The Slang of the Burger Slinger

The hamburger ranks as one of the world’s most beloved foods. Each year, in the United States alone, there are upwards of 40 billion hamburgers served. The humble burger, as we know it today, is over 100 years old.

Over the past century, the hamburger has evolved to reach its illustrious place among foodies.  Its first metamorphosis on its way to glory was to detach from its original label as a “left-over.”

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The concept of the hamburger has, through its history, defended food harassment from all sides. Ultimately, the hamburger has found a place deep within the American diner culture. The original ‘hamburger joint’ was the offspring of the golden age of diners. However, the hamburger was often morphed a bit to the meet the unique characteristics of the region in which it is served.

These regional modifications also included the development of a new language; let’s call it – Burger Slang. As such, the language used when ordering a hamburger varies from region to region, and country to country.

All The Way

This is a phrase that is most likely found in southern diners and burger joints. This catchphrase denotes that the hamburger ordered should include all the toppings available in the area.

The Binky

A binky is actually a temperature gauge that is most often used as ‘cake tester.’ For burger purposes, a binky is the kitchen tool used to verify the burger’s internal temperature while it is cooking on the grill. This is the most accurate way to ensure the hamburger is properly cooked to order.

The Blood Bath

When the hamburger’s juices completely marinates the bottom hamburger bun.

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This is code for the hamburger to be cooked on the extra rare side.

Grey’s Anatomy

The moment in time when the burger becomes overcooked and the inside of the patty turns to a horrid color of gray.

The Half-Assed

The Half-Assed hamburger is one that is served with a hamburger bun.

The Blowout

This occurs when you begin to eat a hamburger and all of the toppings fall out of the back of the hamburger sandwich onto the plate on which it is served.

The Butter Burger

This hamburger can be feasted on in the state of Wisconsin where hamburger masters dollop fresh butter from Wisconsin directly onto the hamburger patty. The pat of butter is not used to enhance the toasted hamburger bun; it is placed on the burger just prior to it being served. Butter Burger fanatics literally take a bite of their burger along with a fresh pat of butter.


When the cheese on the hamburger is melted to ultimate perfection.

The Combo

This hamburger is topped with sliced hot dog pieces. Typically, the hot dog is ‘butterflied to allow it to fry in the pan. The hot dog is then sliced into two pieces and sits atop the burger like a raft.

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Refers to an already prepared (or dressed) hamburger bun awaiting the arrival of the star of the show – the burger.

The Double Meat

Although The Double Meat implies you receive two patties of hamburger, this is not exactly true. If you order The Double Meat it means that the chef mushes the two patties together to create a double sized hamburger. This catchphrase (and actual burger) is typically found in Mississippi and in Oklahoma.

The East Coast

The East Coast is generally found in portions of New England. When ordered, you can expect to receive a delicious, thick hamburger patty, cooked to perfection.


This is hamburger slang for a well-done hamburger.

The MR

A shout of MR between servers and cooks in a burger joint relays the message the customer ordered their hamburger – Mid Rare.


This is code for any hamburger cooked beyond medium.

The Sear

The yummy caramelized edge of the meat on a cooked hamburger that defines a hamburger as Great as opposed to Good.

The Upper West Side

Is a reference to how a hamburger should be cooked, in this case Well Done.

The Yin Yang

The Yin Yang is a burger that cooked half well done and half rare.

The Juicy Lucy

This vernacular refers to a specific hamburger that is cooked with a center pocket of cheese, which oozes when you take a bite.

The Condiment Sandwich

As its name implies, The Condiment Sandwich includes all of the available toppings; only it is served without the hamburger.


This slang acronym references the traditional add-ons of lettuce, tomato, and onions, offered at most burger joints around the globe.

The Face Slapper

The Face Slapper refers to the unfortunate moment when your bacon or onion rings atop of the hamburger are not crispy enough, so when you take a bite, they yank out from the hamburger on your first bite.

The Facial 

A Facial refers to the moment when a piece of burger or a slice of bacon ‘pops’ off the cooking device and hits the chef in the face. Ouch!

Grandma’s Toast Recipe

If a cook burns the hamburger buns beyond recognition, their colleague asks ‘Are you using Grandma’s Toast Recipe?’

The Mini Burger

A Mini Burger is always formed by hand, not by machine.

No Fun

This is a reference to a customer who wants something removed from the traditional way a hamburger is served. This can refer to cheese, onions, or any other topping for that matter.

On Wheels

This refers to a burger order that should be packed to go..

Rabbit Food

As its name implies, Rabbit Food is code for the standard toppings of lettuce, tomato, and any other vegetables that are served regularly with a burger order.

No Funion

Slang for ‘No Onions.’

The Ratio

The Ratio communicates how the size of the bun in relation to the size of the burger.


This is similar to the Seinfeld episode, where George is seen naked after taking a swim. For burger lovers, shrinkage refers to when a burger shrinks during the cooking process. This eventually impacts the bun to meat ratio.

The Sissy Burger

An Oklahoma favorite; refers to a hamburger served with Mayonnaise. Other parts of Oklahoma refer to as the ‘Educated Burger.’

The Slider

The Slider should not be confused with the mini burger.  From a technical perspective, a slider is defined as a ball of chop meat that is flattened when cooked on a griddle. It is traditionally served with pickles, mustard, onion and a small potato roll bun.

The Slug

Originating in the northern parts of the state of Mississippi, the Slug is a combination of cornmeal; breading and a burger patty in an attempt to increase the amount of people the meat will feed. Currently though, The Slug just mixes cornmeal and pork. The theory behind this interesting burger choice is to cook the burger while, allowing the rendered fat to be absorbed by cornmeal.

The Smash Burger

The idea of the Smash Burger is to take a ball of chop meat (usually more than three ounces) and flatten it on the grill to arrive at a perfected crust on the patty.

Burgers seem to reach a new level of popularity each year.  Burgers are big business, even if the burger nomenclature is bit unusual and difficult to understand, at first.

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The Slang of the Burger Slinger

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