Shocking Facts about Stephen King’s IT

Stephen King’s It is legendary. A clown who comes to life every 27 years to haunt a little town is a terrifying and haunting story that still scares us all today. Whether you read the book, saw the movies, or both—it leaves you with a feeling of dread at every turn.

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There are some revelations about It that are not widely known. These facts are so fascinating, it is truly unbelievable to think some of them actually occurred! As you read the following list, you are going to realize there is still so much to know about this horror classic. Be careful, though! These new details may shock you to your core! Get ready for your hair to stand on end. These are facts are outrageous!

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The Movie It Was Inspired by a Real-Life Child Killer

American serial killer John Wayne Gacy was the inspiration for Pennywise the Clown in Stephen King’s It. In the 1970s, John abducted, tortured, and killed over 30 teenaged boys. He was known as the “Killer Clown” because he did numerous charitable events around town dressed as a clown.

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John tempted these boys to his home either by force or trickery. He often used his job as a clown as a front to find his next victims. As you know, Pennywise lured many children to him by giving false promises and also by manipulation. If you read the book or watch the movie, it is easy to see the similarities. Both are monsters and are truly made from nightmares.

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Tim Curry Gave It His All

In 1990, Tim Curry starred in the television adaptation of It. Tim unforgettably played Pennywise. Before he agreed to play the scary clown, Tim had one request. He told the director that he did not want to be in the makeup chair for hours while they transformed him into Pennywise.

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Despite reluctantly agreeing to Tim’s demand, this didn’t happen. The actor spent over three hours every day in the makeup chair! There was no way around it. To play the part he had to look like it. This meant his outward appearance had to be perfect. Although Tim hated every moment of it, once his makeup was complete, he felt like his character. He also said after a long day of acting, he couldn’t wait to take it all off. Especially the nose!

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George A. Romero Was the Top Choice for Directing the Movie

George A. Romero is known for his grisly work in the 1978 movie, Dawn of the Dead. The zombie horror flick is a creepy and over the top film that chills you to the bone. This was why the studio wanted to use him for It.

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When producers got wind that George was being considered as the director for their movie, they quickly put a halt to that idea. They knew the work he did on Dawn of the Dead, and they felt he was going to make It way too scary! Apparently, the producers didn’t want to cross a threshold of terror that may be too much for viewers to handle. Too bad, if he had directed the movie, he could have knocked it out of the ballpark!

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Pennywise Causes True Fear in People

When you think of the face of Pennywise, does it leave you trembling for hours? Well, you are not alone! The new movie remake is scarier than what Stephen King could even imagine. The clown is so erratic, it plays upon the darkest fears of everyone who watches it.

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Since Pennywise is so unpredictable, science says this is the worst type of bad guy. He is a clown who morphs into every bad thought and feeling imaginable. The brain becomes confused, and fear is a result of the uncertainty. Research suggests humans don’t know how to handle this fear and often squirm or scramble in panic. No wonder clowns are feared by so many of us!

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It Comes Every 27 Years

In Stephen King’s book, Pennywise comes out of the darkness every 27 years to scare the people of Derry. It is a realization the residents have to deal with if they want to continue living there. Even more creepy? The 27-year event is also happening in real life!

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Whether it is coincidence or not, the time span between the 1990 television miniseries and the 2017 movie is exactly 27 years! How mind blowing is that? Collectively, we were terrified watching the Tim Curry classic decades ago, and now we are in for the same fate with the new horror film! This was well played. Stephen King knows how to scare us to the bone.

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Clowns Are Bad for Children

Stephen King has said there was a particular reason why he chose a clown to be the bad guy in his book. When he was writing, he knew Pennywise had to be a mix of all the scary monsters he could possibly think of. It took a while for him to realize what he needed to do.

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Stephen need a disgusting character who makes you scream in fear when you look at it. Since It is centered around children, he had to find something scary that does that to children. The answer was as plain as day—clowns! That was how he created Pennywise. He delved into the minds of the young. Smart move!

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Two Actors Died after Starring in It

Jonathan Brandis played Bill Denbrough in the 1990 TV movie It. As one of the main characters, Jonathan’s performance garnered a lot of attention for his stellar acting. Despite his rising career, Jonathan cut his life short in 2003. He committed suicide in his Los Angeles apartment at the age of 27.

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John Ritter was also in the TV movie. He played the older Ben Hanscom who is friends with Bill. John had been in TV and film for decades. In 2003, he was working on his latest television show and felt ill. He was admitted to the hospital, and he had to go to surgery. He died while on the operating table as a result of aortic dissection. It was days before his 55th birthday.

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Alice Cooper Was Supposed to Be Pennywise

Before Tim Curry snagged the role as Pennywise, producers were considering shock-rocker Alice Cooper for the part. They thought his look was going to translate well on camera. When you see Alice on television or performing live, he is a dark persona who could totally embody the part of a villain! The possibilities are endless.

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However, in the end, producers decided Tim was best suited for the role. Knowing what we know now, they made the right choice! It is intriguing to think what Alice could have done with the role, though. It was probably going to be something to remember! He could definitely put a whole new spin on the story.

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Working on the Movie Was Memorable

Working on the 1990 miniseries was nothing short of amazing for the cast and crew. Despite the frightening story line, all the actors have great memories from working on the set. The children in the movie created strong bonds with each other. Their friendships still remain to this day. It is a part of their childhood that they could never forget.

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Fast forward to 2017, and the sentiment is the same. The three-month shoot was full of fond moments and memories. The younger cast have called it the best summer they have had and miss working together. They feel like family. It’s great to hear the children weren’t traumatized by their time spent on the set!

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Stephen King Was under the Influence Writing It

Stephen King has admitted his drug use in the past. He has been sober for decades now, but he is a former alcoholic and drug addict. His writing did not stop during his addiction, and he was a heavy user when writing It.

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From 1978 to 1986 Stephen has said he was deeply under the influence of drugs—specifically cocaine. He doesn’t remember much from those days, but he knows his writing took a dive during those eight years. His last book before cleaning himself up was Tommyknockers, a novel he wished he had never written. Thank goodness he managed to squeeze out a good book with It! It is good to hear he is clean and sober now.

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Tim Curry Created Fear in His Costars

Apparently, Tim Curry was really good as Pennywise. So much so, his costars kept their distance when he was in character! In full costume, the child actors and even adults ignored Tim when they weren’t shooting. He never broke character in the clown suit, and it was rather unsettling!

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In recent commentary, the children, who are adults now, said Tim’s portrayal of the killer clown was too realistic for them to handle. They knew the actor was playing a part, but he took it to another level. At times, it almost felt like he was the spooky serial killer! How chilling! As a child, it could have a negative effect on your mind. Thank goodness these actors managed to come out of the experience unscathed!

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The Color Green Has Significance

If you watch the movie It close enough, you are going to notice the color green is seen throughout the film. For Stephen King, the hue has major significance to him. Green represents unease, death, or the paranormal.

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Stephen has used this color throughout his career. It is thought to have come from one of his favorite authors, H.P. Lovecraft, who has done the same in his books. In the Tim Curry miniseries, the final fight uses green everywhere. There are also some not so obvious color placements that you may want to find for yourself! Once you do, you are going to notice green ties the scenes together seamlessly!

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Dean Koontz Is Hidden Within the Movie

Being an author, Stephen King is aware of his competition. One of the most present being popular thriller writer, Dean Koontz. Dean uses horror, suspense, and intrigue to capture his readers. He has gained quite a following.

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Stephen wanted to drop a reference to his rival by naming the security officer in the television miniseries after him! What a novel idea! The man’s name is Koontz, and Stephen hoped his fans were going to pick up on what he had done. There is no word on what Dean thinks of this name drop. If anything, he should feel honored that Stephen did such a thing! It’s good to see the two authors participate in healthy competition!

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Using Names That Are Familiar

The use of names familiar to the cast and crew was used throughout the 1990 TV movie. When you hear the voices of the children down the dark hole, the director decided to do something rather unusual. One boy says he is Matthew O’Connor. That is also the name of one of the production crew members of It.

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Another young child is heard coming from the drain. Her name is Vicky Burrows. That is the name of the casting director of the same movie! This interesting piece of information was something the director wanted to use to show his appreciation to the crew who worked so hard on the film. It also brings a bit of humor to a movie that is filled with so much fright!

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Bill Skarsgard Did His Research

Bill Skarsgard is only 27-years old, but he knows he has a lot of expectation placed on him. He plays the new Pennywise in the 2017 film. He knew he had to do his research before he donned the creepy clown suit.

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He got his inspiration from famous movies from the past few decades. The Shining and Walking After You are just some of the mainstream movies Bill watched to get into the right character. He has said that Pennywise is not psychotic in nature, but he has elements that may show he is walking a fine line. Whatever Bill did worked! The new Pennywise is even more frightening than what we saw in Tim Curry’s interpretation!

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Scaring All the Children

When Bill was in full makeup and costume, he looked frightening. The child actors he had to work with had trouble keeping their nerves at bay. There was one particular time where Bill had to scare a group of kids dressed as Pennywise. When he walked on set, he received a series of reactions!

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Some of the children were scared senseless, some were intrigued, and others started crying when they saw Pennywise in the flesh. Bill said he felt really guilty scaring those kids the way he did, but he had no choice except to continue acting. When the scene was finished, he apologized to the kids, and he let them know it was all pretend. Those poor children!

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Nightmares upon Nightmares

Bill got so into character, it started affecting his everyday life while he was shooting the film. There were times where he delved so deep into his role, he started having nightmares about playing Pennywise! That is beyond spooky.

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Bill knew he had to make his performance top-notch, especially since Tim Curry did such an amazing job in the made for television movie. His painstaking attention to detail was worth it in the end. Although he suffered in the name of art, what we see on screen is riveting! It is no wonder Bill woke up in cold sweats from the haunting portrayal.

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It Was Bill Skarsgard Versus Hugo Weaving

Bill wasn’t the original choice for playing Pennywise in the 2017 remake. Actor Hugo Weaving was the front runner for the scary clown role. Known for his work in The Matrix and V for Vendetta, he convinced the producers he could nail the job.

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When the duo had their final auditions, Bill ended up stealing the spotlight. Hugo could only give the director and his team the creepy side to Pennywise, but they wanted more. The villain had a playful side to him as well that Bill could tap into perfectly. They saw how easily he could switch from a childlike clown to a complete terror with little effort! They let Hugo go, and the rest is history!

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Bill Did Not Want to Be Compared to Tim

When Bill was chosen as the new Pennywise, he knew everyone was going to compare performances. Tim Curry played the role flawlessly, and it was rather nerve wracking to live up to his acting skills. He was a huge fan of Tim’s and felt the tremendous pressure given to him.

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Although he respected Tim as an actor, Bill decided to approach the role in a different way. He did not want to use any of Tim’s work in his own acting. Bill felt there was no way he could act like him. Only Tim could act at that level of expectation. He made it a point not to copy any of the mannerisms of the 1990 Pennywise. Instead, he had to create a whole new monster on his own. And boy, did he!

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Clowns Are Not Impressed

With the 2017 movie coming out, there was one group of people who were not looking forward to watching—clowns! The people who made a living dressing up as the comical characters had a bone to pick with the filmmakers. They were so mad by the trailer, they reached out to the director to voice their displeasure!

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They felt Pennywise made the clown culture look bad. Instead of spreading joy and fun to children, they were going to be seen as sinister and evil. Rallies were planned to follow the release of the film. They felt it was necessary to defend the good name of clowns everywhere! Hopefully, their efforts are proving fruitful.

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Shocking Facts about Stephen King’s IT

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