Quality Mother-Daughter Vacations: Travel Guideline

Mothers are some of the most inspirational, hard-working, devoted, kind, and loving people out there. Mother’s Day might not be until May, but there’s a chance that you’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how much she did for you over the years. Maybe it’s time you give her something more than flowers and surprise her with a getaway? She deserves it! You were a handful!

mother-daughterUse this guide to help you pinpoint some of the best Mother-Daughter trips around the world.

Spend a Weekend Wine Tasting

  • Napa Valley and Temecula: Known as Wine Country, Napa Valley is found to the north of San Francisco, and even has a film festival. There’s no better way to spend quality time with your mom than in beautiful Napa. You can bond over your new favorite bottle. Temecula is also in California, and you can test over 50 varieties of wine.
  • South Africa: Taking your mother on a wine safari in South Africa is going to be an unforgettable experience. It’s inexpensive, full of stunning scenery, and you have more than enough time to sample cheeses and wine.
  • Croatia: Most people don’t think Croatia when they think of Europe; especially when it comes to wine. What you might not know, is it’s very underrated and has delicious wine and perfect beaches.

Enjoy Real Life High Tea

  • London: You simply can’t mention high tea and not mention London. It’s been an English tradition since the 19th century, and nearly everywhere you go offers bite-sized cucumber sandwiches, crumpets, and an English “cuppa.”
  • Bangkok: Thailand is one of the most exciting cities in the world, though you don’t think high tea when it comes to your mind. However, many establishments offer high tea in international themes like Moroccan tea served alongside French macarons.
  • Sydney: The ultimate city for your mother-daughter vacation is Sydney. You can even see a ten-page menu of just teas. High tea is a familiar concept there, and you and your mom can sip on tea of your choice while looking out over the harbor.
  • Dubai: Afternoon tea at Burj Al Arab (the world’s tallest atrium) is the epitome of luxury. It gets held at the Skyview Bar, which gives you a view that can’t be beaten anywhere else in the world. If luxury and modernized tradition are what you seek; head to Dubai.

Relax at a Spa

  • Quebec: The French capital of Canada offers many beautiful spas that have you feeling like you’re in Iceland or Scandinavia. Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, is most known for its spas. Why not hit the slopes and then spend the next day relaxing with hot saunas and hot stone massages?
  • Bali: When you think of spa, it’s natural that you think of relaxation, luxury, pampering, and indulging. There is no better way to indulge in paradise than by visiting Bali.
  • Cancun: Taking your mom on an all-inclusive trip to Cancun, Mexico is probably just what she needs. The price is great, the weather is terrific, and there are plenty of spas for relaxation. Keep in mind that if you feel like splurging, you can treat your mom to some five-star pampering, too.
  • Palm Springs: You’d think that Hollywood would be full of all the luxurious spas because that’s where the stars are, but Palm Springs is where they are. There are luxury spas, yoga retreats, meditation ceremonies and more. Also, it’s all delivered with stunning mountain scenery.

Participate in Cooking Classes

  • Tokyo: For years your mother has cooked for you, now it’s time you made something for her, or you at least tried. Japanese Sushi chefs study for ten years before they’re considered “proper.” You can learn from seasoned chefs, or take part in classes taught by locals who show you traditional, home-style meals.
  • Tuscany: You won’t find pasta anywhere in the world like you see it in Tuscany. You and your mom can enjoy fresh Italian food under the Tuscan sun, and learn how to cook like your Italian grandmother. There are also plenty of fine wineries that you can experience.
  • New Orleans: The city of New Orleans is like a completely different world. American food takes on a different level when you eat in NOLA. The city is rich in culture, diverse food, and history. You can talk to the locals about the birthplace of jazz, and grow inspired with your mom by hearing the stories of post-Hurricane Katrina survival.
  • Barcelona: You and your mother would have an incredible time getting a local to guide you through the eclectic markets in Barcelona, Spain. They can also teach you Spanish cooking and dance, and teach you why food is the heart of their culture.

Pitch a Tent and Go Camping

  • Iceland: You might shiver in your chair just thinking about it, but taking a trip through Iceland in a camper is unbeatable. Make sure that you go at the right time of year, and the magnificent country should take your mom’s breath away. Maybe you can drink hot chocolate beneath the Northern Lights.
  • Canada: If the opportunity presents itself, don’t turn down taking a road trip across Canada with your mom. From as far east as Prince Edward Island to as far west as British Columbia; the breathtaking beauty makes the long drives worth it. There are plenty of cities to stop for snacks, diverse culture, forestry, and oceans to see. On top of that, when you get done sight-seeing, you can pitch a tent and camp in the mountains on the west coast.
  • United States Natural Parks: The Grand Canyon and Yosemite are only two amazing parks that the U.S. offers you. You can take your mom on a grand camping adventure all over the United States where you can both fall in love with your home country all over again.

high-teaTake your mom on the trip of a lifetime and use camping, wine tasting, cooking, or anything else to reinforce your bond. Studies say that there’s nothing like a vacation with some of your best friends, and your mom is the best friend that you could ask to have.

What trip would you suggest for a mother-daughter adventure?

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Quality Mother-Daughter Vacations: Travel Guideline

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