Top Reasons to Add The Ski Week to Your Travel and Adventure Bucket List

No matter your level of experience, you’re going to have an incredible time on The Ski Week; even if you don’t know how to put your skis on. If you aren’t sure what The Ski Week is, it’s a week of winter skiing adventure that is organized by the same people behind The Yacht Week. If you’re thinking about getting involved but haven’t entirely made up your mind, you can use these reasons to make your decision.

new-friendsNew Friends and Memories

One of the best things about The Ski Week is it’s open to anyone around the world. You can travel alone, or go with a group of your best friends. Regardless of what you choose, you’re going to leave the mountains with memories that last and new connections and friends with people all over the world.

Newbies Welcome

The idea of spending a week in the mountains skiing might be daunting, especially knowing that there are a lot of people you don’t know, but don’t let it stop you. All levels of experience get welcomed on The Ski Week adventure. If you’re experienced, you can get more pointers, and if you’re new, there are trained instructors to help teach you throughout the week.

Skiing Around the Globe

When looking into The Ski Week, you can choose from multiple destinations such as France, Austria, Japan, and Colorado. All of the destinations that are part of The Ski Week are top of the line and listed as some of the best mountain spots in the world.

Jacuzzi in the Snow

All of the mountains that host The Ski Week come with features that are too good to ignore. Once you’ve finished skiing the day away and you want to unwind, you can do so in a luxury jacuzzi that gives a perfect view of the mountain. Typically, jacuzzi champagne is complimentary.

Snow Shoeing Adventures

If skiing isn’t your thing, but you still want to enjoy the snow, you can strap a pair of snowshoes onto your boots. Consider walking along true winter wonderlands to take in the full beauty of places that you otherwise couldn’t access. Just make sure to bring a friend with you.

Brag About Your Flag

Towards the end of the week, The Parade of Nations run gets hosted, and it’s one of the leading highlights of the entire week. You can get dressed up in your national colors and bear your flag proudly while skiing down the slopes in a spectacular multicultural celebration.

ski-weekThere are plenty of other things that you can enjoy while participating in The Ski Week, and adventurers like you shouldn’t miss out. During the week you can also enjoy activities like pond skimming, dinners at the top of the world, craft beer, and mountain-top yoga. The package is an impressive way to enjoy your vacation away from everyday routine, meet new friends, and get fresh air. The available slots for The Ski Week fill up quickly, so it’s a good idea to plan well in advance if it’s something you’re interested in doing.

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Top Reasons to Add The Ski Week to Your Travel and Adventure Bucket List

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