Ski Spots Where The Food Is Simply Delicious

At many ski resorts, especially in North America, the food options are usually quite dismal. Skiers will have to choose from pizza, hamburgers, or wings, which they have to eat from plastic trays. However, it does not always have to be like that when you go skiing. In fact, some of the best resorts around the world are renowned for both their food and their fine ski slopes. Here is a small list of some of the finest places and ski spots that you should visit if you want to ski and excite your taste buds as well.

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1. La Plagne, France.

If you want some good gourmet meals, you should probably consider paying a visit to this resort. This intermediate ski resort has many tasty mountain restaurants from which to try some fine dishes.
The best part about these fine meals is that they are priced quite fairly. The restaurants are usually tucked away in the villages lying just on the outskirts of the La Plagne bowl. On a visit here, you can expect to find some of the best French cuisines. Besides that, you will find Italian cuisines and other types of dishes from all over the world. Whatever you like, this place will have it.

2. Courchevel, France.

At this Alpine town, you will be spoilt for choice in your choice of high-end restaurants. The town has more Michelin-starred restaurants than all other ski resorts in the world. The town has become quite attractive to moneyed skiers, who also want to enjoy some fine dining.

One of the most famous restaurants in this place is the LE Chabichou. Not only are the dining options refined, but the décor is also quite a marvel. It offers great Michelin-starred food with exceptional standards of service while still managing to retain the charm of the old world.

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3. Stowe, Vermont.

Stowe is said to be amongst the best spot for skiers in New England. However, it is also famous for being near the Ben & Jerry’s factory in the nearby town of Waterbury. Just like the ice cream, the culinary delights at this resort are simple but delicious.

One of the best places to hit before going down the slopes is the Cold Hollow Cider Mill for some maple shortbread and cider donuts. You can also visit the Stowe Mountain Lodge for some farm-sourced cuisine such as braised duck legs, or a rack of lamb. Just pick any of the fine dining options in the resort town, and you will definitely get to enjoy something tasty.

4. Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria.

At this resort, you will get to indulge in hearty cuisine passed down from generation to generation for centuries. If you are a food fun, who wants to enjoy unpretentious, high-quality cooking, pay this place a visit.

The food is so famous that there are over 23 restaurants all just waiting for you to sample the food. Besides that, you will have 103 kilometers of slopes in which to enjoy these fine, Austrian dishes.
One of the most popular restaurants at this place is the Franz Klammer restaurant atop the Kaiserburg. The entire hotel is adorned with trophies won because of the exemplary quality of food served here. Whichever restaurant you eat, always be on the lookout for the specialties. They will no doubt be unique and tasty.

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5. Serre Chevalier, France.

While it may be hard to point out a single standout restaurant here, that is not necessarily bad. All of the restaurants work so hard to make fine dishes that it becomes difficult to pinpoint any amongst them that is better than others are.

If you want an example of the exemplary service combined with quality food, head over to the Peyra Juana above Monetier. The restaurant has become famous for its rabbit stew, tartiflette, and beef bourgignon. Not only is the food great, but the great views will also add to the entire experience. There are many other restaurants in the area, which with have stunning views. Take your time and visit as many of them as you can.

6. Alta Badia, Italy.

This small pocket of Italy, just near the Austrian border, is a paradise for foodies. The area is surrounded by beautiful pink-tinged Dolomite Mountains, which makes for great views as foodies ski and enjoy great meals.

The villages in the region are renowned globally for their great meals, made using local produce. There are three local restaurants with four Michelin stars in this part of Italy. If you truly desire to eat more than wings while skiing on the slopes, just stop at one of the restaurants in the area. You will no doubt find something worth your while at any of them.

7. Banff, Canada.

Banff is a famous ski resort for those that live in North America. The resort has the best of both worlds; the slopes are great, and so is the food. One of the best places to experience this exquisite culinary experience is The Fairmont Banff Springs. At this place, you will find multiple cuisines from all over the world such as Japanese, Alpine, and Chinese.

For skiers that have special dietary needs, the resort offers a special program to cater to their needs. They prepare these meals in strict conformity for those with illnesses such as diabetes, celiac disease, and heart disease. Besides that, they have diets that cater to those who follow a raw, vegan, or macrobiotic diet.

Besides this one, there are numerous others, which offer an equally refined dining experience. Whatever you may desire for your dining experience, you can be sure that you will find it at Banff.

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8. Val d’Isère, France.

This is arguably one of the finest places to visit for the food and skiing. The slopes found here are great for both the pros and learners. That means you do not have to sacrifice the skiing experience just to enjoy some of the fine food.

One of the fine places you should try out is the Le Fornet just near the Col de l’Iseran. This rustic gem has two Michelin star thanks in part to its exemplary dishes. The décor is quite elegant. Some of its most famous dishes are duck, pigeon, and lamb.

Another great place to visit is the Grand Ourse found at the bottom of the nursery slopes. Here you will find simple but exquisite dishes such as organic chicken and raclette gratin. Whether you just want some great meals or good food accompanied by great views, there is plenty of that here. Take time and pick the spot where you would like to enjoy some fine meals.

9. Vail, Colorado.

Vail Village is today home to two major resorts. These are the Sebastian and The Four Seasons. The Sebastian is famous for its extensive wine selection, an equally extensive scotch selection, and a stellar menu of dishes sourced from local produce.

The Sebastian’s main restaurant offers alpine bistro, made from some of the best local produce. There is also another one called the 10th Restaurant. Here you will find dishes such as ginger and hazelnut buffalo carpaccio topped off with truffle mayo, watercress raisin salad, and manchego salad.

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Ski Spots Where The Food Is Simply Delicious

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