United States Bound Flights Experience New Security Measures

The latest Trump Administration travel security protocol went into affect for many airlines on Thursday. Over the coming weeks and months, all international flights coming into the U.S. are required to implement the new measures on both American and foreign travelers. Homeland Security says the new rules better screen travelers arriving in the United States.


The new requirements come at the closing heels of the Mideast laptop law, prohibiting passengers to bring laptops in their carry-on bags. The 120 day window has now ended, which lifts the laptop ban, but now opens the latest tightening of U.S. travel. This new derivative spans globally, rather than the previous regulation’s ten country coverage.

Airlines have not been instructed as to how to implement the procedures, and some are flat out refusing, while others have been granted a pass to delay the procedures until January 2018. The measures include more rigorous questioning of passengers, which focuses on itinerary, and details on luggage packing and vigilance. Some airlines are using a form to cover the U.S. agenda, others have airline employees interviewing passengers, who, while well-intended, some believe not as comprehensive as the TSA.

Other new protocol includes carry-on bag searches, more detailed passenger searches, and tighter electronic regulations. The process, while integrated in the already existing security procedures, is said to be time consuming. Delta Airlines advises passengers to arrive at the airport three hours ahead of departure time. United and American Airlines did not supply comment.

Every day, there are 2100 flights inbound to the United States. Carriers are concerned about the timely nature of the security measures. Lisa Farbstein of the TSA said all flights are impacted from the change.

Overall, security is intended to be higher and stricter on both the planes, and airline terminals. The security details have not yet been revealed.

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United States Bound Flights Experience New Security Measures

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