a formal investigation. It is said that he spent several days aboard the ship, although Disney is keeping his exact movements suspiciously under wraps.

Rebecca Coriam 45

In his discussion with Bex’s parents, the investigator informed them that he had only been aboard the ship ONE day because there had been no clues discovered. He informed the distraught parents that he had interviewed several crew members, but did not discuss the case with any of the ships’ passengers.

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A Grand Gesture

Annmaria and Mike Coriam were flown from England to Los Angeles to meet up with the ship where it would be docking. Disney had paid for this and while that may seem like a nice gesture, the parents claim they felt it was all an act staged by the company.

Rebecca Coriam 46

They were taken in a car with blackened out windows to the back entrance of the boat while passengers disembarked off the front. They were then brought to a room to witness the footage that had captured the last known appearance of their daughter, where she had seemed extremely fine to them.

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Things were starting to feel a little off to the increasingly worried parents. The people they talked to that handled their situation were starting to seem more and more like they were trying to keep them calm and quiet. They were then taken to meet with the captain of the ship, where he expressed his condolences to the distressed parents.

Rebecca Coriam 47

He went on to tell them his theory that Bex had been swept overboard by a large swell while swimming in the pool that had been reserved, expressly, for the crew. Upon seeing the crew pool, the Coriams were immediately doubtful that this theory held any ground due to the fact that the pool was surrounded by very high walls. Surely a disturbance grand enough to surmount the protective barrier would have been noticed by others on the ship as well?

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Dazed and Confused

With everything going on, the Coriams were exhausted. Being flown across the world had them jet-lagged and the unbelievable theories they were receiving left them completely dismayed. The very fact that their daughter was missing had them mentally breaking down, preventing them from reacting as sharp-witted parents would, and should, be acting. The whole scenario Disney was dragging them through was more than off-putting, from the blacked-out car, to the hurried meeting with the investigator that gave them no hope, to the Captain’s unlikely theory.

Rebecca Coriam 48

The Coriams, confused as they were, expected to have further opportunities to ask questions, so they took in as much of the information as they could retain. They attempted to process it so that they could be prepared to discuss the case more thoroughly the next time they were to meet with officials.

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A Day That Would Never Come

The Coriams longed for the next time they’d be able to speak to someone, anyone that may have some answers, however, that opportunity never came. After the quick meetings Disney did give them, they were shuttled to Bex’s room and presented with her belongings. As far as Disney was concerned, the case was closed.

Rebecca Coriam 49

There was no sympathy towards her presumed loss, Bex would be replaced with another qualified applicant, and the world of Disney would keep on turning. But, the Coriams were not so easily convinced.

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The shoes

Disney associates seemed eager to rid the room of Bex’s belongings, but when they handed them to the Coriams, one thing stood out as being particularly important: a pair of flip-flops. Someone had located the pair of sandals on Deck 5, close to where the crew pool was located, where Bex allegedly had been swimming.

Rebecca Coriam 50

This was one of the most puzzling factors of the case yet. Somehow, this giant swell of water was large enough to sweep a fully-grown woman overboard, fast enough to come and go before anyone realized anything, yet gentle enough to not cause a disturbance to any other passengers, as well as leave a pair of flip-flops behind?

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Strange Pieces Continue Piling Up

In addition to the very existence of the shoes being strange themselves, they, very obviously, did not belong to Bex. The shoes were clearly too large for her, nor did they fit into her style. These shoes were pink and flowery…girly. Bex, with her sport-loving personality, was not. There was also a signature and a cabin number written on one of the shoes, neither of which belonged to Bex.

Rebecca Coriam 51

This obviously failed to catch the attention of the Bahamian investigator, but no eye is keener than that of a parent looking for their own child. The Coriams knew that these shoes definitely did not belong to their daughter, and that something was off. They returned home with nothing but more questions.

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Vague Statements

With all the people that were slowly becoming more and more interested in the case, Disney decided they needed to release an official statement regarding the matter. However, they gave no further information on her disappearance.

Rebecca Coriam 52

Disney kept things extremely vague, saying their hearts went out to the Coriams. They then claimed to have already shared everything that they could have, and that a lot of details were still under investigation by the police, which should be discussed with the family privately.

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Suspicious Activity? Or Bex?

The Coriams received some strange news a couple weeks after they’d returned to England. Annmaria got a phone call from the bank where Bex had her accounts. Apparently, there had been some suspicious activity and someone had attempted to use one of those accounts.

Rebecca Coriam 53

This was suspicious as the bank had been made aware that Bex had recently gone missing. This told the Coriams one of two things: either Bex was alive and well out there somewhere, or someone had taken her card in an attempt to make fraudulent transactions. The authorities requested that the Coriams keep this information confidential to avoid spooking whomever was attempting to use the account. Nonetheless, the family was hopeful. For the first time since her disappearance, information regarding their daughter was beginning to surface. Low and behold, after a quick skim through Bex’s belongings, they were indeed unable to find her card to the account in question.

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Another Clue, Or Some Twisted Joke?

About a month after the phone call from the bank, Bex’s uncle reported that her Facebook account password had recently been changed. He knew the former password and had checked in now and again, hoping for some kind of hint to Bex’s whereabouts.

Rebecca Coriam 54

For the first time ever, he was no longer able to log in. To his knowledge, he was the only one, besides Bex of course, that knew her account information. It was becoming increasingly apparent to the Coriam family that either Disney, or someone associated with the Wonder, knew more than they were letting on. The entire case and the theories Disney had fed them were starting to look more and more like a cover-up.

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The Guardian

That October following Bex’s disappearance, Jon Ronson, a journalist from the reputable UK reporting agency, The Guardian, asked the Coriams if they would mind him boarding the ship to perform a little investigating of his own. Desperate now for any little chance at more information, the Coriams agreed with no hesitation.

Rebecca Coriam 55

Jon spent the duration of the cruise scrutinizing and interviewing crewmembers. Eventually he concluded that Disney and the official investigators knew a lot more than they had previously let on. Of course, none of the employees that agreed to cooperate with Jon’s investigation wanted to have their names publicized.

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A Brief History

Founded by John Edward Taylor in 1821, The Guardian released its first publishing on the fifth day of May that year. Their intent was to promote the liberal interest in the aftermath of the Peterloo Massacre. When it first began publishing, they only came out every Saturday, up until adding a Wednesday edition. Then, in 1855, the abolition of Stamp Duty on newspapers made it possible to finally publish the paper daily.

Rebecca Coriam 56

Most recently, The Guardian has significantly developed and expanded its field in the digital market. They’ve recently launched a new line of digital products and services, including apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch and have since expanded to many other brands of software. Their strategy runs outside of the norm, as it places open journalism on the web for all their hungry readers.

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Jon Ronson, the Right Man for the Job

Jon Ronson is a Welsh journalist, documentary filmmaker, author, and radio presenter. His best works include The Men Who Stare at Goats (a 2004 best-seller) and The Psychopath Test. He has been described as the kind of journalist who puts himself into his stories, and gives you all the information he can, without giving off an objectifying opinion.

Rebecca Coriam 57

With Jon’s substantial writing career and his background in documentaries and radio, he knows how to talk to people. This quality was especially important for the Coriams, as they needed someone who could casually get the crew members into talking, and possibly revealing, some kind of evidence. Jon bought a ticket to sail the Wonder immediately upon getting permission from the Coriams to investigate.

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What did Jon Ronson Uncover?

The opinion of several of the employees alerted Jon that Bex’s disappearance was no accident and that Disney was covering something up. One employee had the opinion that Bex had, in fact, fallen overboard while running laps around the track on Deck four. Surprisingly, some employees insisted that Disney’s story of Bex getting swept overboard while swimming on Deck five was accurate.

Rebecca Coriam 58

The ones who believed Disney’s theory would cite the security cameras that were evident everywhere as evidence of this. However, further investigation on Jon’s part revealed that the cameras were not even installed until after Bex’s disappearance. Discussions with other employees only led to more questions, surrounding mostly around Bex’s state of mind at the time of the incident.

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He Disproved the Theory That She’d Fallen

One morning, while Jon was searching about for more clues, he saw an employee varnishing a railing on Deck four. He approached the employee and proceeded to ask him if he’d known about Bex’s disappearance and where she was claimed to have fallen. The man replied that she had fallen from Deck five, near the crew swimming pool. It was almost as if the people who had fed Jon that same line were scripted to do so.

Rebecca Coriam 59

Jon took it upon himself, following advice from the employee, to go to Deck 10 where he’d be able to get a clear view of this. However, when Jon made his way to the proper spot, he noticed that there was a high steel wall behind where the railing was and it was plainly impossible for anyone to have fallen from that part of the ship.

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Disney Sees All

Jon continued pressing on to all the crew members, asking if anyone had seen her, heard from her, or knew anything that pertained to her disappearance. Many of them pointed out the fact that, though she was a nice girl, she had this ‘underlying sadness’ about her. One crew member had something startling to say.

Rebecca Coriam 60

The crew member seemed like he was trying to make it apparent to Jon that Disney was up to no good. He explained that Disney knows exactly what happened, and that the phone call she had was more than likely taped because they tape everything. He pressed on saying that Disney has CCTV everywhere and that there is no way they don’t have that recorded.

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Struggling Relationship

One of the crew members, who happened to be Bex’s best friend on the ship, Melissa, informed Jon that the phone call that had left Bex so disgruntled on the morning of her disappearance had involved an argument with her serious girlfriend. The relationship had apparently been struggling recently, and it had been upsetting Bex for a period of time leading up to the day in question.

Rebecca Coriam 61

There were also rumors floating about of Bex being involved in a sordid love triangle with another male and female aboard the ship. However, none of this was ever confirmed. Another theory to her disappearance is that the relationship drama became too overwhelming for Bex, and she killed herself to escape. Her family and friends feel that they would have seen more signs or Bex would have flat out told them she was having issues. They refused to accept suicide as a possibility.

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Melissa’s Theory

Melissa was not afraid to be open and candid with Jon about Bex’s disappearance. She went further into the relationship Bex had with her girlfriend and that it was very intense. Sometimes it was great, and sometimes it was awful, and Bex’s mood would reflect the outcome of each extreme. They were both fiery, passionate people and something happened that had Bex up and about so early on the ship and looking so disgruntled.

Rebecca Coriam 62

In Melissa’s opinion, Bex just made a stupid mistake. Bex was super bubbly, but also an avid risk taker. She loved being on Deck five. Melissa states that Bex, more than likely, wanted to clear her head after what looked to be an unsettling phone call. She must have climbed over the large steel wall to sit on the edge of the boat, before realizing it was too late and meeting her fate.

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The Best Friend Tells the Truth

Further conversation with Bex’s friend, Melissa, led to even more questions. Disney officials claimed that during the emotionally charged phone call, Bex had been in a drunken rage. They claim she was shouting and gesturing wildly. The later release of the security footage disproves this. Melissa claims that while the phone call did not exactly start off well, by the end of it, Bex had calmed down.

Rebecca Coriam 63

Bex told Melissa she was going back to her room after she had gotten off the phone. But, Melissa felt she knew Bex better than that, which led her to devise her own theory. Melissa also pointed out that no one had ever questioned her regarding the shoes discovered on deck, something she found extremely odd.

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Disney Continued to Be Secretive

Melissa continued talking to Jon and informed him of something else that seems strange for a company who claims they knew nothing of what happened: they held a secret memorial service with the crew members. They put white flowers next to the wall where, supposedly, she had jumped or fallen overboard.

Rebecca Coriam 64

However, Melissa pointed out that they put the flowers there, but answered no questions from the confused crew members. They would not say anything about what happened to Bex. Nothing made sense. Why are they putting the flowers here? Disney remained silent to their employees.

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Suicide Theories are Unlikely

While no parent wants to admit, or even consider, the fact that their child might have seen suicide as a way to end their problems, the Coriams feel they knew Bex well enough to know those theories of her purposely jumping were flawed. They even have proof that she wanted to continue life to the fullest.

Rebecca Coriam 65

Her uncle pointed out in an interview that she had bought four tickets to Disneyland Paris as a surprise for her family. She planned to take her mom, dad, and sister, Rachael, when she had returned from her round of duties aboard the ship. That doesn’t exactly sound like the plans someone makes when they decide they’re going to commit suicide.

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What Happened to Her Clothing?

On top of all of that, Bex’s clothing in the security footage appears very large on her, and later, the Coriams received a pair of their daughters’ shorts that had a large tear in the front of them. This alerted them that there was some sort of violent confrontation prior to the phone call that morning.

Rebecca Coriam 66

British officials involved with the investigation believe now that Bex did not accidentally fall overboard. Instead, they believe rather she was the victim of some crime, and Disney is attempting to cover it up to avoid negative media attention.

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Private Eyes

Despite the ‘closing’ of the investigation from the Bahamian police, who stated that there had been no foul play, the Coriams weren’t at all convinced. They went ahead and took it upon themselves to hire private investigators. They were immediately able to rule out suicide and stated that there in fact IS a possibility of foul play.

Rebecca Coriam 67

The investigators gave the unidentified flip-flops a once over and immediately debunked Disney’s theory that she had gone overboard from Deck five. They clearly did not belong to Bex and were another sign that someone was trying to cover something up.

With all their unanswered questions, the Coriams had no choice but to do THIS. Click ‘Next.’

Coriams V.S. Disney

As any distraught parents likely would, Annmaria and Mike Coriam decided to file a lawsuit in 2014 against Disney in the amount of $75,000. They argued that the entertainment giant completely lacked in its duty of care. A Disney spokesperson claimed that there is no merit in the legal action, which would be proven in court.

Rebecca Coriam 68

The Coriams claim the Disney cruise line acted negligently as they decided to wait over four hours to alert the Coast Guard of Bex’s disappearance, five hours to contact the Mexican navy, and a whopping seven hours to contact the Bahamian police, who would have had jurisdiction over the case.

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Disney AGAIN Handles Things Privately

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney settled with the family sometime in 2015, outside of court, for an undisclosed amount. They wanted the Coriams to back off and no longer reference the brand in accordance to the case.

Rebecca Coriam 69

The attorney who represented the Coriams in the case, Jim Walker, claims the case has been resolved. The Miami-based attorney confirmed that the Coriams might possibly be pursuing an inquest in the United Kingdom, but that he was not able to talk about the case.

United States officials might have been over it, but not officials from the United Kingdom. Click ‘Next.’

They Want Answers

While the settlement ended any legal challenge in the United States, the mystery of Bex’s disappearance seems far from resolved. Many current and former government and law enforcement officials in the United Kingdom, who are convinced Bex was the victim of foul play, are trying to push for reopening alternative investigations into her disappearance.

Rebecca Coriam 70

Chris Matheson, the British Parliamentarian, believes Bex might have tragically been murdered. He teamed up with a former police investigator, hoping to figure out the final moments of the former youth counselor. A website dedicated to Bex is asking the public for any tips and United Kingdom officials have even told the Coriam family that they are considering opening a formal inquiry.

Chris, as well as other officials, believe there is much more to Bex’s story. Click ‘Next.’

What Happened to Poor Rebecca Coriam?

Chris Matheson doesn’t exactly believe she was murdered, but it is one of his fears that someone might be trying to cover something up along those lines. He told the Liverpool Echo that murder is a possibility that must be investigated properly, and has not yet been. He confirms that the more he looks into the case, the more it smells rotten, and the more it seems like an actual crime has taken place.

Rebecca Coriam 71

Maritime Investigation Coordinator, Bill Anderson, who worked with the Coriams previously regarding the case, believes that Bex was possibly the victim of sexual abuse. He even believes that the crew was fully aware of the matter and that they are being secretive to hide something terrible had happened to Bex.

Some call the Bahamian investigation appalling. Disney’s response? Click ‘Next’ to find out.

Disney Stands Firm

‘Appalling’ is what a British ex-shipping minister called the investigation that had been completed by the Bahamian detective, whose name was Paul Rolle. Chris Matheson plans to team up with one Roy Ramm, a former Commander of Specialist Operations at Scotland Yard as well as a veteran of the Metropolitan Police Force. The two intend to fly to Los Angeles as well as the Bahamas to conduct their own investigation of the matter.

Rebecca Coriam 72

What does Disney say to these claims? They stand by the work of the investigator, Paul Rolle who concluded that Bex had simply fallen overboard. They claim her disappearance was not suspicious and do not feel that they’ve left any stone unturned. Could it be that they are covering some of those stones up?

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He Believes He is Right

Just like Disney, the Bahamian investigator, Paul, has remained extremely hush-hush since conducting his search aboard the ship. In an emailed response to The Hollywood Reporter, Paul claims to ‘respectfully’ have no further comment regarding the case. Bill Anderson claims that Paul had profusely promised to the Coriams that he’d make the results of his investigation available to them, but he never did.

Rebecca Coriam 73

Instead, Paul’s reports were sent to the local police in the United Kingdom, who also have declined to make it available to the grief-stricken parents, despite their repeated requests. Bill tried himself to file several Freedom of Information Act requests with the U.K. authorities, but the British police will not let up, saying they will not release the report due to it containing ‘restricted and confidential’ personal details.

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An Unlikely Tale

The Hollywood Reporter points out that Disney claims Bex was swept overboard by a rogue wave, throwing her off Deck five. However, in the video footage, she was last seen on Deck one, four levels below, wearing what appears to be oversized clothing that didn’t belong to her. She wasn’t exactly dressed to go swimming.

Rebecca Coriam 74

Bill believes the rogue wave theory is absolutely preposterous. He claims that he has looked into what the state of the sea and the temperatures were like during the time of Bex’s disappearance, and that they all seemed perfectly normal. He also points out the interesting notion that a wave that giant would have inflicted damage to the boat.

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An Oath of Silence

Before Disney’s settlement, the Coriams tried everything to get to the bottom of something, anything for their missing daughter. They reached out to the FBI and even sent a letter to President Obama. Both times, they were ignored.

Rebecca Coriam 75

Disney shoved money in their faces outside of the courtroom lawsuit, and now they are silenced as well. According to the terms of their settlement, they are no longer able to publicly speak about the case, especially anything pertaining to Disney looking like they did something wrong. All they know is that they miss their daughter and are still burning for some answers.

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In Loving Memory

Annmaria and Mike held a touching ceremony for their daughter on September 13, 2015, more than four years after her disappearance. Hundreds of people showed up for the event to pay their respects to the family. A mulberry tree was planted and two benches featuring engraved plaques had been placed in special locations, holding memories for the family.

Rebecca Coriam 76

Annmaria said it was a huge success. They were not only able to show their daughter how much she is missed and loved, but also called attention to her name again in case anyone had any kind of update, or had been one of the lucky few who claimed to have seen her after her disappearance. More people than they ever expected showed up to give them cards and reassured them that they’d been following Bex’s story, reigniting their hope.

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Everyone Else is On Their Side

Chris Matheson could not attend the memorial that day, but he had a statement read on his behalf there. After Father Paul Shaw blessed the mulberry tree that had been planted in Bex’s name, Chris praised the extraordinary Coriams for their “crusade for truth and campaign for justice.”

Rebecca Coriam 77

He went on to honor their daughter by saying Bex brought nothing but light and love to others. He vowed, along with everyone there, to not only never forget her loving memory, but to never give up on the search for truth, no matter what they had to endure. The memorial that afternoon was the very last event the Coriams held in her memory, so that they would be able to focus all their time and energy into finding her.

One big question remains: how are any of the officials able to make accurate claims without Bex’s body? Click ‘Next.’

Forever at Sea?

With no real evidence and no confirmed sighting, the Coriams are left to believe their beloved Bex is in fact somewhere in the ocean after being thrown, pushed, or knocked overboard, be it a wave or some twisted person that got away with doing it. Unfortunately for them, their daughter is still listed as ‘missing at sea.’

Rebecca Coriam 78

With no trace of her body ever being found, her family will never be able to hold a proper funeral. Since Bex disappeared, the Coriams have been trying to get the laws to change that would allow the proper investigation to ensue for her. Because the ship had been registered in the Bahamas when she went missing, the British government was unable to open their own investigation of the area. The Coriams are fighting hard to get this law changed, not just for their Bex, but for the future of all unfortunate victims. They do not want any parent to go through the ordeal that they’ve been through.

Bex’s case is far from unique. Why have so many people gone missing from cruise ships? Click ‘Next.’

Not the First to Disappear

Rebecca Coriam’s case, though tragic, has not been the only unsolved disappearance from a cruise ship. An astonishing 165 people went missing from the year 1995 through 2011, according to the United States-based International Cruise Victims Association. There were over 13 alone the same year Bex disappeared, and many of them were from vessels that were popular with British holidaymakers.

Rebecca Coriam 79

Cruise ship holidays are extremely popular, and many ships will see the same holiday goers more than once. Over 1.7 million cruises will be taken in Britain this year alone. What is happening to all these passengers who vanish at sea, never to be seen or heard from again? Have they all been victim to the same sinister crime wave that’s said to have taken Bex?

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Remaining Hopeful

Regardless of all the mystery surrounding the disappearance of their daughter, and the abysmal handling of the investigation by the authorities, the Coriams remain hopeful that their daughter is still out there, somewhere. Bex was a topnotch athlete after all, and kept her body in prime physical condition at all times.

Rebecca Coriam 80

Whether she was thrown overboard, or fell, the Coriams do not believe for one second that their daughter simply drowned. She would have swum, if able, until she found another boat, or land.

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Random Sightings

A year after Bex’s disappearance, Bex’s father, Mike, received an email from a lady claiming she had seen Bex walking along the streets of Venice with a dark-haired man. While they did investigate this sighting to no avail, the Coriams see every possible notion about their daughter as a sign of hope. There have also been other reported sightings of the missing girl.

Rebecca Coriam 81

These reported sightings, combined with the attempted use of her bank card, as well as the changing of her Facebook password, help the Coriams to remain hopeful that Bex is still alive, and possibly suffering from memory loss due to her tragic ordeal.

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Keeping Her Alive

Bex’s sister, Rachael Coriam, hosts a fundraising page where she has thrown herself into the sport of running. She completed the London Marathon with her friend in the name of Bex, who was an avid runner herself and always wanted to compete in marathons. On the website, Rachael claims she will keep setting goals and beating them through running, with the sole intention of making her sister proud.

Rebecca Coriam 82

Rachael intends to run the London Marathon anytime she can, but recently decided to partake in the run for The Guide Dogs. Annmaria has recently been losing her vision due to a side effect of diabetes, and Rachael’s new goal is to raise awareness on the matter. With the organization, she intends to help blind and partially blind people enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else.

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She Was a Great Student

According to the website created by Bex’s family in her memory, her former teachers decided to leave a few touching words. They start by acknowledging the family’s loss and continue stating that there are many teachers at Bex’s former school that remember her fondly.

Rebecca Coriam 83

Former students who knew Bex would come back to the school just to remember her spirit with the teachers. They would take moments of silence to pray for Bex and for the future that one day, she might somehow be reunited with her family. They then described Bex as a thoughtful, sensitive, and energetic student who showed nothing short of an extraordinary level of reliability and determination.

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Help the Coriams

When you go to the website that Mike Coriam developed himself, http://www.rebecca-coriam.com/, you can donate to their organization, the Rebecca Coriam Search Foundation. A solicitor has been hired to help the family engage the organization where all funds raised will be solely used for the purpose of furthering the investigation in search for Bex.

Rebecca Coriam 84

You can also do your part by simply spreading her website and her story along. The family would like nothing more than to get as much awareness as they possibly can, and hope to one day link up with someone who may have information on Bex’s location.

All the family can do from this point on is pray for some answers. Click ‘Next.’

Will We Ever See Bex Again?

So, what really happened to Rebecca Coriam? Was she swept overboard in a fluke, tragic accident like Disney claims? Or was she the victim of something much more sinister? The gaping holes in the story will continue going unanswered until laws change and officials can conduct a thorough investigation, which by then, might be too late.

Rebecca Coriam 85

Is Bex somewhere, wandering the streets of Venice, completely unaware of how missed she really is and the family she left behind? Is Disney privately mourning the loss of a devoted employee? Or are they more concerned about their own bottom dollar and public image? Whatever the case, hug your loved ones a little closer, and do whatever you can to fight for the rights of future victims.

The Latest News on Rebecca Coram

Do you remember when we said that Bex had a relationship with a man and woman aboard the ship? That woman’s name was Tracie, and she and Bex had a passionate, wild, and fun relationship. Tracie, however, also had a boyfriend. When she first met Bex, Deven, the boyfriend, was on shore leave. However, he came back and Tracie once again started up that relationship.


In August 2017, Tracie came out with more information about what she thinks happened to Bex. She said when Deven came back, Bex became extremely jealous and depressed. She was using cocaine and felt like her family didn’t accept her since she was a lesbian. Tracie also said that Bex told her that she wished she was brave enough to jump off the ship and end it all. She believes that Bex felt as if she had no place to turn, and finally jumped into the raging water.

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