You Need a Fitness Tracker! Here’s Why

In the past few years, fitness trackers have been all the rage. So, they’re just some crazy fad, right? Not so much. Fitness trackers can actually be all that they’re cracked up to be if you do your research first and invest in a good brand. They’re a lot more than fancy pedometers. Aside from tracking your daily steps, they link with your cell phone, track food intake, track sleep, motivate you, and help you trim down your waistline.

Fitness trackers are real lifesavers and if you don’t believe me just yet, stick around. I was a skeptic too before I learned exactly what these awesome little devices can do. Here’s everything you need to know about fitness trackers.

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Link your Phone

For most fitness trackers, this isn’t an option, but this is a good thing. Think of a fitness tracker as a little personal assistant. They need your input. They can’t work without a little effort from you. So, you might think, “I just ran five miles today. You think I’m going to spend thirty minutes putting data into my phone?”

No, not really and you don’t have to. You only have to spend about ten minutes on your app each day and you’ll enjoy it. The app will make you feel good about all the progress you’ve made. It’ll tell you about the weight you’ve lost, the food you’ve eaten, the hours you slept (or didn’t) and the times when you were active throughout the day. Many fitness trackers, like Fitbit, will notify you when you reach an achievement from walking 5,000 daily steps to the coveted 10,000 steps. You can even get an achievement for walking up several flights of stairs in a day. And if you mess up and gain a pound or two or five, then guess what? You have a goal to accomplish, and your little fitness tracker is going to cheer you on (It literally will send you encouraging messages).

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Track your Food and Water Intake

I used to have about five separate apps on my phone to help me stay healthy. Fitness trackers do it all, and they even have a few functions that I haven’t needed yet, but might pick up in the future.  If you’re into tracking how much water you drink, your app won’t just help you keep track, but it will also tell you how much you need to drink a day. Since we’re all different heights and weights, we don’t all need eight cups of water. That’s a myth.

Tracking food is so helpful with this app. So, let’s say you eat a cup of green grapes for a snack. You go onto the food tracker and you search that term. It should come up, and it will tell you how many calories it was and how many grams of fat. If your food isn’t on there, you can even add your own custom entry. Like water tracking, it will tell you how many calories you should be eating for a person of your height, weight, and lifestyle.

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Get Your Beauty Sleep

We all need our rest, but some of us get too little, some of us get too much and few of us are just right. If you wear your tracker at night, when you wake up the following morning, it’ll tell you just what went down. It’ll let you know how many times you tossed and turned, exactly what time you woke up to get a glass of water, and for how long you were fully asleep (spoiler: it’s not as long as you think). And say you only got six hours of sleep when you thought you got eight? You go to bed earlier the next night and see what happens.

You can also set silent alarms. Your fitness tracker will vibrate in the morning to gently wake you up. It’s a little shocking the first morning, but after that, it’s so much better than waking up to a blaring alarm.

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Connect With Friends

Your Fitness Tracker even allows you to connect with your friends. If your buddies have fitness trackers of their own, your group can set up weekly challenges to see who gets the most steps in during the workweek or weekend. If you’re competitive this is super appealing! You can cheer your friends on or, if you guys are getting competitive, you can taunt them.

Either way, it’s all in good fun. You win, or you lose and nobody feels bad. You motivate each other to walk more than you would have otherwise! And don’t worry, you’ll get to choose what your friends can and cannot see about your health!

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Products for Every Lifestyle

Fitness Trackers come in all shapes and sizes. most are bracelets. Some are thin, others are fat. Some look like watches. You can get them in colors or patterns. If the bracelets are uncomfortable, you can find clip-on trackers or armbands. There are also helpful products like scales to consider. The Fitbit Aria comes to mind. This device links to both your tracker and your app. Once you step on the scale, it’ll know exactly who you are (even if multiple household members use your scale) and it will then log your weight into your app. It’ll also calculate how much you gained or lost since your last weigh-in as well as your Body Mass Index (BMI).

A pair of female feet on a bathroom scale

Fitness Trackers are helpful devices. It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular athlete, just starting out on the road to health, or you regularly live a sedentary lifestyle. A fitness tracker can benefit you no matter who you are and what you want. Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight, a fitness tracker can help you maintain it, or even be sure that you are getting the proper sleep, diet, and daily exercise. Health doesn’t have to be a full-time job and it doesn’t have to stress us out. These little devices make it a no-brainer.

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You Need a Fitness Tracker! Here’s Why

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