Seasonal Weekend Getaways to Plan this Autumn

Just because the summer is over doesn’t meant that vacation time is officially over. If you’re already fed up with the stressful and mundane routine of back-to-school and back to your dusty cubicle, then it’s already time for another vacation. You don’t need to take off a week of work or spend a fortune just to get away either. A weekend spent relaxing is therapeutic enough to decompress you for the grueling work week ahead.

If you’re tempted by the idea of some fun in the autumn sun, then consider a seasonal trip! ‘Tis the season to pick pumpkins and enjoy the outdoors before we’re all cooped up inside, drinking hot cocoa and thawing our toes out by the fireplace.


Pumpkin Picking

When I was a kid, my parents used to fit me up in a big coat, cute mittens, and hat and take me out to the pumpkin patch with my older brother. They made a deal with us–we could take any pumpkin we wanted as long as we could carry it back to the car ourselves. This sent me and my brother running wild about the field in search of the biggest, yet most attainable pumpkins our little bodies could carry.

As long as your child isn’t the actual Hulk, then this is a foolproof plan for a fun autumn trip. Plus, you’ve got extra insurance that you won’t have a giant pumpkin rotting on your lawn come November. If you live in or near a rural area, you’ll probably be able to make a day trip out of this. You can bring the kids to get their pumpkins, then sample some hot spiced cider at a café or nearby farm and then you can bring the family home to carve or paint their soon-to-be spooky autumn pumpkins!

Choosing a pumpkin at a pumpkin patch on Fall day.


Camping isn’t for everyone. Camping certainly isn’t for me, but I do find myself fanaticizing about the lifestyle every once in a while. Who doesn’t fascinate about spending a night in the woods or out under the stars, completely unplugged with a couple of lanterns and a warm fire? Then roasting marshmallows and telling the scariest stories you know before looking up and trying to point out the constellations.

Well bad news, people. If this sounds like the life for you and you’re not really into hypothermia, then the next few months are the last for camping (depending on where you live, of course, but it’s all relative). So, pull out that broken tent of yours and start packing up the cooler!

couple camping at night

A Frightening Weekend Getaway

If you have young kids, you might want to send them off to Grandma’s house while you head off for the weekend with some brave friends or your significant other. This weekend getaway is all about enjoying the spooky side of the autumnal season. Step through a haunted house, grab a hot drink and head off on a haunted hayride, or sign up for a haunted tour of a historical downtown area or a creepy graveyard.

But beware, if you scare easily, this might not be the trip for you. If you’re adventurous, take it one step over and spent a night or two in a haunted hotel. You’d be surprised how many there are. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a ghostly visitor one night!

A spooky old haunted house on a moonlit night - 3D render.

Nature-themed Family Getaway

Are you or your kids explorers? Do you guys love nature and the outdoors? Fall is one of the best times to experience the full beauty of nature through the beautiful display of colorful trees to the animals all around preparing for the long winter ahead.

Many nature centers and conservatories have programs for children during the autumn season. You can also take your kids apple picking at an orchard. Chase each other around corn mazes or go for a hike while the weather is still cool. On your way back home, stop at a garden shop and have them help you pick out some bulbs. When you get home, plant them. You can look forward to those budding in the spring as a reminder of your awesome weekend together!

Little girl with yellow leaf. Child playing with autumn golden leaves. Kids play outdoors in the park. Children hiking in fall forest. Toddler kid under a maple tree on a sunny October day.Autumn is the perfect season for spending time outside, because just to let you in on a little secret, it’s only going to get colder outside. Some of autumn’s finest traditions are only around once a year, so enjoy them while you still can. What better way to do so than a relaxing weekend getaway?

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Seasonal Weekend Getaways to Plan this Autumn

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