Should You Share a Room When Traveling on Vacation?

We all like to save a buck every time we go on vacation. After all, it’s expensive to go away. One of the highest ticket items is lodging, sometimes hovering above even airfare. When you’re traveling with a friend or family member who isn’t your spouse (such as a sibling or a parent, a cousin, etc.), is it a good idea to share a room? Well, it depends. Check out these factors below to help make your decision.



There’s no question that sharing a room is a good idea financially. The cost is half! The issue comes down to budget – does one of you have more money to spend than the other? Conventional travel wisdom says you travel on the budget of the person who has the least amount of money, so it boils down to who can afford what. If you can’t go on the trip without splitting the room, then the decision’s made. Paying for twice the hotel fees on credit cards you’re going to struggle to pay off is not a good way to travel. If the person you’re going with has this situation, be sympathetic, and if that’s a deal breaker, find someone else to go with, or tell that person to do the same.


The main activity in a hotel room is sleeping – the idea is to do it! This applies to the active sleepers. The snorers, the sleepwalkers, the talkers – if you know you’re a terrible sleeping companion, speak up! It could ruin the trip if you or your friend is grumpy from lack of sleep.

Make sure that if you do share a room, try to get two beds. Otherwise you have to contend with restless kickers, or diagonal sleepers.

Together Time

You love your mother, but it’s understandable you may occasionally need a break. Mothers mother no matter where they are, and they can forget you’re an adult now and that can make your own decisions. Or maybe you’re with your very best friend, but after three days of 24- hour together time, you may be itching for a moment or peace.

Some people need more time alone than others, and if you’re companion requires this, best to abide than to push them into sharing. It might be hard to understand, but better to be left in the dark than all of the sudden arguing out of nowhere.


Travel Style

The time you spend together traveling may be affected by your sleeping arrangement. For example, if you are sharing a room, it might be that you journey apart for an afternoon, and then meet back at dinner (which is a good idea sometimes!). Or, if you’re in separate rooms, you may want to stick close together all day.

Your schedules tend to be more in sync when you share a room than the other way around. There’s no better or worse way, but if your brother is an early riser and ate breakfast, went for a walk, and is ready to go take a bike ride somewhere, while you’re just getting out of the shower, you might not have the same daily agenda. This can be no problem, or an annoying one. Talk this out, and schedule a time to meet up so you can spend the day together.

Room sharers tend to do everything on the same schedule. That’s okay, but shower time is twice as long, and the person who needs only twenty minutes in the morning is going to be laying around waiting for the one who needs an hour to dry her hair. They’re small issues, but they do affect your trip.

Do you share rooms when you travel? Are some accommodations better for this sort of thing than others? Let us know your thoughts!

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Should You Share a Room When Traveling on Vacation?

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