Retro Advertisements that will Drive You Insane

Life today is fast paced. Our televisions are smart, our phones are smarter, and our computers call us by name. Forward motion can be exhausting. We’re all a little guilty of romancing the past. We all love our old movies and stories. They bring us back to a time that we never lived in, but sort of wish we did.

But maybe we shouldn’t be such Romantics. Just like we have our problems today, people had their problems back then, too. It wasn’t all one-cent chocolates, Midwestern moms holding casseroles, and showgirls dancing under the bright stage lights all the time. No. There was strife and the culture was busy transforming for a more progressive society.

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So, buckle up into your Ford cabriolet and tie on your finest silk scarf. We’re going for a tour through the most offensive, outrageous, and downright most absurd retro advertisements out there.

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