Is Traveling For Work Really Considered Traveling?

People always assume that anyone who gets to travel for work is able to see the sights and have a great time. Almost everyone wishes for a job where travel is paid for, with trips to other cities you’ve never been to. But traveling for work may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

When you travel for work, your transportation and lodging are paid for. But your time is not your own. When people who actually travel for work talk about it, they claim that it is not as glamorous and interesting as it sounds. Here are some reasons you may want to re-think that cool-sounding job with all the free travel.

Your Travel Times are Planned very Tightly

Your boss isn’t paying you to have a vacation, so you won’t have time to do other fun things when you go somewhere. Business usually takes place during the week, so you will fly or drive somewhere on a weekday and come back when you have finished your assigned tasks. You probably won’t have time to do any significant sightseeing.

Work Locations are Often not Fun Travel Locations

You may like beaches or mountains, or some other kind of scenic venue to get away to and relax on vacation. Work locations are usually offices, surrounded by other offices. Instead of beautiful views, you will be seeing concrete and buildings. Inside the buildings you will meet other people like you who are wishing they could go on a vacation.

You’re Actually Missing Valuable Time with Your Friends and Family

Especially if you’re young, you probably took this job so you could travel. But at this time in your life, you need to keep in touch with your friends and family. Keep them as a point you can go back to when you are stressed out. Losing touch with your friends and family now could mean missing important events and milestones, like weddings and births. Once you’ve missed out, you can’t get these opportunities back.

Traveling for Work is a Lot More Tiring than You Realize

And this is just one of the many reasons you will end up losing touch with your friends and family. You will be tired from the physical activity of traveling, and the discomfort of always sleeping in a different bed. If you travel far, you will be constantly adjusting to different time zones, which can lead to jet lag. You might find yourself constantly trying to get enough rest just to feel normal.

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Even When You are Somewhere Interesting, You’re too Tired to Enjoy it

You may have a nice hotel, with a lovely restaurant and live music. But at the end of the night, you will be too tired to enjoy it. Especially if you have an early meeting or flight, you will be more worried about getting back to your room and preparing for the next day. Even a fancy dinner with your colleagues is not as fun, as you spend your time talking about business and wishing you could go back to your room and get some sleep.

Traveling For Work 2

Make up Your Own Mind

Even though people who travel for a living often share the negative aspects of it, the fact remains that they continue to travel for their jobs even after they complain. If travel is really something you feel strongly about, you may be able to make it work for you. Being realistic is the first step, because there are inevitable barriers to having an unrestrained fun time. But you may be able to plan your days and nights, taking every opportunity to refresh yourself, so that you can turn a traveling job into the job of your dreams.

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Is Traveling For Work Really Considered Traveling?

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