Outrageous Thanksgiving Mishaps

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year. Everyone gets the day off to watch or play football and eat. There is much more food involved than anyone should normally eat. Also, some towns have lovely Thanksgiving parades for people of all ages. For many, this is one of the most exciting days of the year. However, not everyone has a wonderful holiday.

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Thanksgiving can turn from a fun family holiday to an all out disaster very quickly. It takes a lot of detail to plan the perfect holiday. And for many, that is a recipe for things to go as bad as they possibly can.

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The Turkey is on the Crispier Side

Let’s be honest, a burnt turkey is one of the worst things that can happen to your meal. The turkey is the quintessential part of every Thanksgiving meal. Without it, you might as well be having a dinner on any random Thursday night.

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Yet with all the time it takes to carefully cook a turkey, it’s easy to forget it’s in the oven. If you do burn it while it’s cooking, flip it over and cook the other side. Once it is out, take off the blackened skin and serve the rest of the meat to your guests. If it’s too dry, put some broth or gravy over it. Sadly, if it’s too far gone, you may have to do without the turkey. Until next year, there’s always rotisserie chicken.

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Getting Mauled by a Group of Turkeys

Wild turkeys are striking back. Turkey attacks have been on the rise in the United States. And although most of the time people make it out unharmed, it’s still frightening. Turkeys are very aggressive birds.

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They can grow up to 20 pounds and four feet tall in size. Facing off one of them is dangerous enough. Getting chased by a bunch of them is nothing short of horrifying. You can’t blame them. It’s probably infuriating having an entire holiday dedicated to eating you. If you see them, it’s best to avoid them. Turkeys may look (and taste) good, but they will attack if you get too close.

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Stuff or Dress

Stuffing is a contentious issue. For many, the idea of putting it in the turkey to cook carries way too high a risk. Because of the rawness of the meat cooking over hours, it’s possible to contract a number of diseases from the bird if not cooked correctly. The risk of Salmonella pushes many to apt to have it on the side.

Thanksgiving Mishaps 3

But sometimes, in or out of the turkey, the stuffing just comes out looking gross. People put a variety of different things in stuffing: seafood, cheese, giblets etc. It’s a personal choice. But sometimes less really is more.

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A Turkey Deep Fry Gone Wrong

Deep fryers are all the rage for thanksgiving. People love to try their hand at deep-frying the turkey. It’s quick, efficient, and can be very fun to watch. However, it’s also immensely dangerous. With oil temperatures reaching several hundred degrees, the risk of injury from getting splashed on is immensely high.

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More than that, the risk of a turkey deep fryer causing a fire is even greater. If you insist on deep frying a turkey, rather than using an oven, take certain precautions. Make sure the turkey is completely defrosted before you submerge it in oil. Do not cook near wood or any other flammable surface. Keep all children out of the area.

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The Oven Catches Fire

Even if you are not going to go to the lengths of using a deep fryer, there are still some risks associated with cooking. First off, the turkey takes around four hours to cook. That means for four hours you have to be attentive to your oven. It also means plenty of time for something to go wrong.

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The best way to avoid oven mishaps is to set a timer for every hour or so. Make sure you keep checking on the oven and the various dishes that go inside. It can be tempting to check on all the excitement around you.

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Ugly Sweaters

Ugly holiday sweaters are part of every holiday tradition. But there is something oddly satisfying about ugly Thanksgiving sweaters. It may have something to do with the ridiculous imagery of the holiday, or the fact that the weather isn’t cold enough to bury it under jackets.

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In any case, ugly thanksgiving sweaters definitely have a top spot on most ridiculous gifts. If you do manage to get this as a gift and need an outfit, best of luck. Try and rock it with a smile. Ugly sweaters are supposed to be coming back into style. Worse case scenario, you can try layering.

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Baking Disasters

Baking is hard. Anyone who has tried his or her hand at it can testify as to that fact. However, for all the guilt about baking prowess, most people are not half bad when they try it. But not everyone. Some baked goods are a disaster.

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Whether it’s using way too much flour or sugar, or baking for the wrong time, it’s easy to mess up a cake. Baking is a mathematical calculation that must go exactly right at the right time. But baking screw-ups are the best Thanksgiving mishaps. You can see them from a mile away.

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Pets Relieving Themselves

Pets are loveable creatures and great to have around the holidays. They cuddle, play, and keep the mood up when guests arrive. Unfortunately, they also misbehave. And sometimes that can include going to the bathroom wherever they see fit.

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Former Mayor Bloomberg’s daughter, Georgina, reveals how her new puppy began to relieve itself in their mansion one Thanksgiving. Thankfully, she has continued to live in the house and since worked on her potty training. But for all of their cute mannerisms, no small animal could be cute enough to erase the smell stuck in the carpet afterwards.

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Food Poisoning

Probably one of the most nightmarish situations is where you or your guests get sick from the food they are eating. There is a risk of this happening though. When dealing with large amounts of food being served to many people, there is always a chance that the food was bought contaminated or not prepared well.

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In order to make sure that food was not contaminated, make sure to cook everything thoroughly. Wash your hands before cooking and make sure to clean all of the supplies beforehand. Make sure you know where you are buying your meats.

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Someone Stole a Turkey

When you think of robberies, you don’t think of Thanksgiving often. It’s a pretty tame holiday for the most part. That’s not the case for one Connecticut man, Jimmy Mulligan. Mulligan was robbed at gunpoint on Thanksgiving. Not only did the thief take his wallet, but he took dinner as well! He reportedly made off with the cooked turkey and fixings he had planned to bring to dinner.

Thanksgiving Mishaps 10

This left Mulligan in an extremely tight spot. Luckily, the police department chipped in to buy him a substitute dinner. Still, this is one of the first times anyone has heard of robbers targeting a Thanksgiving dinner specifically. One can only hope at least the robbers enjoyed the turkey they swiped if they were going to go to the effort of stealing it.

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Turkey TV Dinners

Not everyone has the time to go out and make entire Thanksgiving meals. So years ago, certain companies began creating Thanksgiving TV dinners. These dinner substitutes are nothing compared to the actual experience of biting into a meal that took hours to make. However, it’s the thought that counts.

Thanksgiving Mishaps 11

There are alternatives to the TV dinner, including many community dinners. If you don’t have the time or money to invest in a giant dinner, there is no shame. Many Thanksgiving community events are created precisely for those who do not have the time or resources to put together their own dinner. Just know the microwavable turkey is not your only option for a fun Thanksgiving holiday.

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Hilariously Inappropriate Cakes

Some cakes are made with the purest of intentions. And even so, they can let us down in the most hilarious and awful ways. Whether it’s that their creators genuinely do not see the image they have created, or are twisted enough to have done it on purpose, many symbols make it past the store shelves and into peoples’ homes.

Thanksgiving Mishaps 12

This particular cake cannot be unseen once it is seen. If you have accidently purchased an inappropriate cake, the best thing you can do is take a picture to preserve the memories. There is an option to try and argue with the cake producer but in the end, it’s not likely to yield much of a result. This is one of the most popular holiday events of the year and there are bound to be lots of cakes that make it through the cracks. However, if you are really in a bind about the state of your cake, cut it up before the guests show up to your door. However, that is not nearly as fun as waiting to see who will notice.

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Turkey Earrings

Not everyone has the same fashion taste. That is part of what makes fashion such an individualized expression. Sometimes, accessories are matter of taste and personal eye. And no one can dictate how other people should be dressing. However, there are some items that do not belong anywhere you put them. These earrings top that list. Somehow sold out on Etsy, these earrings show a much more intense love for Thanksgiving than usual.

Thanksgiving Mishaps 13

These earrings, the shape of a turkey, have been so popular they have been sold out, and a similar product is now also on sale. Despite their unconventionalness, they are certainly a unique item to get on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving themed clothing is not the most functional to begin with, since its devoted to only one day. However, if you are going to wear these, you might as well stretch it out the entire month.

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Thanksgiving Gumballs

Thanksgiving foods are always a test of creative recipes. There are many different types of foods that can be eaten. The savory flavor of certain dishes, such as the turkey and stuffing, is great to see contrasted. The sweet potatoes and cranberry offer a good juxtaposition to those flavors. It can be very delicious and companies have been profiting off of that sort of flavor combination for years. It can be fun to see what sort of recipes people can come up with. However, a line has to be drawn somewhere. And that line is candy.

Thanksgiving Mishaps 14

Companies have been coming out with Thanksgiving flavored gumballs as a fun alternative to regular holiday candy. They offer very strange and unappetizing flavors such as: pumpkin pie, cranberry, and turkey. When will companies stop trying to mix too many good things into one thing? Gumballs are wonderful, but there was no reason to make them part of Thanksgiving.

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Matching Pregnancy Shirts

There is no better way to say you love someone then matching awkward pregnancy tee shirts. Well, there are probably are. But it probably wouldn’t be as fun. These shirts are somewhat adorable for the first couple minutes of a reveal. After a while though, it gets a bit awkward to constantly avoid sitting to the right of the person wearing the arrow tee shirt. Telling the family that you are planning to have a baby will no doubt turn the Thanksgiving festivities into a whole new celebration. That being said, you don’t have to keep re-telling everyone who keeps walking through the door.

Thanksgiving Mishaps 15

Also, despite its use as a colloquial term, the phrase does conjure somewhat of a sexual connotation. In front of the entire family, this probably is not the best subtle message to be giving off for an entire dinner. That being said, if this is your preferred method of pregnancy reveal, go for it. Just be cautious of the fact that you may only get to wear this short for a little while longer. At a certain point, it will either become a) obvious and eventually b) no longer relevant.

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PowerAde Turkey

For most people, the alluring part of Thanksgiving is the classic feel of the holiday. The holiday is devoted to eating timeless and true recipes cooked over generations. But there are many people who like to add their own variations to the mix of recipes. If you have not run out of absolutely unnecessary and unhelpful Thanksgiving recipes to try, here is another. A reddit user decided to try his hand at a new recipe and cook his turkey in PowerAde. He marinated and cooked the bird for a couple of hours, in order to get the flavors of the blue drink to sink into the meat.

Thanksgiving Mishaps 16

On the upside, this meal will be rich in electrolytes and sugar, if needed. What could have possessed this young man to ruin a perfectly good turkey is beyond most people’s comprehension. At the end of the day, he did get the Internet fame he wanted. That turkey is an extremely striking blue.

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RIP Barney

Who can forget the 1997 Macy’s day parade? Or as it is more commonly known, where childhood dreams go to die. The parade started off well enough, with the balloons coming down the procession. However, with the high wind temperatures it was very clear that the parade was about take a very dark turn. For a couple of minutes, balloon holders struggled to hang on to the balloon, to no avail.

Thanksgiving Mishaps 17

The balloon had a huge risk of hurting the crowd. However, wind got the best of the balloon, which popped open. Subsequently, NYPD officers quickly ascended onto the balloon and began stabbing it open, much to the horrified sound of the crowd. Barney did not get to finish the parade that year, unfortunately.

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Family Troubles

Every family has trouble during the Thanksgiving holiday. Part of what separates it from many other holidays is the potential for arguments within many families. But one particular family takes the cake in this category. About a year or so ago, this video of a young man arguing with his family went viral. He was angry with his father and the rest of his family over the way they treat him. You can hear side comments about his getting a job and playing video games. Eventually, he becomes so enraged that he flips over a table, leaving his mother crying and food everywhere on the floor.

Thanksgiving Mishaps 18

Perhaps the most interesting part of this video series isn’t the meltdown. It’s the fact that videos are staged. For a while, they had everyone going. Many people weighed in on the possible mental state of the son. They also had a lot to say about the family themselves. But this is apparently a normal acting routine the family takes part in. Maybe for them, that’s how they spend the holidays together.

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‘Pregnant Turkey’ Prank

First off, turkeys lay eggs. They are similar to chickens in that the way which they have their babies is by laying an egg and then having it hatch. Having said that, one popular Thanksgiving prank is to stuff a smaller bird inside a turkey and pretend it’s pregnant. Any small bird will suffice for this purpose. Some people use raw chickens they bought at the store. Some people opt to put in a meatloaf. The only trick is to make it look realistic. For some reason, many people tend to forget the most basic facts of bird anatomy when they see the tiny creature.

Thanksgiving Mishaps 19

It’s mostly shock and heartbreak featured in these prank videos. Understandably, it must be hard to continue to eat a bird after you think you’ve murdered it along with its child. Many of these videos show very shocked and displayed family members, unable to continue eating. However, eventually one person catches on to the fact that the thing they are looking at is impossible. It’s all in good Thanksgiving fun.

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Outrageous Thanksgiving Mishaps

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