The Top Five Recommended Cities to Travel Solo

Traveling alone can be an intimidating thought, but world travelers everywhere suggest that there are few things as liberating as solo adventures. You have the benefit of seeing everything you want to look at, and doing so on your own time.

There are a handful of things to take into consideration when figuring out what city you should visit. You want to think about the ease of getting around by yourself, if the city is safe, and if it’s known for having locals who help tourists. You can use these suggestions as a starting off point, and pack your bags later.

travelRome, Italy

Italy’s capital city is known for its’ vibrant and rich heritage, modern culture, and stunning architecture. You can indulge in exquisite cuisine while sightseeing some of the world’s most dazzling statues and buildings. As a benefit, Rome is heavy with tourists and safe for solo travelers.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Known to be one of Canada’s most beautiful cities, Vancouver is, unfortunately, one of the most underrated travel spots on the west coast. However, the city is full of friendly locals, beautiful forestry and ocean, stunning landscapes, and a broad selection of breweries that can’t get beaten.

Melbourne, Australia

Another city known for its tourists is Melbourne. When you get tired of cold winters, you can travel to Melbourne and visit the beaches, world renown museums, and galleries. The city is culturally diverse and quite known for its ease of public transportation.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of the most common cities recommended by solo travelers all over the world is Amsterdam. The city is known for world-famous museums, beautiful landscapes, canals, and an eclectic and infamous nightlife that make’s it a favorite city. Amsterdam is also a significant tourist attraction, making it safe for solo travelers. There’s a strong chance you leave with new life-long friends.

Reykjavik, Iceland

No city in the world embodies breathtaking beauty like Reykjavik. The colorful town in Iceland gets mostly recognized for the Northern Lights during the winter, which is when most people choose to travel there. Additionally, you can explore the countryside, enjoy the food and the friendly locals, and visit the Blue Lagoon.

solo-travelersNo matter if you choose to travel to the above destinations by yourself, or with someone else, you’re going to have a fantastic time. While there are many other cities that world-travelers recommend, these are just the top five. You can experience great food, nightlife, friendly and helpful locals, and witness spectacular light events that take place in the sky. Your experience is going to be one that you remember forever.

Have you traveled to any city by yourself? If so, which cities would you recommend?

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The Top Five Recommended Cities to Travel Solo

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