The Travel Apps You Need to Download Now

Let’s face it, traveling’s kind of an ordeal. The quantity of things that can go wrong, the logistics to keep track of, and the general inconvenience of being somewhere new are the downsides of getting away from it all. But it’s nearly 2018. Things don’t have to be so inconvenient. In fact, the world right now is all about not being inconvenient, and thankfully, some pretty wonderful tech people have come up with these crucial apps to make traveling a snap.


There’s a good chance you already use this old standby, but if you don’t, start. Now an app, too, this site searches across the web to find the best fares for flight, hotel, and car rentals. Not only that, but you can set price alerts and price forecasts, which recommend whether you book now or wait.


This nifty little app takes the hassle out of what to bring. Punch in your travel dates and destination, and the app creates a recommended packing list based on weather and environment. You can also input your activities, and then your list includes items suitable for those excursions, like bathing suits or hiking boots, for example.


Really, any weather app does the trick, but it’s a good idea to know what’s going on while you travel. An app indicates if you should bring an umbrella, sweater, or hat before you head out for the day. Different regions have different patterns of climate fluctuations.


It’s kind of annoying to constantly hunt through your emails to find each itinerary. Printing them out is okay, but you risk losing them. TripIt fixes all that. Email your information, including confirmation numbers, and the app generates an itinerary that includes everything from flight, to hotel, to restaurant bookings.


Got a long layover? This is a great solution. DayUse is partnered with over 3000 hotels, and if you take advantage of one of these hotels, you can stay in a room during your window of time. Sleep, shower, chill out in a place that isn’t your departure gate, whatever. Discounts for the room can be as high as 75 per cent!

XE Currency

Currency rates fluctuate all the time. It’s true, you probably won’t experience anything that’s going to completely put you in trouble, but it’s nice to know exactly what you’re paying. XE Currency has live currency updates, so you can just plug in your price and find out the exact dollars.

Google Translate

If you travel abroad, it’s very possible you’re going to be in a position in which you don’t have any idea what you’re reading or hearing, or you don’t have the words to do so yourself. Enter Google Translate. It’s exactly what you think – you type your phrase into the phone and, voila!, a translation appears. There’s a handy camera element, that works… kind of. You tend to get the idea.


Google Maps is great, but it’s not a transit app. Which is to say, it’s not current, which is what you really need, especially when you don’t know where the heck you are. The app constantly updates, so you’re never going to endlessly wait for a train that’s being held up for an hour. Once you get onboard, the app tracks your movement and lets you know how many stops you have left. This is wonderful if you can’t read the language in the train or the signs on the streets.

Uber and Lyft

Depending on where you’re going, most cities around the world have one or both of these pay to ride car services. You don’t have to change any of the settings on your phone, if you already use one of these apps – so if you’re in a bind, this is a quick and efficient way to get yourself from A to B without even using a different currency.

Happy Cow

Being vegetarian or vegan can be a massive hassle in more carnivore-centric cities. Thankfully, Happy Cow has you covered. With over 10,500 restaurants listed all over the world, you’re sure to find a meat-free option. Listings include a description of the menu, too.

WiFi Map

Pretty handy, this free app gives you the locations of all the WiFi hotspots near you… with passwords. Yes, it’s amazing. The premium version lists more options if you’re in a less dense area. Just be careful with data you share on an open network like this. You never know who can hack you.


Trying to keep fit this holiday trip? You’re not alone. RunGo has a whopping 90,000 running routes in cities all over the world. Select your location, your distance, and find the route that looks best. The free version has a listening feature that helps navigate challenging areas, while premium even gives you a tour of your route.

Apps have completely changed travel! What’s your go-to app?

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The Travel Apps You Need to Download Now

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