The Top 10 Expensive Things for when You Have Way Too Much Money

We all know that the wealthy like to do things a little differently. They play by a different set of rules. When you have got millions just burning holes in your pockets, it can be difficult to avoid splurging on things that the general public may deem as ridiculous.

If you have ever wondered about the types of lavish decadence that the uber rich surround themselves with, then this might be just the article you were looking for.

Expensive Things Start

The opulent expenditures of those with more money than they can spend may blow your mind. Fancy cars, huge houses, and personal planes are just the beginning.

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Rent a Country

Yes that is correct. A country. For the small ticket price of $70,000 per night (with a minimum of two nights required), you can rent the small European country of Liechtenstein. You can book the country through their profile on AirBNB. The marketing company responsible for this is Rent a Village by XNet. Through them you can take your pick of six different Austrian villages, one Swiss ski resort, and the principality of Liechenstein.

That $70,000 per night fee allows you to hire the entire country, which covers approximately 61 square miles, and is home to roughly 35,000 residents. The country has advertised being able to house 150 people by utilizing a combination of their 500 available bedrooms, and 500 available bathrooms.

Expensive Things 1

What exactly does the country of Liechtenstein have to offer its tourists? Keep reading to find out!

Expensive Things 2

This country prides itself on its quaint charm, and beauty. They do this by adhering to strict oversight. Due to this, the cancellation policy for renting their charming slice of paradise is quite strict. If you cancel more than 30 days away from your visit, you will receive a 50% refund. Cancel any later than that, and you receive no refund at all.

Included in the price tag are customized street signs, as well as temporary currency. Extra personal touches, such as customized logos made from candle wax, come at an extra (undisclosed) cost. Upon your arrival to the beautiful country, you are presented with the symbolic key to the country, and taken to the personal winery of the Head of State, Prince Hans-Adam II for a wine tasting. After this, you can take your pick from the wide array of activities available to you such as tobogganing, carriage rides through the capital city, and cross country skiing. Although the country has yet to be rented out, as this idea becomes more widely known it is only a matter of time before the extravagantly wealthy are lining up to call the country home for a period of time.

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Build an Exact, Scale Model of the Titanic. And Then Use It

This venture is the brain child of Australian billionaire, Clive Parker. This project, although originally projected to be completed this year, has been pushed back to having a 2018 completion date. It is estimated that is will cost between $300 million and $600 million to complete.

The ship will have nearly the exact same dimensions as its predecessor, which actually puts it on the smaller side of the cruise ships setting sale today. Shrewdly, it will have the correct number of lifeboats, not all history needs to repeat itself, and hopefully it will see many voyages!

Expensive Things 3

What amenities will this follow-up offer? Keep reading to find out!

Expensive Things 4

In addition to the newer, safer, sailing technologies being implemented on the ship, the cosmetic features will be keeping in line with the original’s offerings. There will be vintage Turkish baths, as well as an Edwardian gym. First, Second, and Third Class tickets will be available, along with a smoking room, and the iconic Grand Staircase. To the mixed reactions of the public, the First Class passengers will be sailing in completely separate areas from the Second and Third Class passengers, so there will be no contact with the “lower” passengers for them- although you do have to admire Parker for adhering so strictly to the ways of the original.

The ship is currently under construction in China’s CSC Jinling Shipyard. This is new, for no shipyard in China has every constructed a ship intended for passengers. Parker insists that the ship will be incredibly constructed, perfectly safe, and lavishly opulent. Will you be buying your ticket? With the maiden voyage about one year away, start saving your pennies now! There is no promise you will meet Leo Dicaprio on board, but you may run into Parker as he gallivants about on his newest toy.

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Play Poker Using the World’s Most Extravagant Poker Set

When most people play poker, they gather up whatever similar items they have lying around to use as poker chips, grab some random something for betting, and warm up their poker face. As we have already established however, those who have more money than they know what to do with like to do things a little differently. When they play poker, they may be more likely to play with this 7.1 million dollar Geoffrey Parker set.

All 384 chips in this set are solid 18 carat white gold, and are fully encrusted with diamonds. In addition to that, the cards are not your run of the mill playing cards. These cards platinum plated. The carrying case is made of crocodile skin so that anyone who sees you carrying it will know that you just happen to have more money than you know what to do with. As a final nod towards the extravagance that is this poker set, the chips are inlaid with stingray skin.

Expensive Things 5

What else takes a poker game from drab to fab? Keep reading to find out!

Expensive Things 6

What is another $75,000 for a poker table when you have already shelled out over $7 million for a poker set? This table is the definition of extravagance. It is built using 15 different types of rare woods, and took over 600 man-hours to construct. Can you believe it does not even come with matching chairs?! The legs of the table are plated with gold, and the table has built in beverage holders.

This is a one-of-a-kind table that was built as a prize for the World Poker Tour’s Season XI Player of the Year, making it a one-of-a-kind piece, and extremely coveted. The table was built by Akke Functional Art design studio, and is aptly named the “All In.”

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Buy Fancy Cars

When you are looking at dropping a few million on a car, it becomes about so much more than just functionality. These cars are practically moving works of art, displaying the flamboyance and swagger that encapsulates the lifestyle of the top 1%.

The Lamborghini Veneno is a line of cars that the maker has chosen to describe as “the racing prototype for the road.” This specific model from that line has been aptly named “Poison.” It costs a cool $4.5 million, and was designed to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary in business. This car is described as so beautiful it is almost unreal. Beauty from every angle. In addition to looking flawless on the outside, this baby is built for speed. Its 6.5 liter V12 spins the whole way up to 8,400 RPM and gets this car from 0 MPH to 60 MPH in just 2.9 seconds. When all is said and done, this car can reach speeds of up to 221 MPH.

Expensive Things 7

If you would like to read about the interior of this amazing car, keep reading!

Expensive Things 8

The car seats two passengers in two bucket seats made from Lamborghini’s patented Forged Composite material. Their lightweight, woven CarbonSkin is used to dress up the entire cockpit, part of the seats, and the headliner. This special material helps to reduce the overall weight of the car, and contribute to it being able to reach top of speeds of 221 MPH.

The seats are heated, and provide lumbar support, while also sporting an adjustable headrest for each passenger. The audio system of this car is nearly unparalleled. Front and rear speakers provide a surround sound experience for passengers, while the USB, Bluetooth, Auxiliary, and iPod compatibility make this perfect for anyone, no matter their preference in technology. This is all culminated with a vivid, responsive touch-screen display. This is truly the car for someone who wants to do a little showing off and speeding around.

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Go Yachting Like Royalty

The yacht life is like an exclusive club for the top 1%….in fact, it is probably even more exclusive than that! It is a lifestyle filled with luxury, relaxation, and is the epitome of class. The yachts sailing the high seas today are filled to the brim with more gadgets, technology, and amenities than most 5-star hotels. To start, you can find swimming pools, bars, 1000 count thread sheets, a full staff, and so much more.

If you want a small taste of what the high-life is like, look no further than the Eclipse. This monstrosity is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abromavich. While nobody knows for certain, it is estimated that this beauty cost anywhere from a measly $500 million to $1.2 billion to construct. It comes manned by a 70 person staff, and has its own defense system to detect underwater threats as well as spectators wielding cameras (because of this, there are very few pictures of this baby available on the good old world wide web). The yacht can sleep 24 guests, has 2 helipads, and even comes complete with its own submarine.

Expensive Things 9

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Expensive Things 10

This next beauty has the privilege of belonging to several different royal families over the years. First, the Prince of Brunei, and most recently Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum have called The Dubai their own. It is currently the second largest yacht in the world today, and cost $350 million to create. This monstrosity can house 115 people, has its very own spa, and of course comes with a swimming pool and helipad.

There must be something about being super rich that makes you want to name things after yourself. This last mega-yacht is known as the Al Said, and belongs to Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said of Oman. This one cost a whopping $300 million, and was built from an old aluminum super-structure. This baby can cruise at up to 22 knots, and sleep up to 70 people in addition to the 154 person crew required to man the ship. In addition to all the mega-yacht staples, like swimming pools, helipad, every luxury comfort you can think of, the Al Said even has its very own concert hall that is large enough to house a large orchestra.

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Build a Large Fine Art Collection

Art collecting can be big business. In fact, there are individuals whose entire careers are built surrounding hunting down and procuring the rarest pieces of art for clients whose bank accounts have grown so large, they may as well start using their money as wallpaper. The top five art collections in the world are worth in excess of $11 billion. An art collection is actually more than a status symbol. It is becoming an extremely savvy business move, and the key to building wealth that lasts. If you want to turn $1 billion into several billion, this is the way to do it. For example, Andy Warhol’s Orange Marilyn silkscreens sold for $2,400 in the 1960s, yet when they were auctioned off in 2000, they fetched around $17 million. Even adjusted for inflation, that is an increase of 102,000% in just 40 years.

Eli Broad, self-made billionaire known for his philanthropic work, knows just how valuable an art collection can be. The piece that started his collection was done by Van Gogh, and then after that he quickly amassed work from the likes of Picasso and Matisse. All in all, his collection now houses over 8,000 pieces, and he loans them out to over 500 institutions so that it can reach as many people as possible.

Expensive Things 11

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Expensive Things 12

If you want to start building your own collection, you would do well to start with some pieces from well-known names such as Picasso, Van Gogh, or Warhol. However, many of the most expensive pieces of art come from artists that the common man has never even heard of. The most expensive piece of art bought, to date, cost $303 million, and was painted by Willem de Kooning in 1955.

Many of the most iconic paintings in the world are owned by museums, making them practically priceless, since it is not known what the museums will do with them at any point in time. The wealthiest art collectors are not names that you hear in mainstream media, but they definitely have secured wealth for the rest of their, and their families, lives! If you want to be like them, then all you need to do is amass a fortune somewhere around a half billion dollars, and hit your nearest art auction.

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Splurge on a Fancy Toilet

If money were no object, then maybe it would make sense to drop an inordinate amount of money on a toilet seat. If that is what tickles your fancy, then believe it or not, there is a wide array of options available to you.

The most expensive toilet seat in the world is made of solid gold and can be found in Hong Kong. Tourists from around the world would travel to China just to take a selfie, and use the facility. It looks like something that belongs in Donald Trump’s penthouse; however, it was constructed by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. The toilet now resides at The Guggenheim in New York City. While this seat is not available for public purchase, there are plenty of other opulent options available to consumers who have extra cash to burn.

Expensive Things 13

Keep reading to find out what other crazy toilets are available for those who poop in style!

Expensive Things 14

If you are looking to maximize your comfort, while minimizing space taken up, then the Kohler Numi One-Piece Elongated Toilet Seat is for you. This model features comfort seating with a chair-height toilet seat, and an elongated basin for added comfort. There is motion-activated, hands-free opening/closing of the toilet seat and cover to save you valuable seconds each day. The eco-conscious can also take solace in the fact that you can set the amount of water to be expelled per flush. All this can be yours for the small ticket price of $4,600.

A final option is for those of you looking to relieve yourself in style, while monitoring your health, then the Intelligence Toilet II is for you. This model is a step up from the previous model, and is geared towards women. Not only does it monitor urine sugar, blood pressure, body fat percentage, and weight, it also monitors your urine output, and measures hormone levels to track menstruation cycles. This can all be monitored from a unit hung on the wall next to the toilet. This toilet from the Japanese company Toto also features heated seats, a bidet, and an air dryer. All this for $6,100.

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Invest in Some Lavish Home-Gym Equipment

Many of us dream of having rock hard bodies like our favorite movie stars and models. Investing in some solid home-gym equipment is a great first step towards accomplishing this goal. However, as in all other things, when you have a lot of money to burn, you invest in gym equipment with PIZAZZ. None of these extra expenditures can guarantee you a super-model body, but at least you can look fabulous while you are using them.

Without a doubt, the most extravagant piece of gym equipment available is the VibroGym Diamond. The regular ol’ VibraGym is popular with celebrities and models alike. The equipment utilizies pulsations of varying strength to give your body a head-to-toe workout is just ten minutes per day. When you upgrade to the “Diamond” model, you are getting the VibraGym encrusted with over 60,000 Swarovski Crystals. It is gym equipment and jewelry all in one.

Expensive Things 15

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Expensive Things 16

Another fancy-shmancy piece of high-tech gym gear is the HypoxiTrainer. While it will set you back over $50,000, it is an all-in-one unit that can deliver a workout to most people’s most frustrating trouble spots-the lower body. The machine works by stimulating a wind-tunnel, which is thought to be able to shape a body into a desired shape. Manufacturers claim a six-week training duration, with a frequency of three sessions per week, can be just as effective as six-months of daily strenuous workouts.

Hypoxi sessions usually run around $70 each. A twelve week session costs an individual around nearly $5,000. However, if money is no issue, and you plan on being a frequent user of the Hypoxi machine, then you may as well just buy your own so you may sculpt in the privacy of your own home.

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Hire Yourself a Personal Assistant

Forget what you have seen in movies about haggard, belittled personal assistants. It is not all “Andi Sachs in Devil Wears Prada” out there. Some of the best personal assistants can run upwards of $100,000 per year. That is not even including gifts, bonuses, living and travel stipends, or other perks. A professional, competent personal assistant is worth every penny.

If you want someone who can do a little bit of everything, pay bills, manage carpool schedules, book meetings, schedule your massages, then a personal assistant is for you. Step it up a notch, and you can even land yourself an assistant who is savvy enough to manage your investment portfolios, make last minute casting-calls (if you are in that ‘biz,)and who understands child psychology well enough to make sure your precious little angels do not turn into hell-raising teens and adults. Sounds enticing.

Expensive Things 17

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Expensive Things 18

If you hate keeping your life organized, then a personal assistant can literally be the answer to your prayers. A personal assistant can manage every schedule you can possibly have-they can manage your housekeepers, your chefs, your nanny, your financial advisor, your chauffeur, your security detail, and literally any other person you could conceivably have working for you. That is what they are there for. Sounds pretty amazing.

This all comes with a pretty hefty price tag, but it is a price well worth it. The best personal assistants can make your life a breeze. They also can keep your secrets for you. Nobody ever needs to know that you like to walk around without your pants on, or knock back one too many glasses of wine each night. A personal assistant might be the best “purchase” you ever make.

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Buy an Island

Having your very own private island to escape to is like the ultimate definition of wealth. It is reserved for only the most fabulous. Islands vary in size, and price, and their price tag can vary greatly. For example, Jewel Caye, a 2-acre island off the coast of Belize is available for just $3.15 million. The island includes 2 houses (one at each end of the island), a duplex for guests, and a large pier complete with a dining room and bar.

However, for just $400,000 you can buy the quarter-acre island, Isla Paloma, located on the northern side of Panama. This little slice of heaven is a great deal, as it comes complete with a 2 bedroom house, and advertises that it is free of spiders and snakes. If you are looking for a bit more, then the 11.6-acre oasis off the coast of Dubai is begging for you to buy it. Coming in at $16 million dollars, it even has a lot of potential to offer a return on your investment, as it can be turned into a resort, or private villa.

Expensive Things 19

If you would like to learn more about living the high-life on your own private oasis, then just keep reading!

Expensive Things 20

If you have more of an appreciation for cooler weather, and awesome fall foliage, then maybe this island off the coast of British Columbia is for you. Mowgli Island will set you back about $3.16 million, and comes complete with a 4 bedroom home that boasts 1,000 square feet of deck space for you to sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The final, and most lush of the options here, is located just a ten minute helicopter ride off the coast of South Beach, Florida. Pumpkin Key is listed for $110 million, and covers approximately 26-acres. The island comes complete with its very own tennis courts, a three bedroom house, and paths for golf carts. It also has two caretaker’s cottage, a dockmaster apartment, a 20-slot marina, a helipad, and plans to build a 12-home development. This island could be a dream for either a private-owner, or an investor.

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The Top 10 Expensive Things for when You Have Way Too Much Money

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