Reasons Eating Out on Thanksgiving is a Great Idea When Traveling

There’s nothing quite like a Thanksgiving feast. We Americans take our turkey seriously, preparing enormous feasts for our loved ones. From all over the country, Americans travel far and wide to celebrate with family and friends. Sometimes, we travel to a brand new place to celebrate the holiday, just to do something different.


But what if you’re on vacation and you can’t find the measuring cup in your apartment rental? Has grandma downsized and given away all her serving dishes? It’s a little depressing (and difficult) to cook in the hotel kitchenette. There are plenty of reasons you might not want to cook when traveling on Thanksgiving, and you shouldn’t feel badly about it – rather, embrace it! Here are the reasons you should eat at a restaurant on Thanksgiving.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

The commitment to make a Thanksgiving feast is real. For one, the time involved is enormous. It starts with putting a menu together that appeases everyone, and then continues with grocery shopping, cooking, and locating platters, and festive table settings. All that time cooking for your loved ones could be spent enjoying their company. Some families cook together, and so this can be part of the fun, but more often than not the cook does a lot of work and then collapses after the meal, spending little time with everyone else.

Eating out takes all the stress from the equation. All you need to do is make a reservation, and you can spend the whole day enjoying your vacation with loved ones instead of battling the potato masher.

Eat Delicious Food

There’s nothing worse than trying to cook for a crowd. People have all kinds of crazy diets, from vegan, to gluten free, to low carb, to Paleo, to junk food only! Pair that with the fact that you want everyone to actually enjoy their meal, it gets tricky. When you go to a restaurant to eat, each person gets their perfect thanksgiving meal.

It’s not all about hassle, though. Eating out on vacation often introduces you to foods you’ve never had before, which gives a little insight into a different culture, even if you’re traveling domestically. So, if you’re from North Dakota and vacationing in the South, your dinner might include fried turkey, or grilled quail. Try new things at the restaurant, you may even go home with some great ideas for your own dishes.


Be Part of Community

While fun in concept, you may worry that being away from home on Thanksgiving feels a little strange. When you eat at a restaurant, you’re with a group of strangers, also celebrating the holiday –  but actually, you become part of a new community. Like at home, a group of people eating together, even if they don’t know one another, creates a warm bonhomie that makes for a meal to remember. You can even try a family-style restaurant to meet new people to enjoy the holiday with, which is similar to the first Thanksgiving itself. This is an excellent way to meet new people on your trip, so you get a full, fun immersive vacation.

Do you travel on Thanksgiving? What are your favorite restaurant Thanksgiving specialties?

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Reasons Eating Out on Thanksgiving is a Great Idea When Traveling

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