How to Survive (And Enjoy) a Family Vacation

Holidays with the family can be quite stressful. For one, there is the generational gap. It makes it hard for everyone to enjoy the same thing. Besides that, there are those vacations where you meet up with family members you knew as a kid. They may expect the dynamic to be the same, but that is not possible. Here are a few tips to survive a family vacation and have fun while at it.

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1.  Discuss the Budget before Starting the Trip.

Whenever you are planning a vacation with family, it is imperative for you to iron out all the money issues before booking anything. For instance, if you are traveling with adult family members, ensure you split the accommodation evenly. You should also decide on who will be responsible for paying for meals.

Besides that, you need to discuss other issues such as upfront payments and security deposits. It is better to discuss these issues than try to deal with them while on a trip. Everything including the budget for young kids to buy souvenirs needs to be thought of before the trip. The last thing you want is a grumpy teen who cannot understand why you refuse to buy them a souvenir. A well-budgeted trip is the best way for you to have fun.

2.  Bring Your Phone Charger.

When you travel for a vacation, you may not really have cell service for your phone. However, that does not mean you will not need your phone. Carry the charger to ensure that you have enough juice to record all the fun moments on your vacation. If you do not carry it, you may have to purchase an expensive camera abroad, which may hurt your budget. Simply ensure you have the charger before embarking on your trip.

3.  Give Your Parents Important Documents.

When you travel with parents, they will usually be quite nervous. One way you can tell this is that they will constantly ask you if you have all the documents. They will request you to check whether you have the passport, the camera, and the phone. As the same question is repeated numerous times, it can become a bit irritation. You can avoid these questions by giving your parents these important things to carry. That way, they will not bother you with the endless questions.

4.  Leave Yourself Enough Time.

Nothing can be more disheartening than missing a flight to your vacation destination. That means you will have to arrive late at the destination and probably miss some of the things on your bucket list. To avoid this, simply give yourself enough room to maneuver. For instance, if you have an afternoon flight, plan to leave in the morning. There could be a traffic snarl up on the way, which could slow you down. It is especially so when you are traveling with kids. No matter how well you plan, they just will not be in as much of a hurry as you will. Waiting for the last minute will only make things worse.

5.  Try to Split Up.

When you get to the vacation destination, there are activities that different generations of vacationers will enjoy. Trying to force everyone to enjoy the same activities can be quite irritating. Simply split into small groups based on interest and agree to meet later. Besides that, getting tables in large packs of ten or more is quite difficult. You may also find it hard to get admission in other areas, which means some family members end up missing the fun anyway.

6.  Have some Downtime.

When you are on vacation, you want to ensure the five or seven days of the holiday are all spent having fun. However, this is not necessarily a good thing. At times, you will be quite worn out. The result could be some frayed nerves, which leads to spontaneous outbursts. Besides that, when you sit and bond with family, it can be a great way to create some lasting memories from the vacation. Just talking could be the best thing that you ever do on your vacation.

7.  Always Know the Location of Hospitals.

When traveling with kids or grandparents, it is quite possible that any number of things could go wrong. For instance, just a simple fall could be disastrous for an older person. Their bones are brittle, and it is quite easy for them to injure themselves seriously while walking. It is thus important for you to know the location of all the hospitals in your area. Besides that, you need to know the emergency numbers so that you can always get help when you need it.

8.  Let Go of Any Expectations for Kids.

When on vacation with teens, you may expect that they will have a deep appreciation of the cultural sites. Besides that, you may expect them to show some excitement at seeing some monuments such as the Eifel tower. However, that may not be so; instead, they may just show no interest in what you like. When this happens, it can be quite frustrating. The trick is to have no expectations of them. Just let them enjoy the vacation in their own way. This will save you any anger you may have, which could ruin a vacation.

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9.  Recognize Your Limits and those of the Kids.

When you are on vacation, there never seems to be enough time to go to sleep. However, this can be quite detrimental to kids. If you make them walk too far or they do not get enough sleep, it will come back to haunt you. Either they will become grumpy, or they will not have the energy to participate in any other activities. This is also true for food. When you go hiking in the wild, there may not be a place for you to stop and get snacks. That is why it is important that you stock up on enough food when going on a hike. It is especially so when traveling with the elderly or kids.

10.  Get Some Exercise.

Some people will view a vacation as a chance for them to escape from daily chores such as exercise. However, vacation should be a great time to exercise. Exercise helps with sleep and relaxation; as a result, it helps to make the vacation more fun. For instance, one of the best ways to get rid of jet lag is by getting enough exercises on your vacation. Otherwise, you will feel lethargic through the trip, and you will not have any fun.

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11.  Overpack on Emergency Supplies.

While at home, you can go for months without utilizing the medicine cabinet. However,  you seem to need over the counter medication quite often on vacation. You will have muscle aches, allergic reactions, insect bites, and all manner of things that require some balm or pill. To avoid buying counterfeit drugs on vacation, ensure you carry enough of your own. For instance, you should carry some bandages and anything else you may need to treat simple injuries.

12.  Leave as Much technology as You Can behind.

Nobody wants to go on vacation and be ignored by those around them throughout. It could make them irritated and ruin a vacation. Simply leave your technological devices and try to connect with those around you.

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How to Survive (And Enjoy) a Family Vacation

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