Singapore’s Most Insta-Worthy Cafes

If you are planning a trip to the Lion City soon, aside from visiting popular tourist sites such as Universal Studios Singapore, the art museum, and the zoo, you should consider visiting these cafes. All these themed Singapore cafes look quite instagrammable. Step up your game by going to Harry Potter-themed cafes, superhero-themed ones, and many others. These quirky spots will no doubt spice up your visit to Singapore.

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1.  Luxe Singapore

This photogenic café is set in a modern, white, and minimalist décor. It has the Australian café feel right in the heart of Singapore. The café is quite spacious and has a Scandinavian dining space vibe to it. Luxe is the perfect place for those seeking to eat together as a group; it has long communal tables for that.

The fixtures and artwork within the café are also quite elegant and classy. However, they still manage to have a casual vibe to them. Thus, you do not feel like you have to dress in a tux to walk into this space.

Address: 1 Keong Saik Road #01-04, Singapore 089109

Opening Hours:  Tuesdays to Fridays 11am-late, Saturdays 09:30 am-late, Sundays 09:30am-4pm

2.  Ash & Char

Ash & Char utilizes an interior décor style inspired by the 70s. However, it has been given a sleek and modern update. The open-concept bar has a brown, black, and gold color scheme while the dining area has marble tops. In addition, there is a beautiful feature wall has a teal and white color palette. Besides that, the café is fitted with floor to ceiling windows, which ensures that you get all the natural light you need to take beautiful pictures.

Address: 21 McCallum St, Singapore 069047

Opening Hours: Daily 11:30am-11pm

3.  Badoque

Badoque, located on the Upper Thomson Road has been designed with a retro-industrial them in mind. To achieve this, it has been fitted with cement screed wall, which contrasts perfectly against the chili-red and lime green chairs. To complete this effect, there are suspended shelves with rows of colored bottled drinks and hanging light bulbs. Another aspect that makes this café Instagram-worthy is the menu. It is worded comically, in a manner that will definitely have your followers on Instagram giggling.

Address: Simpang Bedok, 298 Bedok Road, Singapore 469454

Opening Hours: Saturdays to Thursdays 12noon-11pm, Fridays 3pm-11pm

4.  Brunches Café

Every corner of this quirky café screams IG photos. They have a vintage interior décor theme with mismatched seat, shelves of vintage phones and radios. Other quirky features include a wall fitted with a vintage grill gate and adorned with posters from past eras and more memorabilia. There is even a mini cooper within the café, which is used a booth seat. A truly unique opportunity to take IG photos for all your followers to admire.

Address: 96 Rangoon Road, Singapore 21838

Opening Hours: Weekdays, except Tuesdays 10:30am-9pm, Weekends, 9:30am-9pm

5.  PS.Cafe

This café at One Fullerton is quite gorgeous. The café has a spacious interior and magnificent waterfront view to top it all off. The place is just perfect for an afternoon man-tai meal and coffee.

The theme of this café is a beachside boathouse. There are displays of plant life, bespoke furniture, and different seating sections, which can lead to a unique experience every time you walk in.

There is also an open-air terrace, where many diners prefer to seat to enjoy the cool breeze coming in from the bay. Some of the fine instagrammable dishes at this place worth mentioning are Moules Vin Blanc, Chargrilled Skate, and Chargrilled Chunky Prawn Sandwich.

Singapore Cafes 2

Address: 1 Fullerton Road, #02-03B/04 One Fullerton, Singapore 049213

Opening Hours: Mondays to Wednesdays 11:30am-11pm, Thursdays 11:30am -12am, Fridays 11:30am-1pm, Saturdays 9:30am-1am, Sundays 9:30am-11pm

6.  Mellower Coffee Singapore

This is a coffee house from Shanghai; its main attraction is special coffee from different places around the world. The café this far has to outlets in Singapore. The interior décor is quite simple but sophisticated with a brown and black color palette running throughout the café.

One of the beautiful specialties you will find at this coffee house includes the Sweet Little Rain. This is a ball of cotton candy suspended on a cup of Americano. The heat of the coffee is supposedly able to melt the cotton candy back into the coffee. This will be a sure Instagram hit.

Singapore Cafes 3

Address: 108 Middle Road #01-01, The Prospex, Singapore 188967

Opening Hours: Daily 8am-10pm

7.  The Little Prince Café

This dessert café has a whimsical theme to it. The café serves sweet, savory waffles, coffee, and gelato. If you are a fan of the Little Prince, you will fall in love this café’s interior. It is filled with different scenes picked directly from the book. Besides that, the cafe sells mugs, plush toys, books, and accessories. Definitely, it is worth visiting to take a few snaps for IG.

Address: 47 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Block 47, Singapore 310047

Opening Hours: Daily 9am-11pm

8.  Old School Delights

This café has an old-school class theme to it. You will find quirky elements all over the café such as menus on a chalkboard, exercise books, and biscuits popular in past years. This is a different kind of place; if you want to experience some Singaporean history and take beautiful pictures, visit it.

Address: 215M Upper Thomson Road, 574349 Singapore

Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays 11:30am-10pm, Saturdays & Sundays 11am-10pm

9.  Kki Sweets

The café is now located at the School of The Arts. It is committed to serving cakes by a French Japanese-inspired artisan. All the cakes found here are lovingly handcrafted, meaning each one is unique.

The interior décor is inspired by the Japanese minimalist design theme. These will make your sweet desserts appear even sweeter when photographed in this beautiful café.

Address: 1 Zubir Said Drive, Singapore 227268

Opening Hours: Weekdays 11:30am-8pm, Weekends 12pm-7pm

10.  Hyde & Co.

This cozy café, located near Bugis and Haji Lane, has a contemporary English theme to it. The café offers English-inspired cuisine such as pastries and tea infused with a local touch. The main courses are also impressive.

It may feel cramped when the crowds are big but it still has that cozy feel to it. The white walls, coupled with excellent lighting make it an ideal place to take photos. The flower vases and the beautiful teapots will make for an excellent backdrop.

Address:  785 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198753

Opening Hours: Weekdays except for Tuesdays 11am-6pm; Weekends 10am-6pm

11.  Boufe Boutique Café

This café is located in Phoenix Park; it aims to blend serenity and simplicity in its space. The café has a strong minimal influence in both its furniture and its architecture. If you do not wish to walk all the way from the main road to the café, there is actually a shuttle service available. All you need is to make a call to the café or request the security personnel to help you.

When you get out of the hot sun, there is a great cooling system, which helps you enjoy your experience inside the café. You can also opt to sit outside under a tent and enjoy the tropical breeze as you sip on a cold drink.

Address: 308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park #01-01, Singapore 247974

Opening Hours: Weekdays except for Mondays 8am-10pm, Weekends 10am-10pm

This list is just a sample of the many Instagram-worthy cafés all over the city. Next time you pay a visit to this beautiful city, make sure you bring your best camera with you. The effort will be worth all the cools pictures you will take.

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Singapore’s Most Insta-Worthy Cafes

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