These Tech Jobs Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

With the rise of the internet and rapid technological growth, not only is our society changing every year, but so is the job market. In the past ten years, we’ve seen the come and go of jobs. Jobs that machines could easily do for us disappeared and jobs that our new machinery needed us to do with them arose. It’s hard to come up with a job that doesn’t depend partially on technological advancements, but it’s not that difficult to name the ones that arose because of these advancements.

So whether you’re just a tech junkie or looking for your place in the technology-driven market, I’ve got you covered. If you mentioned these jobs ten years ago, someone would have looked at you like you had three heads, but today, they’re here to stay.


Social Media Manager

One of the great things about the internet is that it’s opened our lines of communication. We can talk to people all over the world and send our loved ones messages just by swiping a screen. Social media has been here since the turn of the century with Myspace in 2003 and then Facebook in 2004, followed by Twitter.

In these first years, the platforms were new and often overrun by teenagers. Myspace spiked with popularity and then vanished very quickly. Its initial success was taken over by Facebook and around 2007, companies began to take to these websites as a way to interact with their fanbases and acquire new customers.

A Social Media Manager is in charge of this campaign as well as posting content, replying to fans, and marketing through these platforms. In this career, you can rake in up to $56,000 a year.

Social Media concept with young woman

App Developer

Our beloved touch screen phones are also new to this technological age. Skilled programmers with brilliant ideas can become app developers. Applications can be anything from utilities, games, to messaging apps.

If you’re a creative individual with an interest in programing, your career is in your hands. Your hours and salary are all up to you. Because apps preform differently and make money in diverse ways, app developers will always have to fight to create unique programs if they want to survive in today’s market.

 SmartPhone Apps

Drone Operator

Did you fly model helicopters or airplanes as kid? Well who says you should give up now? Drones are the newest in aerial technology and while they can be super annoying, they’re also incredibly useful. Drone operators are often called to the sets of hit television shows and advertisements to bring the audience striking aerial views.

As a drone operator, you’ll have to know how to operate your drone smoothly and safely. You only need to be 16 years-old and pass a written test to become a pilot, and then you can be independently contracted for work. Your salary depends on how many projects you take on, so this is only a job for the determined!

 Woman playing with drone

Self-published Author

With the rise of Amazon, writers who are interested in the idea of publishing their own books can now do it themselves. This is an incredibly lucrative business venture for those that know the ins and outs of publishing. If you’re a creative thinker and you have a way with words, this might be the right way to go.

Self-published authors get to be control freaks. They control the design of the book, how much it sells for, how to market it, and so many other things that publishing houses usually control. This does mean, however, that if you aren’t good at marketing and promoting your name and your writing, then this probably isn’t a very good route for you to take. Successful self-published authors get to make a living off of writing and online marketing.

 Office work place with notebook

Viral Content Creator

Also thanks to social media are writing positions creating viral content. Viral content creators write engaging posts that people can circulate and share with their friends and family. As a viral content creator, you have to be in-tune with social media and pop culture. You also have to have a fun and engaging writing style that will keep readers hooked.

Viral content creators can make a decent amount of money if they are able to produce content steadily. Your salary is relative to how much content you produce. It is also dependent on whether you produce it for someone else or post it to your own website.


VR Game Developer

VR (Virtual Reality) is the latest hit in gaming. Wearing a special headset, you can experience a game as if you are living in it rather than looking at a screen, which is an ability that gamers have been waiting for since the dawn of videogames.

VR game developers have to be tuned-in with the lastest in gaming technology, trends and programming. They also have to be imaginative in order to create engaging never-before-seen content. With the immersion the VR gives players, developers have so many opportunities to create new kinds of gaming experiences.

Once again, your salary always depends on how well your game performs, so those who work hard, make connections, and create engaging content are more likely to be successful.

Virtual Reality Headset On Gamer

With the growth of technology over the past ten years, new jobs in the industry have also become necessary. For those few brave pioneers in the new world of technology, these are the coolest and most imaginative jobs the market has to offer. While many of them are challenging, and require hard work and hours, with passion and dedication, you’ll be sure to love what you do. And if you’re just browsing, then yes, these jobs are 100% real, and in the coming years, we’ll see more and more new jobs in the field of technology that will blow you away.

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These Tech Jobs Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

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